July 18, 2010 –
November 20, 2017
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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Epilepsy warning. Contains crass language.


This game is pretty weird, but interesting.

PD: You should ad a seizure warning.

Why the hell are people finding this creepy. The scariest thing about this is the 'vile language'

I don't know what to say....

i see this game in a video in a top 7 games with creppy bad endings


And want to test the game when i see that creppy ending, know this game don´t have screamer anyway i have that sensation what "something gonna jump of the screen" bacause maybe this game don´t are graphic, but it´s creppy anyway.

The only bad thing is about the "epilepsy " part, i mean, it´s tedious, and im not have epilepsy, but is annoying anyway

I've played this game a few times, and have come back occasionally over the years, and I have never once decided to not "win" in the last segment until now. Think that says something about survival mentality. I am glad it had a different "ending", though.

Is this suppost to be cancer evulution? Nightmare Fuel+ Free Seizure .

Uh, eh... good job... I am going to go to the doctor to check, you know, EVERYTHING.

A nice, simple, creepy game. It needs a seizure warning though!

Creepy for sure. Loved it

As an epileptic, I'm going to have to agree with Meggem. There DEFINITELY needs to be a seizure alert. This could bring you some major legal trouble as is.

ok but what the fukc

This definitely needs a seizure allert.

Well that was creepy, especially the "chestburster" ending. Nice job though.

What the actual hell loved it though

I always find myself coming back to play this beauty. Fetus in Fetu is a terrifying condition/concept, and that is portrayed perfectly here. It also plays well with the "greed" theme. Stunning work!

It would be really good to have a seizure alert

What the hell o-o

Well, that was creepy, din't expect that kind of ending


ˈPronounced: kəvədəs

Having or showing a great desire to possess something, typically something belonging to someone else.
Synonyms: greedy, possessive, envious, etc.
Hmm... Well that's good to know.

0-0 what the FUCK
and in a good way! i always love games that can make me feel unsettled even after I'm done playing them.

Good thing I always turn down the volume.. I just read the comment and saw lol.
And btw was the game supposed to end in an all red background?.

Well that was the creepiest thing of my lifetime. Also, reallyyy glad I read the comments and tags before playing this, as I got the thought to turn my volume WAY down. For those who didn't read the comments and tags, well... R.I.P fellow headphone users. Creepy as hell, though a "may cause seizures" warning should be in place.

HOly...Well that is not what I was expecting at all.

I now have a headache... Oh, by the way... WHAT THE HECK DID I JUST PLAY?!?!

Epilepsy Warning but good game

I wonder how high you were


So creepy but soooooooo much cooler *-*

1. What the fuck did I just play
2. 1.

This was a real mixed bag for me (I was lead here from TVTropes actually, this piece is a gem of a nightmare).

The game play itself is scary and makes me think of Silent Hill a bit. The fact he starts at as a cell and starts to consume it's sibling from the inside out until they are dying and the stillborn is ready to burst out of him and reign possible terror on the world. They want to be known and seen as existing but will only be seen as a nightmarish creature.

The audio was really cacophony and fit this game perfectly.

The game play starts slow and gradually gets faster as you grow bigger inside and see the person getting more and more sick.

Overall, scary and surprise seizure at the end.

My eyes HAVE burned from this. But I still rate it 4.5 (Because, no ellipse warning before...ya know).

Weird, This doesn't at all help my phobia of parasites, but it does make me reflect on how much of a asshole parasites are. *shakes fist*

Conceptually, I loved this. I dug the idea of something from within slowly destroying a host while said thing slowly gains consciousness. I like how that idea was conveyed visually with the early levels having an empty husk of a body and later on the organs and whatnot inside of the body are slowly defined by the thing. I specifically like that the icons changed because it gave a sort of unspoken denotation to the mechanics. Red is stuff you eat, green is what you discover. I also loved the poetic way in which the thing spoke giving the player what little plot was there.

However, I feel as though mechanically the theme of greed wasn't conveyed very well up until the final part. Having to mash the arrows in order to see which one lives or dies puts the player at the forefront of the struggle the thing has against the host. However, I don't feel enough was done to really convey the struggle to the player. Granted, the thing definitely said that we were struggling to "take back what was stolen", but nothing really felt stolen. Nothing was really done in the game mechanics to convey the sense of loss the thing was talking about.

At times, I feel as though the plot suffered from something I like to call "Art Game Syndrome". Wherein nothing is explained or contextualized to the player because fuck you it's art and if you don't like it, it's probably too deep for you. I get that there may be a want to leave something up to interpretation, but people interpret things if it's open or not. Just look at Holocaust deniers (HEYO!).

Bizzare yet beautiful. Simple yet deep.

Wow. Just wow. I have never seen any kind of game like this... ELISPSY WARNING PEOPLE!

Just wow.
That was creepy, and really deep.
I noticed the heart dropping at the bottom when I wasn't doing anything.. so I have to say I just really enjoyed it. Both ending little tid bits were really great.

Great game. Really makes you think.

Trigger warning maybe :/? The flashing surprised me..

i hate the fact that the message or idea is unclear
and i hate the fact that even if i had an idea about what it was all about, i don't know if it was or not what the authour intended to give us.
Next time, please, when you share a game make it accessible to the dumbest humble stupid people like me.

holy shit

I'm a rather philosophical person, and I've been enjoying to play games such as this. This game is different from most themes and games, in a way I'm not able to describe. I had to play the game twice to truly contemplate and understand the game. (I'm not saying that's a bad point, I'm actually glad that this game made me think.)

The story is complex, but if you put the pieces together, you'll understand the main point. It's not about the creepiness, or the graphic or whatever, it's about the message in it. So far, nothing that bad about it, 5/5 for me. :) (Go figure the story of the game, not mentioning that!)

I have been on Newgrounds for quite some time just playing games and admiring structure and creativity, (I am a writer, not a game designer) and honestly, from my own opinion, this game is beautiful. In every single way. I've known of it for years and thought I would give it a review that shows how captivating it is, even over time, I have played it, and am still impressed. This game has transcended from "game" to "art". Well done. My compliments to the mind(s) behind this truly unique gem.
- R

Throughout my very first playthrough (from beginning to end), I didn't exactly know what to make of this game.

At first, it felt like a combination of Operation and Katamari with an abstract twist. But, by the name I finished the game, it was clear to me that it was a surreal parody of the famous "chest-burster" scene in Ridley Scott's Alien.

It truly is bizarre yet it somehow works.

You have truly come through with the genre "Creepy". That was horrid. Good job?

What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

DA FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JUST TAKE THE STARS OK!!?!??!!?!! *runs the fuck out of my house*

Nice and sick :D

sweet baby JESUS this is freaky as fuck o_O lord have mercy on my soul for playing it. good game though o_O Have the stars!!! *runs the hell away*

The most disturbing game i have ever found in all of my years in this webpage. Congratulations.

The way this game is made makes you think about what is going on and what the thing is
I also love the other ending which makes me question it more even though i know the answer but I am still oh so curious about it
great game

Sweet merciful fuck what the fuck did I just play.

Disturbing none the least but it makes you think. For those who are clueless of what that "thing" is, its called "Fetus in Fetu". Literally Fetus in a person.


somehow adictive

An interesting game... It was unsettling and vague, giving it a kind of mystery. I would definitely play it again. I would be interested to know what the creator was thinking of when he made this.

This game is a 0 and a 5 at the same time, it's just...mind-numbingly disturbing and yet fascinating at the same time. I don't even know why I played through the whole thing.

What the... I liked it!

this is somewhat addicting...

it's almost like the twin that didn't survive. 4.5 for you. you go,

Ok, what the fuck. That's... That's just not cool man. Just please stop, I don't need this sort of body horror in my life.

What The Fuckgeddy fuck

Here is the real instructions: You start as a little dot to a covetous. Your mission is to find food like little dots, X's, and Muscles. And you evolve into something else. If your level is maximum, that means your ready to be killed. (Just the guy in the game). And your finished with the game. WITH A RED SCREEN.

....I was brought here by azurite...why azu why make me want to play this?

.....what the fuck


nice and simple game,but you could have warned about the "porygon level"

very strange.... xd But good thou :D

creepy... So creepy.. But also awesome! 5 for you

This is so creepy but well made. 5 for you.

loved it:)

The game is nice but don't change ART GAMES with DISTRUBED GAMES

My favourite soundtrack!


Boring gameplay, obnoxiously "disturbing" music (aka annoying) and so pretentious it's more funny than it is "creepy" or whatever the hell this was supposed to be. There is absolutely no reason for this to be a game, it gains nothing from its gameplay and it does not enhance its story or tone or whatever.

I am a complete supporter of games as art. However, for a game to become art it must first obtain the status of game, and this doesn't do that.

You know, this makes me sad when the thing dies, but disturbs me when the thing bursts. Plus, it'd be nice to know why it's like this? Is it an alien? An absorbed twin? A little information. But a good game, and nice pixel art.

Really a work of art, so simple yet powerful and disturbing. Love it.

Utterly sinister and body horror.


nice game also thought it was cancer..... the ending was just..... O_O screwed up or something.... just fahkin screwed up.... still a good game though

It was good and yet so, so terrifying and disturbing..

it is a very easy game but still a very fun game of just excisting

Disturbing, at best. It's short, but it's surprisingly a weird, albeit interesting surprise. Do it at least once.

At first, as did many, I assume the "lump" was cancer..., but then it appeared to be like some kind of fucked up Unborn shit. XD It was an enjoyable game, though short. It appeared to be that the "cell" was once a twin, though she was absorbed into the male twins body.

As creepy as good!

Weeell, at first i thought that this "cell" was cancer turned out to be a much darker evil. It's hard to actually have a clear mind on what it was however the shock of the ending was nice.
4.5 to you sir.

Dark and disturbing....good job. That was quite interesting.


an alien suddenly came out of the body WTF!? but still good work nice gameplay also.

Holy shit I did NOT see that coming

*Shivers* woo and I thought the 8 bit music in this game was unsettling that was quite a spectacle! .-.

nightmare fuel

it juss does not works!!
use arrowz for everything.. frozen!!


simple and creepy. well done.


An absorbed twin is suddenly awakened, with a burning desire to exist, and proceeds to eat it's host from the inside out... after growing to a fully developed human, it rips open it's brother and declares it's existence to the world... so, yeah. I'm not sleeping tonight.

creepy, and weird.............

FUCK! this scared the shit out of me. good show sie

is this by Zynga?

love the game
very creepy =) i like creepy
just didn't like the red end it took me a second to figure out it ended lol

this game is not nice....what were you thinking when you made it?

creppy ima give u a 3.5 though good job

A good game. also meaningful. but the ending was not nice. not the story line but the red screen. thats why im giving a 4

Very creepy and well made game. The unsettling music does a very good job of making that much more disturbing. At first I was like "What the hell am I?". Then over time, you realize your an unborn fetus who's only motive to to exist, no matter what harm it does to "its" host. This is pretty well thought out, so I give you 5 stars :)

Ummm.....I don't get it. So I'm growing inside my "brother", and eating him alive.....And he has absolutely no reaction to this at all except his smile slowly growing frown-ier?-And them all of a sudden I turn into a freak-fetus and rip him open?

No,dude.....Just, NO.

But it wasn't GOD AWFUL.....So, I'll give you a 2.5 rating.

Thought provoking. I liked how you had the choice of sparing your brother instead of taking away his life in your place. Makes me feel a little bit better about my own life and humanity in general.

there are two endings 1:you kiLL the kid and you live 2:you let your helth bar run out and the kid lives

Is there supposed to be anything after the red screen of death?

I'm in that wierd part on newgrounds again...

Holy crap. That was dark.
I love this game. It shows how we can do horrible things to people no matter what to achieve a goal.
We always thrive for more and more...
Great game and touching.

Amazing, I would have loved it if it was longer, had alternate endings, and had more actions; over all, masterpiece. Make moar plz

Reminds me of the friend Jay who passed away from cancer two weeks ago..

I'm in that WEIRD part of Newgrounds...
The game was interesting, to say the least. I can understand the part that greed plays in it, I can understand that the creature that feasted upon his insides wanted nothing but to exist.

I'll give you positive points for an interesting concept and an interesting storyline, but I hated how everything became flashy and noisy toward the end.

I won't say that it sucks because it has no story, which it does have a story, albeit a strange and somewhat disturbing one. Nor will I say that it blows because of poor game play. This isn't ABOUT game play. The major thing that I really dislike is how the final part is just so noisy and flashy.

It reminds me of Giygas from Earthbound, a little.

This game is very interesting. Makes me think of either fetus in situ, cancer or perhaps a chimera?

The game is not fun, and I have no idea what this is eve supposed to mean. I don't know if you are trying to be deep, or what?

Well fuck, this game was subject to many nightmares 2 years ago. Now it's just.. boring.

This game is very irritating for me. I don't like it: :(

for some reason this really speaks to me
its very interesting and cool

this game is strange but interesting

Is this about cancer?
Not funny. I had cancer. I may have it again. Thanks for scaring me.
Also, make the point more clear, and get better music.

This is pure art. The lesson behind it is reqarding and slightly disturbing...amazing.

Thank you for doing this.

So what happens after you win/die?

I must admit, this game really scared me and it took some courage to play again to get the other ending. It did get me thinking though. Great Game either way.

interesting i died and then i killed him

I really liked the idea of this game and I thought it was very disturbing. I was actually afraid to see what would come next after each line of text. However, the flashing lights near the end gave me a headache.

There is a phenomenon in which if there are twin fetuses in the mother's womb, one might absorb the other. If you pay attention, the narrator (the player character) describes his host as his brother, which leads me to believe that you are the absorbed twin who has regained sentience. In order to have the "life that was stolen from you", you have to eat away%uFEFF at your host's cells like a cancer. Pay attention, the further you progress in the game, the more your sprite looks like a fetus.

I like the two different endings, expecially the bad/good one, where you die and let "your brother" live.
I think this game is kinda creepy, I like this =)
(sorry for my terrible english ;P)

A warning about seizures.

this was so weird at the end i just thought what the fuck

Pretentious is the word. You get 1 point for your hipster glasses tho.

i love this game, the need to exist is strong and u have a choice to act on it or not, its a beautiful game.

like, it was a baby inside a man lol, it was pretty cool :)

the end screen is red and I hear a strange repeating noise like a grinding stone

Where's that art? Where's the game?

Pointless and pretentious. There is no art here. There is no game here, either.


5 dis if you are from /v/ xD

Very well-done, even with mere pixel art. The sound effects were disturbing; the text was disturbing. I commend your creativity here.

So terrifying!!! Very good,and it is an easy-understanding art game.

This is the creepiest thing that I've ever played, but it speaks to me. The incessant, loud music combines with the pixelated gameplay to create a truly unforgettable experience. 10/10. I wouldn't dream of giving it anything else.

At first, I was thinking it was cancer. But then I continued playing, and when the screen started flashing I was all, 'ohshitohshitwhatthefuckisgoingon' and then I just started panicking a tad. I instinctively pressed the arrows, did what I was told, wanting the flashing to stop, wanting to 'win'. I didn't care what happened. Then I realized what I did.
I looked at the other reviews, and I restarted. I let the man live.
Hm. I don't know how I feel about it. Good game.

I don't get why everyone is scared of this game.
Is everyone who plays it 8 years old?

This game is terrifying, yet strangely alluring. It really disturbed me when I first played it, but it stuck in my head, which for me means it's something special.

I have been dying to review this one, so I'm glad that I finally get the chance, now.

There are absolutely no words that I can give to describe the utterly frightened feeling that I had during my playthrough of this. It may be short, but, damn, does it leave you thinking. Do you take your brother, or let him be? Tough choice, there, my friend.

This game is so simplistic, but it cuts you to the very core. It leaves you uncertain, not knowing whether to feel for the 'embryonic sibling' or his more humanoid brother. Personally, I can't help but feel for the larger guy. I mean, who likes having their body torn in half by a parasitic creature? I sure don't.

When I first stumbled upon this game, about a month after it's release, I remember not being able to finish it because it scared the living hell out of me. The coloration, the movement of the parasitic embryo, the almost alien shape of his host, it all freaked me out.

I'm giving Covetous a 10/10, because it still manages to give me chills, even after a full year.

Spoilers (kind of) below!

I played this game for three times, and its impact on me was huge. In the first time, I was too scared to look at the screen, so I scrolled all the way down and only looked when the text shows up. At the end, I just waited for it to end. Surprise. Guess the protagonist wasn't that evil after all. In the second playthrough, I took a good look at the protagonist out of curiosity and I realized that I was supposed to do something in the final stage. I went through with it and I realized the protagonist's fate was actually controlled by the player. I find the "bad" ending to be quite touching so I played through the game for another time.

The author did a great job by giving the player (and consequently the protagonist) a choice, which fits nicely with the theme. It feels as if you are making the decision yourself and it feels quite realistic- You can easily identify with the protagonist as you read through its monologue. It also gets more horrifying as the game progresses: You slowly realizes that you are taking someone's life so you can live again, and you get to decide said person's and your fate in the end. It's a really hard choice to make, and I wonder how many people would give up their own lives just to preserve someone else's, especially when said person was the one who took what was yours away in the first place.

Basically, this is a great game which deserves 10 stars for a game with such simple graphics (I am not saying pixel graphics suck, but this game's graphics look much more retrograde compared to other games). It was very unsettling though, and it's definitely not for the faint of heart. Of course, this genre of games are quite popular for good reasons, but I simply don't enjoy this sort of game-so I deducted one star from the rating.

for like a half a sec i thought i was genuinely going crazy. This is ne fo those games where you're left feeling confused, shocked, and feeling that you're discovered something about the human condition. I was captivated as soon as i started playing; i was kinda expecting a less violent closure. GREAT WORK
I'm still in shock and awe

I felt a very heavy and sharp impact from this game. Probably the most evil Ive ever felt... haha... The negativity was too alive for me to handle and I didn't finish playing it. I believe in "mental viruses" like contagious insanity.
It gives me this feeling that I can not avoid. Maybe Im the type of person whos impressionable like that, and even if Im crazy for saying this stupid stuff, maybe it'll be interesting for you all to see someone who interprets the game like this.
I dont expect everyone to understand what Im saying, but maybe the author of the game would.

I give it a 10 because it scared my mind... haha... not because I like it...

is that mario coming from his brother?

() ()

I got to "I'M SO HUNGRY" and got creeped out eAe Saw "I'M SO HUNGRY" and got creeped out :P

Is this supposed to be an Aliens ripoff? Am i supposed to learn a life lesson? Become a better person?

I came here to be entertained, not lectured.

It made me think. And it's really interesting. I like all the games ive seem from you so far. keep it up!

At the end, i just could not do it.
Why make someone die to let somebody else live?
Austin Breed... you did a wonderfull job, again.
And you, GTAHero94 you need to THINK at the games of Austin, they all have a lesson you just need to find out which one. I just found out this lesson.

i dont understand whats with the messed-up flash games this guy makes, Animal Puncher is just stupid and immature let alone for people who hate animal life overall, Cigarettes was worthless crap, and last but not least this game Covetius, sometimes i wonder if the creators have lost their damned mind. make something worthwhile than trash like this. just no offense but plz make something a lil more interesting

i hate this im soooo scared FOR LIFE!!!!!!

Terrifying. Oh my god. I am literally speechless.

Couldn't steal from another what was once stolen from me...

I don't know what this game was suppose to be...

seriusly how did this even pass
what kinda game art is this D:

make a non epileptic version for some to benefit from, which would be good to save people from having those minor headaches from the flashing and everything, but good game.

That was creepy, weird and a little disturbing. But I can't deny the fact that it was also interesting. The gameplay was simple, it was rather short but it was still good. You have some real talent and I can't wait to see what else you can cook up.

But I liked it, you definitely got something to say, in your disturbing, angst-ridden way.

It's a beautiful wok of art. It's barely interactive, but it sure is beautiful.

Yes, it's short. Yes, the gameplay is simple. But holy crap is it disturbing. As one of the previous reviewers noted, the real horror kicks in when you think about it, though I have to disagree with him and agree with another reviewer in that by the final stage, you're probably doing your brother a favor by ending him.

it was a good game but as others say it has no diffuculty ways to make better
*add more purpose
*make a little longer
*add music

It just freezes on the "Use Arrow Keys to do everything" screen.

This game was really creepy to me, yet awesome. I liked both endings.

Really simple, yet I'm speechless! 10/10!

Very old school Intellevision like gameplay/ graphics .Needs more to it though. It was over too fast, also there's no challenge. so it's pretty much half ass game I'll give you one point for the effort, and another point for the idea.

I think this was the most disturbing game EVER but it was good, no much to say. I think the refernce is fetus in fetu.

The only thing that was missing was an epilepsy warning. I'm not epileptic, but I got a minor headache from all those flashes.

And this is how child birth happens

Mind fuck

Very trippy

This is such an awesome example of how your insides are unknown to everyone.

I mean, what is it with this game? It proved I shouldn't reach high, just try to exist.

That is the single most disturbing thing I think I've seen in.... I don't know how long.... Well made, though. Very well made. Mind = fucked.

CREEPY AS HELL BUT GOOD GAME i dont understand the character or who i was playing as tho its confusing!

Easily one of the most disturbing games I've ever played. In fact when I first played it, about 3 in the morning, I couldn't get to sleep the entire night. Regardless though I like the message behind the game and i'm grateful the game wasn't any longer, as if it was I would have ended up scarred for life! XD

This game was really very chilling, I think the 8-bit graphics really make it scarier, because it looks so vague. Like how the fetus thing has no moving animation, it just appears to be floating through him. And when the music becomes just a siren is when it really gets tense.

I think the word of mouth might be this game's main downfall. See, this game isn't scary in the conventional way. At risk of sounding like a snob, it's only really disturbing if you "get it". There are a few different interpretations of this, but to me, the player character was a fetus absorbed by his twin brother (the host) in the womb, and has been given a second chance at life, but to take it, he has to kill his brother by eating away at him like a cancer.

At first, I didn't "get it" when I played it, and I naturally took the "greedy" ending, and was quite underwhelmed. But then, after some thought, and after I really paid attention to the messages, I found that I couldn't bring myself to kill my host. It made me think, "Is it really okay to have life at the expense of someone else's?" After all, according to the player character, "What kind of god gives entity just to let me die again?"

It's unfortunate and saddens me that some people can't look past the simplistic graphics and music. After all, graphics don't make the game, and if anything, good graphics here would only add a level of spectacle that would take away from the message. Additionally, I actually like the lack of an ending screen as well. It's brilliant. This is real life. You don't always get closure. You have to live with the decisions you make forever. Especially since this decision involved taking your brother's life in trade for your own (or not).

If I had to change anything, I would add a seizure warning, but that's all. Personally, I love this game as is. It's a heavy, heavy message that makes me feel uncomfortable, but for some reason I keep coming back to play it again occasionally.

So in conclusion, when I saw the message you were trying to convey, it actually made me stop and think about what I was doing, instead of allowing me to disregard it and continue through the motions. You changed something in me, and to this day I still can't bring myself to kill the host. So for that alone, I consider this game a complete success. Good job, man.

I think the game was well done. Nice combination of code and art.

I don't know if i should be..Offended that others maybe didn't understand it.
It was beautiful.
Yes, the graphics where simplistic, but it helps get the point across, Which is Greed. What i mean is, you're not distracted by the ulta grafix dawg.
The virus, or child, or whatever is was, Was greedy, choosing to drain the guy in the Background.
Personally, I loved it.

This sucked, just plain out sucked.

(Spoiler 2nd Ending) Well, considering how much damage the parasite (player) has done to the host, his brother would die pretty soon anyway despite his moral choice not to pull an "Alien" on him.

oooo interesting second endin', try lettin' the thing die instead xD
the second endin' is better

Disturbing to the core...I think the simplicity of the game and music when compared to the meaning is terrifying...well...to me at least.

This game has a bit of potential that could probably be maximized with the help of some other more experienced game creators and graphics designers. The visuals were bare basic and i'm not sure if that was due to a lack of artistic talent/experience on the creator's part or done as a stylization. The arms of the 'host' were very oddly shaped, for example. The hosts reactions to your growth, etc were negligible except for a basic change in expression, and while the background sound was rather fitting, the way the game ended in a locked-up loop makes it difficult for most to tell it's over. You need a 'the end' or something screen. This game has good potential for a good narrative to spark self reflection about greed and survival, but it's done so raggedly without real polish that it's lost in the 'wtf' feelings generated by the raw implementation. I recommend getting together with some other NG creators and polishing it up in a collab. A new version with better polish and more thoughtfully implemented interactive elements should produce a better experience that has more of the intended effect.

In summary, this game needs more polish and is too ragged and incomplete to really leave the player with the feelings and introspection that you were intending. I like the idea, and I'm glad you put it out. Now try getting together with some other NGers and polish it up, flesh it out, and make it into a real experience!

This was just a waste of time. Played it two times just to make sure it didn't freeze up but that was actually just the way it ended. I get that it was trying to tell a little story and it had a point but that same point could have been expressed much better in a simple animation. There was no reason for this to be interactive other than to fluff up a very short an unfinished idea. There is no originality here, interactive segments don't add anything and without them it's exposed as the very short collection of random ideas that it is. It's just some angsty journal entries with a bunch of pointless interactive segments in between. Never seen something this lazy and uninspired get so much praise. I remember a time when good art was something that was good. Now if something is bad and just plain lazy and disconnected, it's considered good art.

The simplicity of the game is what makes it so shocking. The ever growing need to survive and the impact on the host begins to shock the player, to the point where he bursts out of the body.

Shocking. Truly shocking. Much better than the Support Group.

Well, first things first, that scared the HELL out of me. Anyways, this does fit the theme of greed perfectly! This is a story about the greed that can come from survival. Basically, to survive, he needed to be greedy. By being 'born' this unnatural
way, it came out humanoid and severely different. It has a definitely original concept. But that was just too unexpected for me, sorry.

great game but i almoust fell out the chair with that octopus getting out of his brother

Damn! I love the sound and the colors. They give a very "sick" feel that fits this game perfectly. The only problem I had was that wealth was spelled "weatlh" or something like that at one point. Impossible to tell if that was a typo or intentional, which was a little annoying. Still, a great game!

