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Mastermind 5

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The Mastermind rectifies an issue with his Shark Tank. Another short project, back to basics! I've swapped out the art style a bit between the characters, HOPE U LYKE.

Hey guys, I thought I'd go ahead and submit something this year, why not? Mastermind 6 won't be far off either, so keep the faith, my chil'ins.


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How did you get Irrational Games & Origin Systems onboard?

Simple and cheap way to fix this problem: Every day it's veggie day in the cafeteria.

Why did he stop making these?

Brilliant storytelling, wit and quotes in this episode of Mastermind including the Mastermind being like a student in class daydreaming, an attack on Prime Ministers all around the world "The Prime Minister has refused our demands". The mastermind's intolerance for failure.. BRILLIANT!!

Well what this means is that the derpy superhero that got dropped through the hole in the ground in part 2 merely got sent to the cafeteria line too. And if you think about it, the cafeteria, that would be a good place to get a cup of ice. So it was a very friendly thing the Mastermind did for that superhero, making it more convenient for him to get that glass of just ice he wanted.

Really though, this animation is a drastic decrease in quality from the others, it's just falling apart at this point. 1, 2 and 3 were epic, and unique among anything I have ever seen before. 4 was a drop, wrecking the convention of having the Mastermind always in the shadows, which was essential for the atmosphere of the series, it takes away something just to have him clearly shown in the light. The cameo of Mad Cat from Inspector Gadget made me forgive it for that though. But this, this just demolishes it. It's a really sad way for it to end, at least in terms of the animation itself, the humor is in line with the earlier parts. Neil Gaiman couldn't do better writing (get it? Neil GAY-MAN? Yeah, ok, it's not pronounced that way I guess, but that's always what came to mind when he said Gay-man, as if that wasn't actually more of a name than Gay-lord). And then The-Swain just dropped off the map in the summer of 2012, it's like everything good in the world came to an end about then.

Be that as it may, albeit not NEARLY up to speed with the standard of parts 1-3, by ORDINARY standards this is certainly not utter trash. Thus 3.5 stars of 5.