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:::Massive Patch Update! 1.1::::
This adds more variety to the sayings of the attacks in the game, and so you won't get bored of hearing the same thing every time.

It started with an innocent "We say you're RACIST."
Then it became a "No! YOU'RE RACIST!"
And now it's a "WE'RE ALL RACIST"

And so goes the story of the NAACP and the Tea Party.
NAACP says the Tea Party tolerates hate.
Tea Party says that the NAACP is more racist then them.
NAACP gets angry.
Tea Party gets angry.
This is 5000 CNN "debates" later, the Tea Party has decided to attack the city of Baltimore and take out the NAACP once and for all.

I don't have anything against the NAACP and something against the Tea Party, but either way, you guys are making yourselves look a bit foolish. And also, this is a response to all those who are actually getting riled up about this, you know who you are, and a I lol at you.


Politcs + Video Games = O_O

All political backbone aside, it's a pretty simplistic game which I guess was the intention, but you really do need to look at it as a legitimate game. In that respect, it just doesn't stack up. It's not bad, it's just not very good. But I'm sure with more time and effort you could create a more legitimate game using the same basic format as this.

squidly responds:

I'm releasing a VERY large patch soon that will add a lot more variety to the game, in terms of what people say and what things are done.

Relevant Humour

A bit simplistic, but reading the other reviews and responses, looks like it was time limited.

I thought it was hilarious! And just enough strategy involved to be worth 3 minutes.

squidly responds:

Glad to see some positivity on the top of the list, it seems it's all been sent downwards, this score used to be .30 higher...

eh needs more

Pretty boring. I didnt find the humor that funny. If you had more attack options and maybe a little strategy to it id like it. I may not agree with your opinions on politics (other than that this feud is silly and moronic) but this is a good basis for a potentially funny game, with maybe some serious political undertones.

Maybe if you had more battles and you could choose what side to fight on itd be more fun. With maybe an unlockable communist team after you beat the game for comedy.

squidly responds:

Eerm, you CAN choose what side to play on...
Click on either side to pick it at the last bit of text where it specifically tells you "click on the side you want to play."

And uh, like I said, this was made with relevancy in mind, yes, if I had more time before the joke stops being relevant, I WOULD put more factions in.

But I didn't know I was making this game until 3 days ago...

Maybe next time around.


I always like games that poke fun at politics. The rating isn't for the game, it's for the gameplay. More attacks, an option to choose a faction, and different versions for each attack would be great. I was tired of hearing the same soundtrack played for the same Accuse choice. If there's supposed to be rampant accusation of racism by both sides, why do we only get one example? Over...and over...and over. Also, using the AA guns is described as hitting 100, when it hits 200 in the game. Should patch that up :P

Anyway, I liked the idea and thought it was pretty clever overall, but it's missing some key elements. 5 out of 10. Half stars for half a game.

squidly responds:

Hmm, I WILL patch that up.
Gimme a moment.
And for the more attacks... I wanted to keep it simple...

For the more voices for attacks... I'll try to patch that in.

Not being political...

I think the tea party is a bunch of people exercising their first amendment, who don't know what the 'fancy' words in that little bit of literature means... but keeping that aside from this review, the game was not that great...
I liked the humor, of course, but it got bland fast. And the game could be one by hitting the accuse button every turn, so no challenge. The graphic choice earns you a plus, but I think if you want to re release the game as something that has more levels and something you can't win with one button, it'd be amazing. Put levels in it, add more depth, make it so that you are put at a disadvantage, make it so there is a reason to save the points for the next turn. It'll be amazing.
So, even though I think that the tea party should be easier to get rid of, like it is in this game, you need to make it more realistic where they are stubborn like the donkeys that represent who they hate, with no real reason :D

squidly responds:

Well, keep in mind this was supposed to be a quick joke, not the most complex RPG ever created. However, the whole one button thing... I'm gonna need to find a way to fix that in the future.

However, I never actually beat the game with only the accuse button...

Btw, I haven't mentioned, playing as NAACP is the "easy mode" and playing as the Tea Party is the "hard mode."

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3.38 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2010
9:56 PM EDT
Strategy - Artillery