It's hard to describe why I like this game, there's not that much to do, and it mostly seems to rely on shock factor, but there is a certain undercurrent to it that speaks of the hatred the downtrodden feel, but at the same time, it is a little vulgar. Also, if you have epilepsy stay away from this.

Missing a "Seizure Alert"

Even though I see what you tried making, it is honestly more of a creepypasta, and a nasty one. Next time you make something like this, be sure to put up a "Creepypasta effect alert" and the other needed alerts. Trust me: people like it more when they don't get psychologically scarred.

Ah, yes, flashing =/= panic. You didn't need to have the screen flash like that, you could have the red fade in and out.

Weird and creepy. I guess it's a sort of metaphor for unconditional love when you look at it. Still it was fun for the short while I played it.

Well, I don't want to boost others' expectations of this game by overstating how creepy it was, but I'm surprised that others didn't find this as creepy as I did. The music, which others thought was annoying or repetitive, added the the atmosphere perfectly. The artwork, albeit simple, was fine for me (I don't care too much for graphics, as long as it's for something like this). The metaphor is either lost on me or I am over thinking it. I understand the greed aspect of this well, but I can't think of much this could be (outside of the whole fetus living inside his brother thing) besides *Spoilers* Multiple personalities, with one trying to get control *spoilers*. Anyway, good game and I hope to see more horrifying games by you, and if you do, remember that music is a huge part of the atmosphere.

Very interesting, beautiful, scary, and creepy. Like Boards of Canada's Geogaddi.

that`s quite weird. hard to understand

very funny and weird. i thought it was a fetus o.o

One of the most amazing games. Played it a heckload of times before finding it has 2 different endings.
Anyway, a perfect 10.

I see the message you're trying to send, but with the art form it comes off as a joke. Especially at the random malicious swearing. There is most likely a better way to get what you're trying to say across without saying that. Over all this really needs more work.

but this is again one of these ideas, that will bring me nightmares (of pixels xD) ^^

I'm going to sue you because that game packs such a punch I have a broken nose.

WTF just happened. Something weird, and un-normal, exciting, and wonderful just happened to my computer screen. I swear when the noises started and the screen went red... I was surprised. But, happy surprised! Great job.. I loved it!

It reminded me so much of Corpse Bride...
Anyway, lovely but quite disturbing game.

Small, but packs a punch. Short, but powerful.

I adore games like this-this one, though short, was creepy, sweet, strange, and had a fairly obvious meaning. I like both endings and enjoyed the short experience.

hey man so waht the second end?

So cool. got both endings


REALLY creepy...

It really is a cool game, and both endings were good... though a little disturbing... maybe the game could be a LITTLE longer. GJ tho

I'm not sure how many people here actually noticed that there are two different possible endings, but the fact that you actually gave an alternative ending is something I really miss in art games nowadays. I've played this multiple times, just for the hell of it, and I will probably end up coming back to it sometime in the future, just to see the bug rip out of his chest.

Although I do get bugged at how slow you move in the beginning...

One was like the movie alien where you just burst out and the other was strangely fitting, how he just turns to dust if don;t make him break out of his brother's body.

I'll give props for creating a game that is downright disturbing. Greed is simply the inevitable in all humans. Or other animals.

Interesting game
-1 star for no seizure warning

I won't lie, this game is just boring. Or rather, boring in the "gameplay" aspect. In the beggining, it takes forever just to get to the next level, then after around two more you start going through them faster. The only real reason to get through them faster is to see what happens, which I found interesting.

First, I thought it was a little virus, then it looked like a baby lizard, then a fetus, and then a giant fly creature. His inner-monologue is the only thing we have for a story, and it is interesting for such a short game. A subtle thing you put in was the host's mouth going from happy to neutral to sad.

There are no improvements to this that I can think of at the moment. For what it is, there's nothing you can really change. If you do, it won't be the same "game".

Really disturbing. I actually enjoyed the siren at the end. It added to the whole creepiness of the situation.

wtf is the point of this?????????? it is just repeating the same fing thing for like a year!

but i like it

i get it but its a little too deep so some people might not get it.

that was totally deep. but the ending... the endless siren wasnt doin it for me.

I enjoyed the battle between the players natural preservation instinct and the morality of the action, the whole "would you kill another so that you could live?" thing was a very deep question, the only reason I took off the two stars is the sudden alarms scared the shit out of me

to be honest it wasnt that good it was arty but i dont know t just wasnt good

The concept for this game is very creative and intelligent; I think the "Greed" theme is pretty unexplored territory, and I won't really say what hasn't already been said about it. However, while the concept for the game speaks to me (and many others), I really think you could have done better with the composition of the game. I get the whole simplicity perspective, and I think it does well with projecting the concept, but what with the flashing and the *extremely* repetitive music it just gets annoying. I guess what I'm saying is, if you think up a great concept for a little flash game (such as this one), I think you should put a little more work into making it attractive to the eye and ear, not just the mind; If the first two don't please you, it can really hurt the third one.

I would have given this seven stars, but honestly the part where it just says "fackand eat you cunt shitpig/" [sic] is really just unintentionally hilarious. But anyway that's my two cents on it.

I really shouldn't be giving this a ten when the artwork and music was so bad. But the concept and symbolism was so beautifully tragic and relevant to our time. One of the best messages in any of the art games ever.

I love the symbolism behind what seems like a simple pixel art game. It's perfect! :)

this game is awespme

It's true to the theme and both terrifying and beautiful, but that flashing... GAH! It hurt my eyes so much!

Yeah I'm giving this an eight... because...
It is actually a good game and all...
Everybody sees a different meaning in it...
But the reason I'm giving this an 8: This Music gives me a headache...
And the flashing lights almost gave me a seizure...
But, yeah... its a cool metaphor-art-game-thingy...

I think of this as a metaphor,where we are the organism and earth is the man.It seems innocent at first,taking resouces to survive,but eventually we take greedily,meaning we destroy ourselves by taking away our environment

i dont understand. is it about a fetus in its brother that was unborn but grows or was it an organism that tries to grow?

I loved it! Absolutely loved it! It's great and has a cool and important message.

Though, as a warning, I would like to say it might cause seizures.

I never would have expected the last few screens............. I actually thought I was helping a dot get rid of other bugs in his body, but I slowly realized that this harmless looking dot isn't harmless.......
The pixelated graphics and droning music seemed to positively add to the game.
Pretty high on the shock factor near the end, and after going through both endings, I have to be impressed with the concept. It covered the "Greed" theme very well.

But now I wonder how I'm going to get this creepy game out of my head ...

I think the game crashed in the end, after the "left-right arrow" cutscene.

....what else is to say but wow. All life forms are created with one motive, to survive, we as humans grow and change our morals to fit our main motive.

This young cell was grateful but soon became overwhelmed and had to do what he could to survive.

What else were we made to do?

Thats what it made me think. It was different and possibly one of my favorites.

As a piece of art work, I think this works very well. It scared the crap out of me. Very disturbing, it actually stuck in my mind all day. The sound/music is creepy, and as the situation becomes more dire, the colors become crazy as does the sound. This was utilized very well in terms of making your message effective.

As a "game" though? Hmm. It seems like a lot of your submissions are message based, where you're trying to communicate something through them or make people think. It's refreshing to see games on Newgrounds that are like this.

There have been cases when bot the parasitic sibling and the host sibling have survived. Most Recent was when a mid 20s guy gave birth to his identical twin sister and raises her as a solo dad. She's about 5 now.

Maybe your game could have had 3 endings. The horror of the parasite taking over. the tragedy of a double death. or the heart warming story of two siblings meeting for the first time.

Just a suggesion...

i had no idea what was going on at all
interesting game though

I'll have nightmares.

No seizure warning in a game with that kind of flashing effects is very, very bad form. If you must have those effects, and I can see why you'd want them, the game wouldn't suffer from a card warning people about them beforehand. Having such an intense flashing effect just pop out of nowhere like that ruins the experience for an otherwise very interesting game.

Because fetus in fetu wasn't nightmare fuel enough before this game.

Still, it's a good game. It's not something that's explored too often to begin with, and playing from the embryo's point of view makes it more jarring and thought provoking than simple horror (though it is still rather horrific, but in a rather different way). The text works especially well in gradually revealing the nature of cell, though it's sort of obvious right from the start to anyone vaguely familiar with the subject. But a this isn't exactly a subject of common knowledge, it works out fine.

It does make one think. Does the fetus deserve life? Is it so wrong for it to covet existence so strongly? Is it worth the price?

I'm rather fond of the static and the red after you kill the poor chap. Quite chilling.

8/10 because I feel that the concept could've been explored a bit more.


What a way to start my morning. I only knew of the second ending because of the reviews I read, and it was pretty crazy. Good stuff, thugh.

I'm impressed. You start this game wondering what's going on. You're a dot, collecting other dots, because that's what dots do. I personally thought I was cleaning up tumors or something, and making the boy better. But with the text and audiovisual changes, horror slowly dawns on you and you realize you're killing him, to grow yourself. And yet, you push on, because you're a gamer, and you need to finish this game. At the end, you're confronted with the disturbing climax, and here you either:

A: Go all the way and kill the boy outright, giving birth to a monstrosity. The red screen further accentuates your horror at what you've just done, and it ends there.

B: You back off. But even if you do back off, the boy's smile won't come back, because even though he lived, you didn't.

When I first played this, I thought it was terrible, and I was going to write about how lame it was that the author was just trying to substitute shock for depth, etc. But as I wrote this.. I changed my mind, and my score from a 3 to a 9. Thanks for this.

So, is this game about cancer, or pregnancy, or something else? There are a lot of things, I guess, that figuratively eat you from the inside.

Very freaky. Rumor has it there's a second ending. I wonder how to get it??

It was still a good game. I've played this game at least 5 times, and I JUST realized there are two endings. A bit short and lacking some depth, but I still really liked it.

I loved it, it was very deep.

This was confusing and I got no ending just a red screen

Is that a tail? I dont think so..Its a PENIS!!! 8===D lmao

Honestly, that was pretty freaky. X_x Of course, that was its goal, so.
Hm, this made me think. A lot. :P It's a relatively easy concept to get, but it takes a while to... fully soak in, I guess.

The one thing that other people haven't picked up on that may not even be purposeful is, both endings are terrible for both the player and the "host". It really added to the experience to see the host still frowning after the "player" died. Same goes for the look of horror and lack of a human form that the player dons in the other ending.

So, whether intentional or not, that really made the game much more amazing for me. :3

Finally, it's not a ten because it really did go too quickly. Oh, and also, even for an 8-bit game of this sort, the graphics were really choppy.

And yes, I realize that was the intention. Guess it's just me then. :P

Excellent game, very disturbing concept. Minimal pixel graphice aumentate the inquieting power of the game.

@lazlo77 as far as i can tell this is the brother's twin who supposedly died in the womb but was actually inside him the whole time and he is angry with his brother because he wants to exist.

isnt even alittle disturbing but I dont know why I feel this is bout me n my problem

wow you guys act like babies its not scary i thought it was just disturbing

Thanks for the nightmares on Christmas Eve.

but this scared the hell out of me. i guess it must be the irational fear of the things we hardly ever think about. either way, very heavy man.


For all the games I have played in my life, I have never seen games or flashes like this one. It freaked me out like I never did before. A horror that I lost sleep for a whole night, and made me reminiscence about my life for a whole day. But for all your philosophical intakes for this game, you do have one fatal flaw.

Your story is not deep enough.

What I mean by not deep enough is the fact that your storytelling is obscure. There is no explaining on who is the brother, how did he got infected or caught in it in the first place, what kind of parasite is that, the background of that parasite, his true objective on why he is being so covetous and your storytelling is very sloppy; every time I finish a level, it just seem like the parasite just keeps nagging about his misery, but did not explain his reason to exist. Is it just to ask for his existence to be noted, or just to keep eating his own brother, or maybe something else? That's what bothers me, and in fact, I thought I just see a mishmash of choppy stories being welded into a series of more choppy animations.

Well, you've done a pretty good job on this one. I appreciate your efforts and your philosophical attempts. But one problem is you need to dig your story deeper.

And oh, give it a seizure warning; the flashing lights nearly killed me in the end.


There is a 2nd ending. If you want to find out yourself, don't read this.

At the very end, don't do anything. It changes the creepy, SHITMAHPANTS terror into a warm butterfly-in-my-tummeh feeling. Well, it did for me.

I've hadn't logged in for a long time but im doing so just for this
1. the dude looks like a dead turkey with a human head
2.music is annoying a hell
3. that's truely creeped the fucking shit out of me
4. im now truamatized and im now gona have nightmares tonight
5. good job


if it was only longer and more, interesting..

game but there should be meadals

Twinkle twinkle red point, i just wonder what you are... Very good 9/10

Liked it xD

i liked this game

For whatever reason I thought this would be a screamer, but.. it was worse than that. What the hell gave you the idea of making this game? But besides that, my only comment/suggestion would be that if you or another author turned this into a more in-depth game, it'd be really good, but the fact that it was a short, pixelated game, made it a bit scarier. Uguh.

At first I thought this game was retarded, especially the bright flashing lights, but then I understood it. I'm assuming the guy had Fetus in fetu, which is a developmental abnormality in which a mass of tissue resembling a fetus forms inside the body or something along those lines. The fetus acts as a parasite, feeding on the guy's insides, getting bigger and bigger and in this case explodes out of the guy's body.

