RE4 - the missing scenes

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Hey guys, this is diives from grey-cap, it's been a while since our last upload, we've been busy coping with exams and our personals projects, so here it is, at last, a little parody (no shit) of RE4 we made for a RE collab that didn't see the light. Enjoy!



well, I'll admit I was really skeptical at first, because most game parodies are either way too pretentious or trying too, or just don't try very hard at all. This wasn't one of those. I think the reason for that is there wasn't an overabundance of dialogue, (Which I loved in this situation because most game parodies just have really bad references/puns) This however was a pretty good balance.

I also fucking adored the animation. Very fluid style with little room for improvement.
May I also add that you have a very nice penis?

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grey-cap responds:

glad you ...like...our penis?

seriously though, we try not to abuse dialogues since we cant pronounce english very fluently, and we agree with you, you dont need em as long as the funny situations and actions keep rolling.

thanks for your review

Lol at the slo-mo cow kick!

Also him running up the stairs to jump out the window made me laugh ith the face he made as he was doing it.

grey-cap responds:


thanks for commenting, we re glad you enjoyed it ;)

that was a nice one

srsly i laughed A LOT... faved and 10 stars/voted 5

oh, and it was written "DON'T do drugs"

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grey-cap responds:

you got it right boyo, drugs are for druggers, wich conicidentally are sad people.

glad you enjoyed it : )

don´t know...

...but i liked it... somehow...

grey-cap responds:

maybe some unintentional subliminal messaage caught your unconscius's attention, lolwut?

Made me laugh couple of times ;)

i liked how the zombies were 'normal' spanish people and the poster which you got from One Piece and I laughed at the DO DRUGS thingy
overall; good job.

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grey-cap responds:

in fact, we speak spanish, so that wasnt hard at all, we try to come with new ways to show funny situations without requiring huge amounts of funny dialogues, cuz our english accent sucks, you know

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Jul 20, 2010
4:48 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody