Sixgun Space

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Hey guys!

after robot day and the game jam ended i was feeling the newgrounds spirit full on! so i wanted to keep the enthusiasm going with a challenge to artists and give them 24 hours to create a flash based around a certain theme. I was lucky enough to get joshhunsaker (my favorite ngs musician) to create an original song for this submission

the theme was : ::neo western::

There artists in this collab were amazing so much (unfortunately lesser known) talent that hopefully will be brought to light in this project! all the flashes you see in here were made in 24 hours or less (most in less to factor in the naps / carpal tunnel breaks)

so please enjoy! SIXGUN SPACE

(ps thanks to rice pirate for being a badass and stringing this monstrosity together!)

Edit: for those of you jabbing on this for its lack of continuity or lack of action....keep in mind. this was a challenge made in a day ...one day.


Wow.. xD awesome

xD was Trigun any influence to this? the theme really made me think it was xD

That was pretty sick

Oh you and your collabs :P

Nice job to everyone involved! the music choice was sexy and so are these animators.

The Music at the Loading Screen is the Best Part.

I don't even mean that like as a knock to the animation, because for a 24 hour project I'm amazed how well it turned out. I just really like that music and think it deserves to be credited as well.


The whole thing overall felt like some kind of surreal music video. The flash really clicked great with the music and everything just..blended smoothly. Great work guys, especially with the given time-frame and i'd like to see more. Thanks to RedHarvest for bringing this about, i'll keep an eye on you guys.

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Taking the wild west and bringing it into the future. That was pretty cool.

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Jul 20, 2010
4:27 PM EDT