This is a tough one to give a review on. You're and artist, not a video game maker. There is a difference. Your work, or at least this one, is to prove a point, where a video game maker usually sets out to entertain.

I've heard it said several times now this game gets under your skin, and this is probably the most fitting phrase for it. I couldn't finish it my first time, but had to see it concluded. You took a simple pixel game and a simple sound track and made it absolutely horrifying. I think you proved your point.

Because I am unsure, I'm not going to give this any stars, but not because it was bade.

At first I thought I was a red blood cell or something, removing cancer or so on...and then I though...hm...am I a tumor? Then I began to wonder...am I twin?-but then why would the "other" twin be an adult? Then I started to notice the changing mood...

Yikes. Creepy and well-done.

that was strange.

did everyone else just rip open a guy, or was that just me?
And I sure hope babies aren't made this way!

What did I just play?

It makes me wonder...is existence a right? Or a privilege to be fought for, sacrificed for, murdered for...? I like the way you think.

At first i thought it might have been a tumor or fat or some kind of cancer. But it was a baby which almost shows the maker of the games philosophy. The person dies a little bit more and the baby becomes bigger. Through out each level the one you live in becomes less and less happy. While this game standing alone is terrible it is very philosophical and profound with the text involved.

the game was virtually pointless, the game-play was repetitive, the graphics were a tragedy and the music just play the same annoying tune over and over and that is why i rate it a big fat 0.

You have seriously both creeped me out and calmed me, a very strange combination indeed. The story is very compelling and gives off a calm yet psychotic feel. I really found this game to be damn interesting and well made, great job!!!

god ive been searching for this game forever man! i absolutely love it! i feel totally at peace wen i play this game.

that was..... creepy. and somhow zen like. like that game where you start out as a sperm and you grow. it dosnt give you controls but it has text at the end of each level. plz msg me if you know what that game is called


That was creepy, pretty creepy, but this was pretty awesome, even with simple pixel graphics and simple music (that are very scary too).

10 of 10

That was awesome. Very simple, but cool little story.

That was some freeeeaaaky shit!!

That was freaking scary...

Really cool and creepy, but it was kinda short.....

By having simple pixel graphics and low-bit music, and being terrifying just like that, it shows how awesome this is.
Thanks! :D Now I'll go have some nightmares.

I'm a twin... and I've always been a little taller than my sister...

Also: Gross.

Is there more than one ending? My guy died near the end.

This is true fear. Not just something popping up on your screen and making a loud noise, fear is something that truly gets under your skin, gives you shivers, and makes you think. This, sir, is art. Jesus, I'm still shaking. That music change really got me.

Not sure why this reminded me of that movie.

This played out like a diatribe of a vanishing twin, made more disturbing if you knew that it happened in 1 out of 8 pregnancies with more than 1 fetus involved (hit it up in google).

Man, that was on the top thirty list of creepiest things I've ever seen. You should hook up with Edgar Alan Poe's ghost.

I dnt really know what was happening, or what the aim of the game was. Is it good or bad ? To be fair there was actually very little in the whole game that can be liked Maby some messed up storyline line this would work well in a game which actually had some good gameplay.

I never thought about it from a "cancer" or probably more aptly in this case a "fetus in fetu" abnormality's point of view.....

I must get high and play this game...

that was a good art game
the music was ok could improve a little
the game play simple
the theme was . . . . . .
but it was good for one of your first games

Might want to add a seizure warning in the description. Totally threw me off. @_@

Gave me goosebumps when the music changed really :s

i was getting really freaked out when the music changed and the thing ripped out of your body

Quirky beginning, slowly matures toward a very disturbing ending. Even though I'd read the comments at the bottom of the page while the game was loading and therefore knew what to expect, the whole atmosphere of the game still managed to unnerve me. Excellent

That was... interesting.

But I like it.
Its so simple the animation..
But it gets under your skin. lol
Pun intended.
Great game.

Doesn't help the fact I was eating while playing this game. I'm not going to lie and say this was insightful to greed. What I'm going to say is I likened the idea to a cancer, or a tapeworm of some sort. Weirded me out, and I'm sure I will have a nightmare...I'm surprised I haven't stopped eating. lol. Disturbingly good.

The nature of greed... it always wants more, and more, and it does not care what or who it harms in the process.
This was portrayed in Covetous. A story of a man who was given a second chance at life. It was, however, an existence inside another. The one who had been spared was covetous of his brother's freedom, and he decided to take his own brother's life so that he may be a "Human" again. This was very well done, and you obviously put much time into thinking about what was the best way to tell this tragic tale. You did very well, AustinBreed.

The end was...disturbing
i couldnt watch the end

Outstanding. I've always loved games like this. It's simple and brilliant, and you don't hunger for more answers because it's so simple to understand. You are an alien who've been born in a other life form, and you must consume their nutrients to break out your host. Brilliant. You must make more.

In the beginning,it looks like he's talking about cancer.
And then at the end,you realize it's something much...different.

Covetous is pretty neat, I don't understand the negative reviews for it though, is it an amzing game?
No, but is it bad?
Doubtful, I enjoyed it for it's theme on greed.

You had a good idea, but this wasn't quite as disturbing as you were trying to make it out to be. It's incredibly easy with no obstacles, I didn't particularly like the pixelated art, the music is insultingly simple and WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS NEXT?!

scared the shit outta me, great work. o:

I am scared ... this is fear

At first i though "boring", later "uh", and then "wow this is serious".
Good game

for about 1month now. I knew the picture but not the name. I knew the content, but not the category. But I love this game.

Friggen creepy The OAO look topped it off.

One of the best alternative games I've ever played. Scary as hell!

At first I got the end where you die and you dont kill your brother

This gave me nightmares for around 3 weeks, because of many personal reasons, like my step dad passed away because of cancer, and I always picture cancer like some monster inside someone, eating you little by little.

Anyways, point well made, good work.

It'sweird... but i like it

This was amazing. I love the them of this. Bright and pixely is the perfect mix with disturbing sounds! A new favorite of mine!


I actually played it a few times before getting creeped out. I guess I didn't understand what it meant. This is truly a chilling game. The simple graphics and sound make it even creepier, like some long forgotten nes game that is haunted. The loud noises scared the crap out of me too!

Morbidly artistic

I did NOT see that comeing o.o

This is art

You know this was pretty frightening and unsettling for a flash that is only minutes long and has pixelated graphics. The graphics weren't amazing of course, but goes well with this type of game, since you were pretty much making a point with the theme greed. And well I dunno, this whole game just reminded me of a creepypasta (which I am big fan of) which I liked. All in all, it was well done, you really should make another one of these. Maybe another theme?

Wth that was stupid and boring

this is one of the things that make you feel something,so it is art,disgusting but it is art

oh god, this frightened me, just to tell you this game is based on the medical condition known as a parasitic twin (wikipediaDOTorg/wiki/Parasitic_twin) i couldn't bring myself to kill the host, is was.. a very strange game, presented simply

Whether the author intended it or not, this game can be seen as having a deeper meaning. After each ending, there is no replay button. Yes, of course you can just press refresh... -.- but to me, this is supposed to represent that you made a decision where you can't go back and change your mind. It can also be compared to a lot of life situations involving greed and the desire for power. But if you just want to take it literally, you still have to think, if you were in this situation, which ending would you choose?

wat was that thing? like a fetus or something??? i dont really get it.... confusing.... and well.... pointelss......

So sick, but got me thinking

So insanely simple for an interactive experince, yet an immensly powerful message. Whether it's pointless or not it shows just how much of an impact a few pixels and strong words can put forth such thoughts and feelings.

Fucking powerful, seriously.

This is a great game because I do not even think there is any way to even lose it. It reminds me of the movie "Alien" with the alien bursting out of the guy's chest. This seemed like it could be a CreepyPasta put into a game. All you have to do is go around and collect all these dots that are in this kid's body and grow strong enough to come out of it. It did seem to have an artistic tone as there were some questions about existance being asked. Whatever the purpose, this was a very different game and a very fun one.

The way I see it, this game has no super secret deep magical fantastic meaning. But it does have a good story.

The progression of the story is great, you begin thinking "oh, another cute art game! Let's see how it turns out." But as the story goes on you realize how twisted this situation is. The graphics might be very simple, but it doesn't mean they were easy to make. After all, which character you think has a better design? Kratos from "God of War", or Super Meat Boy from... "Super Meat Boy".
Sure Kratos has a lot of details, but are those necessary details?
The music, is a tad repetitive yes, but it matches the game perfectly, making the ending very uncomfortable.
I could go on and on about this game but I'm too lazy to type it.


i like the game that start from inside body

Oh nice, a game filled with lots of deep art! I love its deeply deep message! The message oh-so deeply deep is:

"Giant mutant moth comes out of guy's body!"

Oh holy shit what a beautiful amazingly deep message! This is art!! I don't care about how bad the music is, and how boring the gameplay is, or how the graphics were made in five minutes, it gets away with all that because it's ART!

Covetous by AustinBreed is a minimalistic game, created for the 20th mini ludum dare, which had the topic "Greed".

It is about a cell of an dead human which is summond into the body of his brother to life once again. But the price could be the death of his host. To become bigger the cell needs to eat the cells of his victim to become a creature, which in the end wants to figth his way out of the victims body.

Both sound and graphic is minimalistic and supports the message and the atmosphere.
But the musicloop itself is very repetative, because it isn't very long nether is it any good.

But the visual part is great. I love the simplistic appeareance of the human and his pain.

I like the game because of that desperate atmosphere, in which you want to stay alive but with every step you do, you know that you hurt your host, and in the end you are guilty of his death. Furthermore i love the simple deliverance of the message.

The game reminds me of two things. Firstly there is the thing with deseases. The cell is like cancer in the first phase, in which it absorbs healty cells and grows till it kills his host, whos death will be one of the worst.

On the other hand it reminds me on the breakthrough of an secret mentality of yourself.
Like you eat all the shit into you, which you really hate.
And at some point you are so fed up with that, so that you literally explode and appear as an new self

Or the epidsodes where it shows Jonas Jr, inside of Rusty's body and then the episode where he comes out. I think that somehow in this game the parasite we play as it taken into his brother's body, and by some miracle is allowed a second chance to live, via consuming his brother's body to grow his own. Great game. Very twisted.

...of the great, disturbing works of Cronenberg. Just not as a movie, but a flash game, awesome.

This game...was creppy as hell. It was sick, twisted, and wrong. But I loved it. I like that you have a choice not to kill him. Though I assume most of the population wouldn't mind killing him off...it was all rather sad. You didn't need too many fancy graphics to get your point across! Congrats! You've creeped us out and left a thought :D

interesting did something go inside the boys body,i dont really understand?!? Is it some type of bacteria or creature?!!!!!? please answer!=\

The game properly conveys the theme as you have a choice at the end of the game to either kill your host or spare him.

Yes, to get the full message, you have to die (be selfless).
Most people wouldn't get the latter ending because you essentially have to choose to lose.

The fuck did I just watch/do/eat?
Makes you feel dirty, which I'm pretty sure is the intended effet, but the game just made me go "Dude, what the fuck?"


I've played this game a few times. It draws me every now and then. I love its grotesque concept and its filthy essence. I think this is a very interesting art game.

IT IS ART. Just bad art.

It CLEARLY wasn't made for the enjoyment of running around collecting pixels. It obviously tries to tell a short story with a point to it. Yes, it fails to do this, but the intention is fucking obvious. It is clearly supposed to be art. Just because it sucks doesn't change its genre.

Do you people really think this 'game' is supposed to be fun or challenging?

It's just.... weird. It's not art at all.

At first i thought this game was dull, but then it kept building up and getting more freaky, interesting, and intense. plus it made you think about life and what you have to do to survive, great job that was quite an enjoyable game.

Its not. This game sucks so damn bad. The gameplay sucks, the music sucks, the story sucks, and the endings suck. There isnt even a message, and its not even deep. This is crap.

I really wish the site's administration would follow up on its promise to delete the accounts of zero-voters who offer no constructive criticism.

I'm going to offer an attempt to help people understand a few things about games like this in general, i.e. games as a medium for art: it is IDIOTIC to play something like this and low-score it for a reason such as "the graphics weren't good."

By that world-view, no game without good graphics can possibly be any good, right? And the better the graphics are, the better the game? That world-view is everything that is wrong with gaming right now.
I'm pretty sure he KNOWS the graphics aren't good, and for all I know, he may have chosen an 8-bit rendering out of utter laziness, who cares? The bad graphics weren't RELEVENT. They gave the scene a certain style that WASN'T MEANT to be realistic. Not everything has to be fucking Modern Warfare.

Yes, story is only one element of a good game. Maybe some of you disagreed, disliked, or genuinely failed to understand the message here. But did you really not notice that the music and graphics are intentionally bad, and that it's done that way to lend an uneasy feeling to the experience of the game? Did you really not notice that running around with a pixel, collecting other stationary pixels, is not meant to be a thrilling gameplay experience? It's meant to tell a brief story from a unique perspective. It's storytelling - it's a crude form of art. That's all. I'm not shitting my pants over how great it is either.

