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This is my attempt to make something that is actually useful. Its a simple guide to tell you what to do if you stab your mate in the eye while eating kebabs. I suggest you get a good understanding of how to help your mate so you can stab him in the eye, then fix it. Enjoy!

Reviews are allways good to read ;-)


This was intresting

I went into this game, ready to learn how to play, but it just turned out to be some odd sort of instruction booklet on how to help a friend who you stabbed in the eye with a kebab. lol mate pretty funny, but there just needs to be more. :)
Good Work

hey there friend! come here plz.

and meet my new friend mr kebab. nice warning notice dude.

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now i can stab in peace

i always wondered what to do if that happens...... i like it coz kebabs rule, and stabing my friends rules too....

but.... the music was annoying and there wasnt much more in it than 1 pic and a load of reading, maybe make an animation of the stabbing..... thanks for the advise though..... hehe


Are you bloody frickin' stupid?

Just askin'.

'Cause that flash was.

What a waste of space.

Not to mention I have headache from that damned so-called 'music' that kept playing on loop.

I think you need help.

omg that music was annoying

ok dude get better music for one that just kept going and going wtf that was fucking annoying. and i have to ask are u a doctor or something wat is with the medical advice how often is something like that going to happen. but i guess i no now if i stab my friend in the eye with a stick he will go blind in that eye. wow look at what i leearn nothing at all.

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3.00 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2002
6:43 AM EDT
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