Bomb Strike

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Bomb Strike is a different take on defender type games. Use the mouse and arrow keys to destroy wave upon wave of enemy planes as they drop bombs onto your city. Try and collect all the medals!

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This game was a lot of fun and enjoyed playing it! Good use of thirty minutes! :D


Cool game. Need to work on difficulty though. Couldn't seem to get past the first 8 or 9 waves unless I was only protecting one house, and then if I only had one house I wouldn't be earning anything to upgrade with.

Good game

This game is incredible fun. The gameplay is very addicting and creative. The only problem about this game is that you are not able to use the wasd control type. You have to use the mouse and the keyboard, so the controls are very annoying.

Good game.

It's not great and there a lot of things you could change but there are a lot more that you should increase how much money you get from the bubbles and you should decrease the amount of damage dealt to the houses.It was still a good game.

Simple Go-and-Play

The music loop is a little short, I'd probably find it to get annoying if I had the time to play past the first three levels.

Gameplay is nice go-and-play, just hit start and shoot things. Upgrades tab was a little hard to see and layered oddly that if you hit the other two tabs, they layered over instead. Maybe space those out so they don't block eachother?

Lastly, nitpickery, but what's drawn is a Ballistae, where a Trebuchet was a specific type of catapult by counterweights. Thats under "Help" on the main menu.

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2.86 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2010
10:10 PM EDT
Strategy - Artillery