And I realize this is a gaming website, and that you're judging an interactive flash that did not even attempt to provide interesting gameplay. If your position is that art games don't belong on newgrounds, then I respect that.
But art games ARE a part of newgrounds, and there is an entire front page collection devoted to them. Please try to be a human being. Judge these pieces from a perspective that is relevant. Did he do a good job sending a message with his story? Did he make you react a specific way emotionally? Those are probably more relevant questions here than "HOW GUD WERE GRAFX?" or "I CAN HAS ROCKET LAUNCHR?"

For me, this game raised questions about one's right to live, and it creeped me the hell out, as would a cheap horror flick. I enjoyed it. If you were looking for a gameplay experience, go play Halo 3.



mind = blown

now i cant sleep....

I love the way it has two endings, the selfish one (the one i took 4 times before even realizing i never tried not doing anything) and the nice sacrifice one, it really shows you a nice message, great simple and straight to the point.

Oh good god, I couldn't even manage to completely finish it. I was just... horrified. Uuugh. Except that "SHITBAG" part did make me laugh. Still does for some reason. But, FOR terrifying me, I commend you, good AustinBreed! Now I go to vomit.

Also, a friend of mine made a remix of the music and... Cat Planet. It's actually really good and I can't stop listening to it: http://tindeck.com/listen/zvgg

This game surprise me and totally freaked me out in the beginning. But, i had to play it again and again. It so beautiful with its message and delivery. And it is probably the best game on newgrounds.
and for the dumb assess who say this is terrible obviously don't know what art is.

This game creeped me out, but it ... ARRRGGGHHHH!!!! I dont know! Its an awesome game that... I can't explain it!

I love pixal games they usualy have better meanings then any other game and this was a good example. With the two endings it gave the game a good feeling. The begining was to slow and I weren't going to continue but something drove me to... Overall nice game with good story line.

I was going to close this after the second puzzle, but I'm glad I didn't. The game shows its art by more or less fun puzzles, in a respectable mode keeping the story active. If you're tired of hard quiz, this can be a great alternative.

It reminds me o the Pizels the fountain game

reminded me of the old computer I had before my 386, whatever it was.

This was original and the end was as surprise, that I liked. COOL

this is cool.


Damn that creeped me out

One hopes that in real life the poor host would get some medical treatment and maybe both could be saved....

The game was good but I hate when the full screen is too big....

I found myself playing this interactive movie over and over agian to simply be moved by the plight of the "dead" brother. Either live and take what was once taken from you or die agian. Very tragic.

Whoa that game kinda freaked me out. Great job!!

2 endings to this game...well more like a interative movie, and i was liek wow when the monster or twin broke the dang human in half to get out o.o, btw yeah put a warning of cesure cause my eyes hurt >_<

the game could have been better, like the thing that grew inside the guy could have explored the world and destroy people.

I didn't understand, but I learned that it is about fetus in fetu. (look it up)
I found it very strange and slightly disturbing. Congrats!

Well, I think the affect would've also been good if it would be a well-drawn comic.

The problem here are the graphics. The gameplay is alright, but with better graphics you would certainly need different controls.

Anyway. I think you choose that style totally on purpose. You wanted to express the evilness of the whole story. Oh and that was the part that was worth playing it:
You wrote it very well, very emotional, very philosophical.
You are sick. This game is sick.
You (maybe) handled something very horrible that happend to you or a friend of yours with this. So you have my respect.

Oh and pls put a warning there. Some might need it very badly.

I liked it that at the end, you understood that after you started to be obsessed with sth., you may lost control over it and not be able to stop it, until everything collapses. Yay for that.

That was... interesting. I think it was about a twin who was deformed and never progressed beyond the cellular stage. Anyways, it was definitely cool.

Good,But...WTF is happening? ò.ò

Well good God is this a wierd one. But i think i get the gist of it, You're a parasite who some how has come back from the dead after many years, living off a human. you're slowly feeding off him growing stronger with every bit. Not a bad idea for an Adventure RPG, I would classify it as an Artsy game. But this is coming form a guy who watches Eraser Head Dune so this dosen't realy surprise my. 10/10

my life is now complete after playing this

10/10 graphics
10/10 game play
10/10 sound
10/10 overall

what the hell is happening

i really liked it too bad it wasnt long =[.

does any body know what the fuck this game is about?

i wasnt sure what was happening really

Nope. Not my cup of tea.

damn sucks for that guy

scary, weird, awesome!

I have to admit my curiosity was piqued when i started playing until it took a turn for the stupid. I understand the parasite factor, just didn't find it entertaining

This gave me the chills after the third or fourth level. At first I was a bit confused but then I understood it was a parasite or something like an alien growing inside of the guy. The host kept getting sadder and sadder throughout the levels. The game became a bit more angry and overwhelming for the eyes as it progressed too.I enjoyed the dialogue from the parasite, interesting existence.

I would have to say it was an ok game considering there was nothing after the last level. But I could not die, lame really.

oh and flashing lights are VERY unpleasant for some of us, a warning would be appreciated.

seizure warning much?

i cant stop replaying this, idk y, wierd game

that was..um... hey look a diffrent game

the second time i play this, it make me thing about the things we can do better for the simple reason of be lives

After playing this game the first time, I simply had to play it again. And again. Even though I agree with many other reviews claiming this is not a game, I don't see it having the same effect on me if it was just a movie.

The whole thing inspired me to write a song with the same title, using some of the in-game text for the lyrics. The entire thing was stuck in my mind for quite a while, and still is (and probably will be for some time yet).

Very good job with this, too bad many people are too stupid to understand what it's about.

Not really a game, but a cool idea

i don't get it?

i shed a tear for those who struggle to understand anything that isn't halo 3 (see reviews below)

thats one hell of a desire to exstist. . . .

What a load of pretentious, artsy crap! Has absolutely no gameplay value, crap graphics (pixellated is ok sometimes but overrused), shite sounds and no understandable message. It's a bit like a lot of abstract art: a lot of asshats make it out to be modern and edgy when in actual fact it's a shovel of steaming horse shit. I'll give you one star for correctly scripting the movement. Now go make a proper game.

but has a point

Even though it's a pixel game, you can still put more effort into it.

I agree with averageroadkill below.
Awesome, though morbid.
It takes a very unique individual to come up with something like this.

This game is about Fetus in fetu. Look it up on wikipedia if you don't know what it is.

This game is really messed up but really good. The reason I took a point off, is because I really didn't understand it at all but I guess that's is what made it good.

god only knows what the hell is wrong with you for making this, or what the fuck is wrong with US for playing it. xD

May I be right if I say it was about cancer? Atleast that what hit me. Though I've yet to finished the game, that will remain my theory for now. I though it was strong, perhaps because someone I hardly knew, but was in my school, lost his mom to cancer. I like it. Not as a game. I just like it.

Run with it. Wierd concept but has potential

i didn't really get it but it was kind of a good game

no point to game

excuse me but graphics gameplay and stuff arent all that a game needs.
i've played very good games with low quality pr bad storyline.
or even super pixelated and totally meh
and you cans till like it



That was creepy as fuck.

I enjoyed playing it.

Tried too hard to be 'deep' but ends up drowning itself in SHIT.

as far as the storyline goes, its pretty damn meaningful, the unborn parasite given another chance to steal existence and become what was taken from him once before.
but the storyline is only part of a game.
you need graphics, gameplay, and feel to the game, and this was primarily storyline, and therefore, it sucks.


...but I wish I hadn't :(

Was that the end?

Idk if i like it.... it was so weird....

He was to much of a bro to be sacrificed for my own existence...

...I couldn't do it.

I will love this game forever.

0_0 loved it! had a cool message that made you think!

Simple, straightforward, and somewhat confusing. ...It reminds me of a dream I had once. O_o

Add an epilepsy warning.

The game and controls are simple

it's cool but the story is kinda confusing but a pretty good game easy controls but maybe to easy two problems two points good job though.

even if it can be "scary" is truly a masterpiece when you get both of the endings and understand the true meaning of this "game"

very well done

im dam near speechless. at th end i said wtf

fucking brilliant.

I didn't know it was possible for 8-bit to be scary. Now I know. Scary as sh*t.

This game is... awful... but truly powerful. If you're at least a bit comprehensive, it can't let you unexpressive after playing.

...yea uh he mad

I see what this was, the brother somehow absorbed the other one at birth and and the absorbed one became a single cell so the so the cell was jelous and ate the brother from the inside.

greaat freaking game. i didnt know wtf i was doing at the end

"I think you broke my brain" 2

I'm ALMOST positive what I just played. I think the man and the little parasite were twins in the womb, and it was one of those rare cases where the dominate sibling absorbs (or "eats") the other. In these cases, the "eaten" sibling dies before birth. I think this was if that happened without the second fetus dying in the first twin.

please fix it

What is this? i thinks its actually pretty cool. Could you make a flash movie sequel? So that we know how people reacted..!! it would be pretty cool. However, this game is also pretty cool... and disturbing! ^^

i like that you seemed to be creative in all the right ways, but unique in the disturbing outlook in the end. however, adding an actual end slide or even a "replay" button would let me know you're finished.

This is really interesting, how a little girl has to realize that the second change she was given really comes at a great price.

Nothing more that I can sat

it's a shame that most of the people that frequent this site won't be able to appreciate the excellent writing. they won't even understand what they're playing as.

That was a trip, i recommend this to anyone, i don't know what i just saw but i think everyone should see it.

nice game how you see how you grow inside that dude his body.

It takes talent to say so much with so little! I think you could really take this further or expand on it to make it more epicly awesome.

HOLY SHIT!! a rapidly moving tumor! lol great better yet awesome game! only thing is that the ending suck could have benn better but sucked so that cost two stars sorry :\

Strange game o.o

Disturbing yes, but controls suck and yeah the game is not really a good game it's actually boring to play, however it's kind of scary and weird, I liked it but it's not a good game at all.

That was morbid. for about five mintues i didn't know what to do so i tried getting out of his penis.

Looking at the controls and the graphics, i wondered why this game was on the front page. After i played it however, i knew exactly.
I dont believe this to be so much a game, as a interactive story with a disturbing message.
Good job guys for giving us something as new and interesting as this.

an interesting but weird game

scares the hell out of me lol

it was an amazing piece very creepy but none the less amazing

What is this, I don't even...


Interesting and thought-provoking, I enjoyed this game a lot. Good work.

great game

The description caught my attention, thinking it was probably about reproduction. But this a strange piece. Odd graphics for this type of game, weird plotline that may be about reproduction or not, very odd story.

But I like it.

this is complete shit...and is it some kind of fetus :D

A part of me just died...

its cool and alil wierd

hmmm....this is...different...But I love it!

what the hell is this? is it a joke?

is it a alien-parasite or what?

What did i just play?

this was surprisingly fun to play,a little weired though but fun

Graphics sucked horriblely and it was weird as hell.

Had to give only 8 because of the simplicity. Rest ist awesome for a game of that genre.

really freaky and cool i enjoyed it

The general idea and the narrative are awesome, but there are no excuse for the poor graphics. It doesn't sound like a retro game or something. Anyway, I loved it.

this kinda freaked me out a bit.. weird as hell.. this game got me thinking about it for a while..

this was totallyyy random and sadd and awesom3 and scaryy :O

good short mini-game, i didn't knew at it first, but it formed a baby inside his brother maybe, he tried to choose if he will conquer it or not, exist or not, kill it or not :) we are lucky to exist :) too bad my second time played here (which he didn't exist at the end) :( good game though but 8 is good :)

It was wierd, some kind of alien chestburster wierd.... I did like that there were two different endings, depending on whether or not you clicked the arrows at the end.

this wasn't fun. It made me think. It was grotesque. It was obscene. It was adults only.

It was real.

GREAT game


i didnt find really anything positive, it was just an odd, thoughtless idea to start.... an idea would be to maybe give it a more interesting plot line, rather than... that....

At first, I didnt like it.
But i came back to it later. I could stop thinking about it.
Very... Thought provoking!

Very disturbing but cool.Thumbs up for the idea.

hard to

yeah, good concept. game play itself is lackluster. would've been cooler if you had more to do and it wasn't so short. i kinda like the feeling of almost slipping into a seizure

A highly interesting concept... I like that there are different endings and a complex, intellectual aspect to this game, despite the simple 8-bit design. Just shows that graphics aren't everything.

eh?! that thing scared me!!, seizure time!?!?, man, try again..

weird and boring i thought i was gonna have a seizure

somehow i liked it wouldnt play it again but was interesting

I get the concept and stuff, but it was boring, even for what could be considered an "art" game. You should have a seizure warning. The flashing lights at the end can be dangerous to some people you know.

It is a hard but rewarding process to create complex moral and scientific concepts and break them down into things that are both simple and understandable. It is even harder to try to make a fun and engaging video game out of said concepts. you seem to do all of this quite nicely.

This is the kind of thing that should have been on the NES but wasn't, as it probably would be seen as too obscene and be banned like Death Race. I mean this not in a way to insult, of course, but to compliment on the aspects of the game that make it engaging, controversial, and pleasantly disturbing. This is a horror video game.

