The New Idiot Bros: EP 1

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A short and stupid cartoon about two idiotic brothers and their dimwitted adventure of opening a can!

The reason I placed NEW in the title is because one of the first cartoons I made back in 2003 was 'The Idiot Bros.' (back when I was using Paint and Adobe Livemotion). Soon after I made 5 more episodes. Ill dig them out and hopefully have them as Easter Eggs in future IB eps. The NEW is basically for my benefit, since nobody on here as seen the older episodes, so if I make any more down the road Ill probably just call it 'The Idiot Bros.' again.

Also, this toon is supposed to look poorly drawn, as the old episodes were supposed to look roughly sketched, keeping with that old style, but remastered enough so it doesn't look like I drew it all with my laptop mouse in Paint.

I wrote alot for some reason, congrats if you read it all. Enjoy my foolhardy animation.


Pretty funny

I liked the animation style, it looked pretty nice. I wouldn't mind some more detailed backgrounds, and maybe some longer animations, but I liked the ending. Endings always seem like important parts of animations to me, because that's how one remembers the animation from then on. I'd love to see some longer and more complex animations if you've got any coming!

JABToons responds:

Thanks! The reason I didnt go all out with this toon, animation/background/etc.-wise, was I wanted to keep with the simple-style as I did with my older IB toons. I have more coming that will look more appealing to the eye though!

One strong can...

The flash was very good I liked it. The randomness of the ending made me laugh and I might have to go check out your previous ones to see what they are like. Nice job.

JABToons responds:

Awesome, thanks, hope you like them as much!

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3.09 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2010
2:06 PM EDT
Comedy - Original