Little Stars Players Pack

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A simple strategy game. Capture, fight, defend, domination... sitting at the "special military terminal".


The aim of the game is to capture all star systems on the level.

To send your ships from one system to another, click on the first system, then on the second.

For the automatic transmission of your ships, click on the the first system and drag the cursor to the second system. On the first system will be created the marker.
Pause - space bar


Well its a start but i thought it was too simple

Great, but...

I couldn't find a way (if a way even exists) to only send part of your ships, my systems are taken over when I attack another system, but the system I sent sent the ships from is left defenseless with only a couple stars left. I would have liked to also have seen a way to connect a system to two or more systems, and have the the system send its ships to either the strongest or weakest system (Witch ever setting I chose)
But none the less, this is a great game, and I hope to see even more sequels in the future

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I had to log in just so I could favorite this.

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One word, wow. At first I thought it would be another unoriginal game that i have seen alot of. This was actually more fun than I originaly thought it would be. The only reason it got a 9 instead of a 10 is that it didnt fit within its own little screen. Maybe it is just my computer but I liked it.

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A few things

Well, I'm not that good at these kinds of strategy games in usual, so if this seems slightly harsh, please excuse me. I do like playing them though =/

First of all, when you send soldiers from one star to another, you have to send all of them. This leaves the star you just send soldiers from; partially open for attack. I understand the point of having other stars feed your main star, but this does not help if the enemy attacks directly after you send your soldiers away, especially with soldiers leaving automatically upon reaching about ten.

So, it would be good if you could send a certain number of soldiers over.

Also, it would be helpful if, there could be rewards or power ups, otainable over the course of the game. I know in most games like this there isnt, but it may help^.^

Just use your imagination

The gameplay was alright, except for that first problem.

A storyline might help, but is not necessary in this kind of game.

6/10, 4/5

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4.14 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2010
7:52 PM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)