But it is not survival horror per se, although it does involve the survival of a living being. This is a game that forces you to look through the eyes of a malignant living being that does what it does to live another day. Its like looking through the eyes of a habitual serial killer or a natural pedophile. It is very grotesque, but it puts a very poignant recognition of the conflict between the host's right to be healthy and the parasite's right to live and exist.

but at the same time, one cannot be stupid. The creature is like a pest that needs to be swatted before it re-multiplies. There should be no qualms about arresting child molesters and murderers, and there should be no qualms about eliminating and being frightened of malicious internal organisms. This thing is like the facehugger from Alien and the cockroach from under the fridge. Catering to it will lend no reward. You will only have more of these things eating your toaster strudels in the morning and an alien baby erupting from your stomach. Need I say more?

Like the Nazi conscripts who served Tyranny in the 1940s, this monster is the type of thing that needs a shotgun blast to the head, if only as to not create any more harm to those around it. A utilitarian approach to these moral debates is sometimes the best option. Like the Nazis, it serves an unforgiving master that needs to be overcome; mainly, evil itself, but will do only harm if not also overcome.

The real tragedy here and the thing that establishes the true horror is the fact that the host is as human as you or me. This makes it all the more real, as it becomes increasingly clear that the person is becoming less then well as you begin to grow within his/her confines.

But what really confuses this wizard is this; is or was the creature human? Are we talking about an alien parasite from beyond or a human undeveloped twin that mutated in order to survive? I know you remain unclear so as to remain in perspective, but a simple back-story in the author's comments would be a great clarification technique. Just a brief overview with that information would do.

Anyway, it is a phenomenal use of 8-bit graphics mixed with an engaging plot and an even better perspective and a great atmosphere. I can't even knock on the low quality of the animations because it's irrelevant.

Nicely done!

I agree with Rokker93. You have to remember that story is only 1/4 of the presentation. While the story was there, that was about all. The visuals were lackluster and boring, the audio was grating and annoying despite an obvious attempt for eeriness, and the gameplay, though pleasantly simplistic, was painfully obvious and repetitive. Try again, sorry!

That was just generally awful. It wasn't fun or meaningful.

This game had sucky gameplay and a crappy meaning behind it. Consuming isn't greed. it's a way of life and these graphics are aweful but the worst part is the aweful music. Urg, stop the ringing! One for effort.

This is what life is. There is no escaping the fact that to live is to consume. If that is greed, then we will all be forever guilty.

Or is it only greedy because it's a human life being taken.

Contrary to the majority of people finding this a meaningful and deep flash, I personally felt offended that you stole about 5 minutes of my life having me play this.

Yes, there Is a message, that greed will blah blah blah.
But honestly couldn't you have put that message In a more enjoyable gameplay?
The music was annoying, the gameplay (or lack thereof) was pointless and irritating.

this reminds me of when a Facehugger puts an Alien baby inside of you, and as it is being born, it consumes its host. BAM, CHESTBURSTER!

Alright. That is pretty creepy.

Just a word of caution: if you (the player) have seizures, turn back now. There are strobe-like occasions in game.

AustinBreed, while I personally don't mind the strobiness, I'm not going to go against the usage of the strobe. It helps to add to the tension, kind of like, "DO IT NOW" kind of feeling.

A simple explanation of the act of greed along with a different pixelated style of animation and lets face it the creature making its self known in such a manner was pretty sweet!

It wonderfully shows the act of greed, and the choice of sympathy. A great game, no matter how small it is.
And you were able to show it in such simplicity as well.
Simplicity is sophistication, i always say.
A great game, and an amazing idea

Extremely symbolic with a nice overly creepy feeling. The second ending is much better shows sympathy.

...the music really sets the mood in this. i also like the multiple endings based on choice. question tho, was the host supposed to be fully human? the torso and arms almost look turkey like... a mutant maybe?

this was crazy good, to think someone would finally do a twisted symbiotic revenge game just awesome GREAT JOB!!!

simple and meaning full =D

and i prefer the sencond ending..cause everyone does the other ending first =P

wow just wow

This is simply beautiful. A true twist of the brain and sanity. Bravo!

i had to play again to get that sound out of my head but it cool and creepy

I love it when someone can invest so much emotional, disturbing power into some pixels. Fascinating idea. I wonder how many people realise there are two endings?

This..This is more disturbing than the last battle from earthbound *shudder*. The story was twisted and creepy but whatever floats your boat man.

What the hell is that thing in the human? An alien?

this was very disturbance lol, someone grew up in a disfunctuional family lol

that shit was crazy!

Nice story...fucking weird!

that was disturbing...


i really like the idea, it was realy creepy, and cool : ) honesty it wasnt much of game though. . . : / ill say 7 : ) good job

I love 8 bit, though this game was a collecting game with no enemies and no real actual gameplay other than touch things inside a vaguely human form.

I rate this on the poetry of the story, the weird cry for existence and I hope you try again, tweaking some poetry and GREATLY improving the graphics and storyline. I think it has potential, you just need to increase the polish.

i...dont get this game... a host? but cool artXD

I have mixed feelings...

Looked like an attempt at games as art. It was all right, controls worked fine, though the concept was pretty creepy. The 'music' was extremely annoying to the point I turned off my sound until I was done with the game, so I'd recommend something better than that next time. And really to be honest it wasn't much of a game, but it wasn't horrible either, so it gets a 6. Sorry if this review is kind of scatterbrained.

The concept was interesting, but the constant looping audio was downright painful and made me eager to finish every 'level' just to get rid of it. As for the game play itself, a concept like that could have been interesting if it had decent art or at least some sort of conclusion or story payoff. generally, I wasn't the slightest bit impressed, I'm afraid.

So these are the games making it on the front page..... I never knew absolute crap could actually find it's way to the front page, but this and a ton of other games have been posted there because they have 6's and 7's.

Maybe I've been mistaken, maybe this poor pile of pixels puked out by a poor creator counts as something entertaining to people nowadays.

1) Half of the screen is completely black, making officially 50% of the game absolutely unplayable
2) Music. Get some. Six monotonous sounds don't count.
3) Please, a game is designed to entertain people, not piss them off.

Have a nice day.

I like the mood. Accepting... loving... wanting... needing... taking. For him to have his life, he must take it from that which made it possible. Very, very nice.

I liked in a sick way. Next time work on gameplay and making the game a bit longer. About the graphics.. I love it! I suggest that you should look forward making a sequel. Something was missing but it's still worth 6 for the ending.

"However," replied the universe, "The fact has not created in me a sense of obligation to give you a 5"

but then again its pretty good

Good message behind the game, but its very dull and dry. I kinda felt like i was chewing cardboard.

The main character is slowly killing the host because it wants to live. Good message, but you could have worked on the graphics. The graphics are terrible and the gameplay is boring.

Gameplay: 0
Music: 0

The only reason im even giving you a 1 is because this isn't spam.

For those that do not understand it, the main character has been given a second chance. But he is inside of his brother, he then begins to consume his brother slowly because of his greed and will to live. He eventually becomes bigger and bigger until he is about the size of a child and tears out, killing his brother, and most likely being in a hospital, making him look like a monster.

The only thing I disliked about it were the flashing lights. =P

This fits the theme of greed extremely well I think, but I suppose that leaves the question to ask, who is the greedy one here?

This game has no meaning, as much as some will desperately look for it. Several grammatical and spelling errors are present, which would suggest that this game was either rushed or just not bothered with very much. This COULD have been an interesting game but, it isn't. It's pointless.

haha i love these kind of games all meaningful an interesting but maybe you could improve the graphics next time?

The biggest issue I have is the lack of a replay or reset button. Otherwise, it's an inturiging little diversion.

Very depressing game as for me :D
It has its very own style, although the graphics is rubbish it's very vert nice.

I liked the deep meaning in the game. Who needs good graphics


Because I care.


An adult body with heart and liver, being consumed from within by a warped new infant organism that thinks its the body's rightful owner?

It sure sounds like cancer to me.

Sometimes games like this are interesting and creative. I liked the idea I thought it was a nice change of pace and had a little of a story going and very simple. I don't think it's a 10 but I don't think it's below a 7. Different strokes for different folks.

And at the last part I said IM EVOLVING POKEMON!!!!

Simple, original and creepy throughout the progression... I like

OK i don't get it a baby octopus wants to live and he was forgotten got stuck in his bro's body and fucking ripped him open. WTF WAS THAT

but its kinda fun :D

i dont know how this game got any 10s it was the worst game i have ever played how is it fun at all?

this might be one of the most disturbing games...

i can't believe that something that messed up can be fun

the game was very fun mostly because of 8 bit graphics the first stage was a lil' to slow but the rest was fun and the alternete endings were fun

This game reminds me of the condition called, "The parasital Twin" The first twin lives, but as a fetus in the womb it absorbs the other twin. When growing up, or either noticeble at birth, the twin that was absorbed shows itself, and it feeds on its twins life energy. The parasital twin is always unable to live on its own. Just though I'd mention that! Haha it's a disturbing game.

I love the way you are able to make something as simple as pixels so creepy, great experience.

This disturbed me in a way I can't describe.

After at first doing wha it said to do, i played again for other ending and then truly unserstood it all :p Great game!

Man that guy has a pretty small triangle dick :P

Now,ain't this sick?

this is surprisingly disturbing.

I'm amazed!

creepy but in a good way :3

So fucking creepy.

that ws marvelous

And for you people who don't get the story--the tiny twin cell, consumed at conception by it's brother, becomes self-aware.

It knew that to grow, to claim the life that was rightfully it's, it had to feed. It has to take back from it's brother what had been borrowed--with interest. It begged for forgiveness, and loved it's brother for the sacrifice. At the same time, it knew that it's brother was denying it existence, and it hated him for it.

At the pivotal moment, you are given a choice. Consume the host and burst free, or relinquish your tentative hold on life. And either way, someone was going to lose. It was no one's fault, just a cruel circumstance, but one or the other has to die.

Ok i understood it you are some kind of parasite feeding of your human host but it was just disturbing.

This was the only flash that has ever freaked me out. Its something about its pure simplicity and its concept that really fucked with me. I'll say that you did an amazing job with the theatrics. I've played it at least twice now and it gives me chills everytime.

at first look it looks like any other game but you find out that it is much more than just that. at first you think you are doing nothing bad but then as you grow you consume the child until you break out. it is up to you to decide if you kill the child or let him die.


I feel like I was just mindfucked in a split second...I'm so lost right now

I don't know why, but I liked it. Even though the ending makes me sick... The music, the last parts of the game, the idea itself. I liked it, and played it a few times. I don't really know what to think about it. This game is quite disturbing, and there's something that makes you want to play it...
It reminds me of the term "Parasitic twin".

I'm sorry for this poor review, but I'm speechless. Just wanted to let you know you made a good job.

Oh man, that was incredible.

I feel kind of ill though, something about it really got to me.

I found this disturbing, compelling and brilliant. I had to play it through a coupla times, though, just to make sure I got it right. This reminds me a bit of some old bizarre horror text-based adventures with bmp-pictures of animaloids and asylums to set ambience, leaving me with no clue what to do except for wanting the mental image out of my head, thus forcing me to finish the game. I was speechless and felt sick after playing the game, and now I'm just feeling kinda ill. That's quite the effort from a game this size.

i got both endings it was good i liked the alternate ending all you gota do is at the end do not press the left and right arrow keys and let the health bar at the bottom of the screan depleat fully untill empty

im not sure what happened.

first it bored me but at the end it was pretty fun especially the shitpig thing

I think those of you who gave this a bad review didn't realize there was a more satisfying alternate ending. I appreciate you including that. Performs exactly as advertised, handles well, and packs a punch as far as storyline. Bravo!

That.... was disturbing... I'm sure there was a message in there somewhere, but I couldn't see it... anyhoo, I'm not really sure what else to say... except maybe FUCKYOUCUNTSHITPIG. :T

Never playing this game again.
Too scary.
I might have a nightmare about this game later in my life.

8-Bit FTW!!!

shit the end was scary

What, did u do this for fun or something? Teaching about ur human body? Or Cancer? It's not fun at all and useless. But thank you for ur sharing.

That really made me stop, simple and powerful... and freaky. Loved the sound as well, I'm a sucker for 8-bit

Very creative and INTERESTING look on the subject. Very simple, but the message it carries is effective with just a few words and simple graphics.

Doesn't need a ton of effort to make it great. What I think IS uninteresting though, is when people with worthless opinions try to use rating system to belittle people with interesting ideas.

Very little effort
Very little style
Very little dynamics
Little to no plot
you got a 0

I agree with ArcturusValor. This was good, but not excellent. Also, is it supposed to end with an annoying sound loop over a bright red screen after you bust out, or is something just broken?

But then it wanted to consume the whole host and what it said made me laugh XD

I thought this was going to be some art game and then that thing ripped out of the host and I was like "HOLY DONKEYS"

I loved Looming, and Pixevo. I'm a big fan of the pixelated art story telling genre. But this didn't seem like a fantastic piece of work- There's plenty of art out there that aren't quite as good as what's out there, and this is one of those kind of games, that isn't quite as good as the others. And it seems like a lot of people are making this game out to be a great, fantastic novel or something, out of a few phrases to go along with the games theme.
This isn't a very good game, but I wouldn't say a total waste. At the same time, something like this should be really, really improved on if it deserves to be on the front page. I think a lot of people made this out to be more than it is. Any one could create something like this given a day, so I have my doubts that this deserves its place. However, arguments over art and games are pretty fruitless endeavors- I just think this game doesn't truly deserve what it's gotten.

