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Movements with the mouse, the left click is the turbo,
Eat all balls smaller than you.
but beware of traps.

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A simply boring game

This game has been done many times before, it's nothing new, and this one bring nothing new along with it, so this game really has zero replay value. The whole "eat smaller objects, but don't let bigger objects get you" has been done where you then grow from eating up all the little ones, but without that, it seems a bit boring. I found myself wanting to stop playing before I even finished the first level, which is not how you want a gamer to feel.
Aside from a being a boring game, the circles were impossible to determine if they were enemies or not. Some looked like powerups, and that's very misleading.
The graphics did not match each other, it looked like some you made yourself, and somewere made somewhere else, so it didn't even really flow together all too well.
I really don't see why people are saying "this could be a great game with a little fixing", there already are tons of game like this. Make something new and interesting.

Fish game, anyone?

The one problem I really don't like is how far the ball lags behind the movements of the mouse. It really makes the game feel sluggish. I can honestly say I wasn't addicted, but I can see how others can be. With some fine-tuning, this game could really be great.

I am stunned

The inconsistency in the graphics is real annoying. Why are most of the game sprites pixilated and sharp (and pretty decent looking), yet the instruction page is an ugly piece of gradient abuse? Controls are quite unique and good. Maybe a little less responsive than they could be, might wanna see if you can tune them up a little bit, but still. So, um, anyway:

Holy fucking shit this is the most addicted I've been to such a simple game since... um... ever, I think. The concept is nothing brilliant, but it's simple, understandable and fun. It can get really hectic obviously, when new bigger enemies come onscreen. The level design is also great, really adding a huge variety to the gameplay and without-a-doubt makes the game as good as it is.

Music. It's sometimes hard for some people to understand: what exactly DOES make a video game song good? How can you tell? The answer is simple. The answer is a question, in fact. It goes like this:
"Can you listen to it for three consecutive hours and not get sick of it?"
With this song, that is definitely the case. I don't know if you downloaded this song and didn't credit them or WHAT, but if you actually made it yourself, then damn, you put a lot of love into your creation.

I can say with no hesitation that Dexyball 2 is a true diamond in the rough. Sink in a true budget, get yourself a sponsor, and bring on Dexyball 3. When refined and cleaned, this game will be a masterpiece.


Ok idea, but it's really hard to tell what you can and cannot eat. Animations were kind of boring, as well as audio. And eating some of the bigger spheres didn't give an audio at all :P

Good Game

Good Game