TANKMEN: Battle!

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Getting Started 5 Points

Defeat Team Henchmen.

Who Wears Armor Nowadays? 10 Points

Defeat Team Armormen.

X-Ceptional 10 Points

Defeat Team Armor-X-men.

Drawing My Revolver 25 Points

Defeat Team Gunslingermen.

I Don't Smell Any Gas 25 Points

Defeat Team Maskedmen.

I'll Stick With The Guns 25 Points

Defeat Team Swordsmen.

Fuckin' Snipers 50 Points

Defeat Team Snipermen.

Golden Champion 50 Points

Defeat Team Goldmen.

Truly Epic 50 Points

Defeat Team Epicmen.

Who Has The Force Now? 50 Points

Defeat Team Jedimen.

Grinder 100 Points

Reach Level 20.

Tankdiety 100 Points

Defeat all 10 teams.

Author Comments

After about 2 months of work, and much frustration, I present Tankmen: Battle! Customize your very own Tankman, and fight through 10 factions of other fighters on this post-apocalyptic planet, in the year 20XX.

Please read the tutorial before complaining about not knowing how to play. This game has medals, a leaderboard, and plenty of unlockable parts for your own Tankman, so it should keep you busy for a while.

Special Thanks to Tom for medals, JohnnyUtah for such epic characters he made, and Night-mare for helping fix bugs.

I spent a lot of time on this, so please be fair with reviews and ratings! Enjoy the game.

EDIT: Fixed a couple of medal problems.
EDIT 2: Made it so Medals only popup once. Sorry about that.
EDIT 3: Various fixes, including the healing with machine gun thing. Sorry for all of the bugs, I should have debugged more.



Stats but no Stats

heyho - where i find that stats page to improve my stats?

C01 responds:

While in a battle, click on the Tankmen's head.

Few things

1st. Beat every single person by (attack, barrier, rocket)
2nd. You can't barrier right off the bat it says not enough sp
3rd. Barrier lasts the WHOLE fight
4th. The enemy hp goes up but ours hero's does not.
5th. The armor does nothing and it seems like all weapons do the same damage.

Over all fun game, keep up to good work.

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C01 responds:

Thanks. You are the first person to notice the barrier glitch. But I think I'm going to leave it that way, as it gets pretty hard without it. The way I set up the game, the HP for both characters would have been too time consuming, so I just made stats different and such. As I said earlier, sort of rushed.

...was paved with good intentions.

I'm gonna be blunt. It's waaayyy too easy. I mean, whole thing, done, 10 min. There's a lot of good stuff here honestly, I did truly like it, but there are some bugs I can not ignore. I mean, sometimes enemies attacks will give you health once you put barrier up! Customization is really cool, I like how all weapons do same dmg (i think) so they are more of a cosmetic thing, but overall, I don't feel alone by saying that this is a little lacking. It's good work though, and you've got talent man, I wanna see more stuff from you!

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C01 responds:

Well, I appreciate what you said. But too easy? You'll have to tell me your strategy buddy, because I find the last few fights to be somewhat hard.

Lacks Polish

I can clearly see the effort put in this game, but it simply does just lack a bunch of polish.

For one thing, the music for battles has to be started manually, AND it doesn't stop if you return to the menu.

For a second thing, the music stops altogether if you accidentally click the "choose a location" button without first picking a place.

Third thing, I don't know why, but the whole location changing system bothers me in presentation, at least make them highlight or something.

This is a good game, however, it just needed some polish.

Props on the medal and leaderboard system, though.

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C01 responds:

Gah. I have to be honest, I began to rush at the end. And thats why it lacks the polish. I was getting sick of making this so I rushed to complete it and get it out and into the portal. Thanks for the tips though, I'll see if I can fix some of these things.

Pure Awesome

I can tell ou put in a lot of effort on this because of how AWESOME IT IS!! Most RPG's on newgrounds arent good but this was fun! Loved the customization menu! Good work and definetl keep it up

C01 responds:

Hey, thanks!

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4.20 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2010
12:31 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG
  • Daily 4th Place July 22, 2010