A very spooky outlook on the idea of survival and existence, it gimme nightmares!

that was fookin weird i loved it

It's amazing you can tell such an awesome story like that with basic pixels! I'm really impressed! It really has so many different stages were your not sure what exactly you are in this poor human's body. I really had fun playing that.

im sorry. i dont understand. what was i? or what happened to me once i... umm/.. consumed my enemy-host guy??

well i thought it was interesting. Creepy for sure. Was it succesful at what it was trying to be? Yes, I think so. Good job.

I guess...

I was hoping there was something after you were "born".

I know this is supposed to have a message, but it is just over looked with the crap game play and irritating music.

I'm one to try just about any game on this site, but this was a huge letdown. There was no actual game, just an interactive movie with a strange, strange premise. Sorry, this missed the mark for me.

Left me feeling a little like I've been on acid all day...

that almost made me cry it was so moving. X/ oddly moving..

Makes you think of more of the creature then the human. Awsome!

well that was unexpected. simple nice job. the sequel would make a cool platformer.

The narration was chilling. When I was nine I read a novel about women who became pregnant with twins and early on in the pregnancy the larger "dominant" twin absorbs the weaker twin. Anyways, thanks for bringing the nightmares back.

I was unsure of how this were to turn out but, I liked how it did :)

KEWLZ that was awesome :]

It has a message,originality but it seems almost like a desperate attempt to be artsy, possibly due to the lack of backstory and the 8 bit graphics. Also, there's not many ways to think how the ending goes, and "the you die or he does" thing has been done to death. There's a seizure possibility too.

This game is....creepy in a good way, and it's also mind opening. It really gets you thinking on things.
Anyways, great job on this, as much as this game was slightly freaky, I like it a lot. For future reference, you might want to add a seizure warning at the beginning to warn everybody. xD

I liked it, but I was expecting the freak cell to burst out of the host, and then have the game reset and start from the beginning again.

more like an interactive flash movie =/

Also, uncle, if you don't like it, don't look at it. Stop crying at it. Get over it.

There seems to be an outburst in these 'artsy' games, so I'll keep this simple. You're not artistic, nor are you 'deep', this game isn't meaningful, it's a message that most of the userbase on this site won't understand.

And is it so hard to warn the player that this game contains flashing images and lights?


...I even kind of like it, but damn, put a seizure warning on it or something.

Short and simple, but god damned if it doesnt get the brain thinking down some strange and interesting paths.

great job =D

It's a short story of parasitic twin living within his brother and trying to get a second chance at life by consuming the insides of his host. Considering the graphics I thought the music fit pretty well and I admit, when I first played this I was a bit disturbed. However, I gave it a second chance, played it start to finish and loved it.

strange and without a realy end, i think. However there is creativity and semplicity.

This must be a love it or hate it game.But besides that you sir are very disturebed...maybe some better graphics and longer gameplay nexttime around.

At first I was just like "this is so stupid"...but after reading a few reviews I decided to finish it. It's actually quite good, and kinda scary. I say A-


Sorry, but thats what this was. Total pants.
I found it boring to be honest, and the swearing was fairly unnecessary. I didn't likeit.

A very dark, poetic little game. Everything from the music to the silent rhetoric of the being inside the man consuming him was just gripping and disturbing.

We'll be expecting more of you.

What makes this entry interesting and notable was that you put us in the perspective of parasitic entity with a life cycle that consists of feeding on a human host during larval stages, and hatching out of human like a cocoon during adult stage. The twist is that the creature is not only sentient, but it possesses a conscience. In other words, your artistic entry manages to humanize a monster archetype that has since captured the nightmares of science-fiction horror enthusiasts, the chest-buster. I like how the creature has the desire the live, yet is caught between the sadistic choice between killing off it's nurturing host to be born into the world as a monster, or, letting the host live at the cost of its own existence.

it was alright, my only complaint is at the end the flashing bothered my eyes a bit..


This was fun, great idea. Short, Simple and still Enjoyable- if you give it a chance that is.
More like this!

Oh my God.....the last bit was scary.....I thought it was some baby then he went overkill mode. I died a little on the inside fro, this.....

What a weird and really sick game. Parasite!!

AHHHH!! My brain.... go.... booom...

one of the biggest mind fuck games ever... o.o

Thought it was pretty deep, a game about the simple desire to exist...but it wasn't much fun...DiasFalc is exactly right...just move here, eat that, go over here and eat some more...kinda boring

What just happened, there? I mean, what the hell.

Such an odd game... I liked it, and the message really got to me.

It made me think. Not hard, not deeply, but it did give me something to chew on. I certainly believe this is valid as a game. The "game" part is very loosely interpreted, but it is still a game. It has a the three things a game NEEDS. Interactivity, a Goal, and Rewards. Every game has these three things in some shape, and you know a developer has talent when they can place it in a small package like this.

I liked this, but it will never be a ten. I imagine you chose the pixelated style on purpose, and it wasn't a bad choice, but there is no way that style could get you a ten. I can't connect, even if he does grow to look like a human. Not to mention this game isn't very interactive. Move here, eat this, move there eat that. That's it.

It was good. You should feel accomplished.

short but good. even though at first the message was abstract it was a good game to play. it is not straight up short crap like others as a joke, but is great to kill a couple of minutes without leaving you pissed at it. nice work

also, off topic, why did yahikoandre copy and paste a review? c'mon, write your own, it is not hard.

good game :D k so i got both endings. either way, this still was pretty creepy. yeah it killed only a minute but still...sheesh.

ok, now to put on my reviewing hat. *dons hat* you get 5 points for being original. thats not something often seen and i respect that. 1 point for having a story period. 1 point for the story being something new. when i saw the thumbnail and name i thought it had to do with an alien or something, not a human growing in such a fashion in another human. very original. graphic wise while it does harken back to atari the music was a bit of a flop. the controls also had a tendency to glitch but nothing too game breaking. the shortness also costs you a star. lastly, after bursting out, i was treated to red screen. the other ending was black screen. are those the endings? what about those around the brother? how did his family react to this? questions that could've been answered. they dont need to perhaps that left up to interpretation.

Final score is 7 stars. good, but could've been better. nightmare fuel aside i enjoyed this. good work

i didnt understand it at first but i got to tell yeah this is cool the story is he wants to take his life away

ok so i got both endings. either way, this still was pretty creepy. yeah it killed only a minute but still...sheesh.

ok, now to put on my reviewing hat. *dons hat* you get 5 points for being original. thats not something often seen and i respect that. 1 point for having a story period. 1 point for the story being something new. when i saw the thumbnail and name i thought it had to do with an alien or something, not a human growing in such a fashion in another human. very original. graphic wise while it does harken back to atari the music was a bit of a flop. the controls also had a tendency to glitch but nothing too game breaking. the shortness also costs you a star. lastly, after bursting out, i was treated to red screen. the other ending was black screen. are those the endings? what about those around the brother? how did his family react to this? questions that could've been answered. they dont need to perhaps that left up to interpretation.

Final score is 7 stars. good, but could've been better. nightmare fuel aside i enjoyed this. good work.

This is a must play game!

Nice game, it was artistic and had a good story
For people who doesn`t understand the story:
You start as a cell that is inside your twin brother body, seeing you didn`t have a chance to grow apart from your brother you start to eat the nutrients that you find in your brother body, cells then organs. As you grow inside your brother you start to develop rage and hate towards him and when you get strong and big enough to come out of your brother body, you do it.
P.S: There are cases in real life of Conjoined twins that have one twin that didn`t get to grow apart in the womb, so they grow inside of their twin brother getting nutrients from their blood (they don`t have a Conscience so they just grow inside their brother), This usually cause illness or even death of the twin that did grow up.

4 allu dik heads out there, if u were creeped out by the ending then try and get the second ender which gives the same message but in a more suttle way.

that is seriously fucked up man

I have to agree with an earlier post. I didn't think that i could by frightened by pixels.. that was amazing for a game that was start to finish worth 90 seconds of game play.
The progression of the story [the 90 second story] and the execution, how we the audience changed from "What's this?" to "Oh my God!! What IS THAT!!? Is.. is it over?" just spectacular. I mean those other prudes could have appreciated this game. They didn't give it any thought. A bunch of Justin Beiber fans I'm sure.
No offense to anyone who hates Justin Beiber.

So, was there a message here beyond some psuedo-philisophical BS? Or was it just an excuse to throw together a flash game?

I dont know what the message is if there is one but it freaked me out non the less... still a shitty game but I had to play it a few time just to understand what the hell just happened. I guess thats success in its own way.

Sorry I don't get it. Plus there were typos.

I'm not sure of what, or any, message this was supposed to have but my god I never thought I'd be terrified by something done in 8bit. Though the "s**tc**t" thing near the end was kind of overdoing it in my opinion.

Most "deep" and "thought provoking" work requires the viewer to be given something to work with. For a work to be subject to interpretation, more information needs to be given. All I saw here were pixels eating (I think that's what's happening) other pixels. In addition to what yoman1013 said, anyone who attempts to interpret this game is simply trying too hard, because (and this is the most important part) the game itself (if you could even call it that) is pretty half-baked. In other words, while the game is "original", it's proof that "original" doesn't always mean "good".

I'm not sure if the guy below me is right or not, but nonetheless, this game had a message. Although, i don't think i perfectly understood the message. Abortion? etc. whatever

I'm all for games with a message, and I'm all for games that shy away from the norm. However, this game gave me the feel of a 10 year old that doesn't quite understand what he's making. Instead, he tries to copy those that have been successful, without understanding the purpose. Then, he puts flashy lights in, and calls it a revolutionary game.

Now, you can say that I don't understand this, etc etc. Really, all I saw in this game was a mediocre attempt to show some flaw of mankind. I saw very minimal art (Pixels. Literally, pixels.) and minimal work put into it (Literaly, all there was; collision detection and some flashy lights.)

A flash Movie, Deeply is to comunicate something or to make feel some sensation . . . This game is Creep, but with a power concept *I really like independent of the graphics, but is a perfect mix of all...


Ya que mi idioma nativo es español, no pude profundizar mas el tema :´(

Saludos desde chile.

weird flash tho and its not much of a game but cool though

That was just bizarre and very very very creep

this game was fantastic, the music and sound in it created an amosphere of excitement, survival and dread.

I agree with a previous comment by 'True review', this simple game shows alot about human greed and are instinct to survive

that was weird

.............................now THAT is one messed up fetus.

I like this a lot. Something about it just draws me in to play it a few times. The music and atmosphere is just so well done. Even though the slowness at the beginning is annoying, I think it sets the mood of something small inside slowly brooding. The larger it gets, the more it takes in and the more it does. But in that first stage it seems so small and so inconsequential.

Also I played it a few times just to pay more attention to details I might have missed (especially in the last few scenes). I decided to do something different at the end then I normally did. Instead of going back and forth on the arrows (I don't want to give it away) like you normally do. What it said when you don't made me think about myself. Instinctively I fought against the timer each time. I knew I had to beat it, without a single thought as to not actually doing that. Then the one time I decided not to and what it said made me think about how naturally (as with im assuming most people who played this) didn't even THINK about having a choice.

I don't know if you even thought about it that deeply when creating it. But I think it shows a lot about human greed. Or rather human greed to live. There was no choice at the end in my head the first few times. I just had to beat the timer. When really there was. I think you may have intentiionally or unintentially stumbled upon a deep rooted greed of the human mind. The will to live at all costs.

If you didn't think about it that deeply, about the choice people will inexplicably choose without thinking about the consequences, then maybe you yourself felt the same way. But if you did realize all that in the creation, then you are a genius. Either way, you brought something very deep to the table, at least for me personally.


I love the two endings. How it just ends for both. One is color and sound. The other is just nothing. But only one choice shows the life form as rational and forgiving. The other just shows the life form as a monster. It almost begs the question, "at what cost is it worth to live?" Bravo. I never expected something this small would make me think this much. Whether you expected that, or just wanted to create something creepy, I do not know. Either way you accomplished it. Thank you.

I mean the games not bad for a short story.

This made me think of this cheesy movie from the 80's. The Manitou. It was about an indian spirit that manifested itself in this womans shoulder. It was kind of a weird movie idea. This just kinda reminded me of if.

It's good, and I understand it was made quickly, but this still isn't anything exciting. It'd be better as a movie, frankly.

The story tries to be interesting and clever, but fails on both counts due to its length. There's really not much to this game other than collecting a few dots and reading a bit of text; it really could have more to it, even for a short game.

Having said that, it's an interesting diversion.

Other than that, though, this was really chilling.
The parasitic twin idea has always been shit-scary, and its nice to see a game being made around the concept.
The only thing is, I didn't really get what the little dude was supposed to be every time he changed. He sort of looked like a fetus right before the end (creepy-ass visuals there, by the by, straight out of Alien), but the rest of the time was kinda indeterminate.
I like how it begins slow, but then sort of speeds up almost exponentially (which has the added bonus of distracting us from the repetition), and the changing expressions on the brother's face was a nice touch.
Something a little creepier that could have been done, maybe, was making the twin take him over, instead of do that Alien shit and explode out of him, but this way is still shit-scary.
My only concern is that this was on the short side, even for something that is essentially interactive fiction, and was really quite repetitive.
Wait, no, I lied, there's another concern, that being that I almost had a seizure there at the last bit. For reals, those flashing lights are deadly-dangerous.

