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I made this for Karl Messner (formerly of the band ApologetiX). The song was done by his friend Al Mahan (youtube.com/MahanAl).




Um, do I write a song then make an animation mocking your belief system? No. Because that's called being a dick.
Also, that's a horrible analogy.

TheMentalInstitute responds:

I didn't write the song but didn't realize it was offensive. I'm sorry about that. Thanks for watching anyway, and thanks for the honest review.


Well... It wasn't horrible, it seems that if nothing else you know how to keep a movie free of holes and blank space. But It could really use some work. Try studying real life before you attempt walk cycles, making a humanoid creature walk is one of the roughest things to animate no matter how long you've been doing it. The flash overall is pretty polish...less...without polish...

Also, review-moral :D Here it comes since clearly you were asking for it.

Get thyne head out of thyne holy ass. Who cares if any scientist believed in god, you trying to collect names to your cause is not going to make your religion more plausible. Being an ex-Christian, I'd say that a song comparing God/Jesus makes him sound big, dangerous and heartless rather than this omnipresent benevolent being the church portrays him to be when they're recruiting. The train didn't create the tracks, and ants should worship trains, nor should they build churches/monuments to them, because a train can in no way be beneficial to an ant. The ants should just stay away to avoid getting hurt whether they believe it was created by someone or not. Food for thought :P Not that you're going to read this review.

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TheMentalInstitute responds:

Thanks, I'll try to improve...
I didn't write the song so I don't agree with it 100%. I do agree with the message that train tracks can't come from nowhere though! (which I thought was the best point).
Thanks for watching and reviewing! I appreciate it.

so flawed, its sickening

Yeah, obviously flawed logic. This song is from a perspective of an overly religious person approaching their stand just like religious nuts do. He just flipped the roles around. If you listen carefully, if he's trying to be anti-atheist, he actually does the opposite since the viewpoint IS religious on the part of the atheist ant, which I have to agree that from what I have observed among the more hardcore atheists, they act like a religious group. Blind faith in imaginary things. No real forethought or presence of mind. He expresses an extreme example which doesn't even apply to atheism. It just shows further ignorance. (of the singer or writer of the song anyway) Oh well.

Ignorance, proud ignorance, only breeds more ignorance. Very dangerous indeed. Which means the proudly stupid really should never breed.

TheMentalInstitute responds:

I'm sorry you see it that way, and thanks for watching and leaving the review!


As long as I don't take it seriously it's actually pretty funny, but the animations weren't too good. Had the lined been a little straighter and not so... rushed looking, it would have been better. Plus, when drawing the ants bouncing you could have tried to do something other than skew it.

All in all it was fair, and it still probably took a few hours to do. I hope your friend likes it.

TheMentalInstitute responds:

Yeah I could have put more time into it. It was a lot of work as it was and I thought it turned out OK. Thanks.

It was ok at best.

I want to make a song/flash/video thingy where uh... an armadillo wants to cross a thousand foot down by 300 foot across gap with no bridge. Everyone tells the armadillo he will fall and there are signs posted everywhere saying there is no bridge. But the little armadillo says "there is a bridge because I have faith. You just can't see the bridge". And when all of the other little animals show the armadillo all of the bodies of animals that fell, he says "they just didn't have enough faith".

On a related note; ALBERT EINSTEIN DID NOT BELIEVE IN GOD! And even if he did, that doesn't mean he's right. All of those scientists that are listed at the end say they believe in god. So?! Just because they were really smart in some things doesn't mean they are always right about everything ever.

As for the flash itself, it was ok. The animation wasn't all that good. The characters were drawn well though. Over all, could have been better despite subject matter.


TheMentalInstitute responds:

haha, that would be an interesting animation...
I disagree with you religiously but thanks for the honest review!

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