4/5, 8/10

Good game. Nice concept and a good way keep you distracted for 2-5 minutes. 9/10 and 4/5. Good but not so great. Maybe a sequel will be better.

It might just be me but I've always found 8 bit graphics substantially more frightening than realistic models. This 'game' was suspenseful, dark and ultimately bone chilling. The horrible, perverted invasive feeling of having your body slowly taken over and destroyed by some malevolent internal force is ever present, and all the more frightening as you yourself gradually lead it to its dark work. Well done sir.

I REALLY think this should have an EPILEPTIC WARNING.
I'm stressing it out so you notice, because it's very important.

Anyway, I liked it a lot.

I enjoyed both of the endings. This is an interesting interactive piece of art.

are there aliens inside me?...


Parasitic aliens always get a bad rap. Showing us life from their point of view is the first step toward helping us overcome our prejudices. You did a good thing making this game.

interesting, but makes absolutely no sense, and there isn't any skill needed in it, good for a first go (which i'm assuming it is) maybe something which isn't so... repetative and boring

On the whole, i really liked it. The beginning was painfully slow but if you stick with it you're well rewarded. Concept was really interesting but the graphics left something to be desired.

That was kinda disturbing.

I find the game graphics to be something out of the atari and the music was awful. The sounds effects were beyond piss poor and the guy (if you can call IT that) is nothing more than a chicken body with a human head and it is butt ugly. The music loops over and over and over and... The game took all of a minute to play and seriously i have no friggin idea what was going on till the end. The ending SUCKS without a question. I would be surprised if it didnt give some1 a seizure. I do not have any idea what you tried to make here other than a complete failure.

That was great. More stuff like this, please.

That was just... wow! Very interesting. Now I don't think I'll sleep well, tonight.

Is that the ending or did it just freeze?

Either way, the what I did play was pretty crappy. Someone owes me a minute of my life, for this.

I really feel a sense of kinship with that strobe light fetus monster. He just wants to be loved...

Here is a list of things it needs.
=Ability to use Spacebar
=Ability to mute sound
=Ability to mute Music

I think I'm gonna stay up a little longer tonight...

Oh and if people are reading this going OMG ITS A SCREAMER it's not a screamer, it's just a little.. disturbing. o_O

The music is a little strange too, helps the effect.

One of those little games that goes no where, does nothing, but leaves you smiling the hardest. Fantastic! 10/10, 5/0!

It's like the movie I watched years ago,I just have a feeling you based this game on that movie...

The subtlety of it is why it works, you know. That itching anxiety. It's the idea of the thing, planted in your head, to fester. That's what's most awful and why this flash is so great. 10/10, 5/5.

don't know how in any way this would happen, but its gonna give me nightmares : (

Very great game of a being living inside a man.
I love how it resembles an baby alien bursting from a stomach from the movies...

Very nice. As it went further on it just got more and more ridiculous. The ending startled me a little. Such a rapid transformation.

I now know what its like to be a chestburster

Gave me seizures.


Theres no way to not like this!

chestburstery greatness ftw!

love thi damn game!

Truly amazing


I thought this is one of those things that people either get it, or they don't. I personally thought it was a very interesting game, but I can see why some people wouldn't enjoy it. I do have to agree on the audio, for the next game can you change up the sound a bit?

I... I don't get it. Props for making it in 48 hours tho.

story=kinda good but not enough depth and way too short

I loved it! I believe I was able to get the massage (somewhat).

Only negative remark I can give is about the red and white flashes, it really made my head and eyes hurt. Please put a warning somewhere.

Other than that, great job!

There is a lot wrong with this. The sound itself made me put my computer on mute. It is so irritating, and, just...ugh. Also the flashing colors could send someone into a fit. Some warning would be great. I've played games that didn't need the warning, but they had them because at some point the colors flashed. On top of that, the graphics were bad. It was just funny to look at. I know art is subjective, and there is a lot of "art" that is intentionally not aesthetic, but this game put that into another level of bad.

Outside of that, there was no real guide for the player to know what the heck to do. All instruction that is given is to use the arrow keys to get around. When I first played through this, I just wandered around the first level trying to figure out what to do. Do I avoid the heart, do I hit it, do I avoid the dots, do I go for them? There needs to be some direction, some kind of guide for the player.

The concept was interesting, although rather irritating. Is it cancer? Is it a twin that got absorbed? I'm leaning towards the twin idea... maybe. What the cell has to say, however, did bother me, but I will assume that was the point.

Over all, this game gets a 3. I'm sure you can do a lot better, at least with the sound.

I get the message of the story, but it's not very interesting. If you're going to take the fun factor out of a game, there needs to be more artistically speaking, then flashy effects and poorly made pixelated characters.

A damn fine piece of work. You got your message across deftly.

This game is brutal to the mind. As I kept playing, I got more scared and intrigued. Though, the decisive endings give you something to play with cause I don't find it either winning or losing if I made it all that way.
With the greed theme, you've got it nailed. Literally greed is eating away at you.


It's kinda wierd. AWESOME...

I'm impressed that you could convey your message so well in 48 hours. And to those saying he should "keep at it! Do better next time!" should realize that the author is a rather accomplished animator, and seeing his prior animations and awards one could tell he can indeed make better graphics and sound if he had more time/intended to. However, this is an artistic masterpiece for 48 hours, I hope you do well in the competition

The message behind this game really came in to me clear, for what greater desire is there that can be expressed than merely to exist and to be even through consuming another.

For a game that could be made in 48 hours, this one made me think a lot and really got to me. I've played it three or four times now just to go through the story again. I hope you win the competition with this. Nice work.

i loved this game i thought it was a great idea to create a game about a fetus in someone else's body. and i find it amusing that others don't comprehend the meaning of it.

From an artistic POV. First i thought it was some kind of sick cancer joke and was a bit upset. but nvm, it's pretty snazzy.

i really liked the little story in this game very interesting idea

Morbid and very interesting. The concept of a fetus lost inside of someone's body is...creepy. I had to play it over and over.

I find it amusing that many are completely missing the point.

I just couldn't stand all the ignorance... UNGH! Does anyone here READ? At least the author comments? It's obviously made for a competition, which generally impose some kind of restriction. After some devastating netsurfing (first hit in Google for Ludum Mini-Dare), I found out it's a tough 48-hour limit. You make it from scratch, and other people set the theme.
So yeah, he "fast tracked" it. DUH...
And epilepsy... how many epileptic people would actually play a game? ANY game? So far all manuals I laid my hands upon contained a seizure warning. If you're epileptic it might even be a generally good idea to stay away from computers totally. Sometimes the display can do funny stuff. Not to mention certain ADS that flash around whether you want it or not, so giving a bad review because of that is absolutely pointless.
SO, considering the "making-of" procedure, I thought it was a damn good game. Put that nasty feeling into my guts. Not because I'm afraid something's gonna hatch out suddenly, just a sort of malaise. Made me uncomfortable I guess? So good job, and don't listen to these ignorant jackasses...

No part of the game was at all interesting, why bother making such a failure of a flash to express something interesting so poorly.

I enjoyed the story as well

Though I personally wish that there had been something after he rips out... some sort of epilogue or something

It might have also been kind of interesting to put the host in different situations like at a restaurant or sports event

overall very cool concept- definitely made me think

Just as the guy below me says except he missed out something...
warn epileptic people about this in the description jesus I'm not epileptic and I almost took a fit ( if that is how you spell it ((epileptic))

I couldn't say the opposite. However at first I was excited at the idea, that you created an art flash game that would depict Cancer. Believe me, it would be a much granter success to bear such a concept instead of an alien/siamese twin fetus

Graphics were... well... bad. No... I mean awful. Sound too. You could have at least looked up a midi or have made one. this is not (by what I judge always) excusable since you can see other people putting their best, not only into turning an idea into a game/flash vid... but turning it into a great game/flash vid

of course this can be seen in your score which could have easily hit a 4 if you paid attention to graphics, sound and last but certainly not least, gameplay

I must say that the score I give to you goes solemnly to your concept and because I wish to encourage you to create more... but consequently, better ;)!

I hope this review was worth taking the trouble to read it, and that in the end, it did give you some tips on what to move to next :)!

from me, best of wishes mate. Wraith out.

Morbid plot - I think this the author of this game got bored and fast tracked it. Its not too exciting to navigate a dot around a confined space.

At first I thought, "Ok, i'm an embryo or somthing eating my brother. Alright.". But what was that thing at the end? That thing was NOT human. If you were trying to make this game disturbing, you definately hit the nail on the head there. I was eating a cheeseburger while I played this, but I lost my appetite after the first few levels. Overall, a good game.

Is this related to the world record where the guy's brother was born inside of him?

sadly i instantly knew that i was a hungering cell in someone's body, eating and eating and eating and growing and growing...
but eating the brother is seriously something new for me (dunno if this idea is stole or not, i dont know it, so who cares) -> i like the idea, i like the pixelgraphics and i like the progress of the game

oh and for everyone who plays everything once: there are two endings ;)

the trip was nice and shocking, i really like that, thanks for making the game

You need to warn people about those bright, rapidly flashing lights. Just as a health precaution

The concept has a lot going for it, however the game play is almost non-existent.
For example, take a look at aether. It had great game play and thought provoking dialogue. This game, though having interesting dialogue is for lack of a better word BORING. Art games don't have to be boring games. Nice try, i hope to see more from you in the future.

I fully expect that some one will say this is a useless review.

...well, thats "deep" in its best form...

This game does not really have any skill to it. All you have to do is collect things inside the boys body. The only real action is at the end when you have to press the left and right key pads fast. If there was more of that action and you thought of more stuff to do in it, then it would be good. What i did like was the pixel graphics and i guess i did want to see what happened at the end because for some reason it kept me hooked from start to end. I don't really see what the point of this game is.

This game has nothing to offer entertainment-wise so, to be fair, I can only really judge it off of its message.

The flash is suppose to be questioning the player's value of existence, if there was one to begin with, and I feel like it's getting too much praise for what it's worth. Even though the amount of how profound something is completely up to the person, I feel like questioning "existence" is probably the most overused philosophical topic, and that this flash didn't really does anything to ask the question in a compelling way.

No soup for you.

This Game is one that really gets you thinking, it gets hard to push the button when you realize you're choosing who lives and who dies. From a mechanical perspective however, its rather simple and mundane which is why you don't get the full 10

Very though-provoking, makes you think as each time you grow...


The title says it all

all those flashing lights at the end seriously almost gave me a seisure, apart from that ok game 3/5

Brilliant. Simply Brilliant.
This game was awesome.
The continuous red at the end is kinda sad though.
Makes me want a Covetous 2----Wait I dont "Want" a Covetous 2 I and the Fans DEMAND a COVETOUS 2.

It's very cool, and I've never seen something so original. Although, I think I found a glitch. After breaking out of the body of the human, the screen goes total red, but still, the game was pretty awesome. I liked the pixel-animation. Pixel games, and animations have been the things cool to me recently. Anyway, as I said, great game. Covetous 2, anyone?

A wonderful game that has a very strong artistic presentation. Art is art when it moves you. Good art is when it moves every viewer in a unique way.

The way I see it, you play a cell leftover from conception, which never matured. Sometimes in our desire to exist we end up unknowingly consuming others in the process. In this case very gruesomely.

In fact this flash says a lot of things, but I'm not going to spend the whole review preaching.

For all those that hate this flash, it's not about graphics, sound, or story. I urge you to play it again and think about what you feel.

That's what art is for.

Man, maybe is like this that an alien grows-up

This game isnt deep, its just fucking creepy

Nice and simple. The music really fit the whole disturbing theme of the game. Also, that thing at the end is fucking terrifying. Good job!

You better put an advice for epileptic people, because it is really flashy at the end, made me feel sick D:

I actually understand this isn't about game play but the theme itself and I think the story to it is pretty good and fits what game play is there so i would say you did a good job.


read the author comment thing. It says its for one of those contest things with the theme of greed.
And if you play it isnt it exactly about greed?? He dosent say this game is awesome or even try to claim it is.
Before you go out and bash people stuff think about it first damn.

Although it is pretty good and the author must've put some amount of effort into making this game, there isn't really that much to do to make it all that interesting. But it does give a somewhat good moral or storyling to it.
Atleast the graphics weren't bad, the music/songs were put to good use, and the gameplay's relatively to understand.

so i stopped playing after it got all flashy >.>

I got a blaring red screen after the evil foetus was bursting out... is that meant to happen?

It was ok, with a decent point, but it needs more gameplay.

XD My brain blew up. Very deep game. ^_^

I've read the reviews and played through this game and i just don't get why people love it. The graphics and sound would embarrass an Atari 2600. The idea while fairly interesting has been done in quite a few scifi movies. I didn't like it but you are entitled to your own opinion. Honestly you should just steer clear.

One of the most original games I've seen on newgrounds! So unpredictable, so simple yet so enjoyable! Now this is what Newgrounds is about! The little touches used make it brilliant, for example how the smile slowly turns to horror. Really, really excellent. Thank you!

and fly

Intresting idea, even more bizzare the way you brought it into gameplay.

At the end, I didnt struggle to get out and lo and behold....

I liked it; not necessarilly a game, but a "send cold-shooting-into-myblood" sorta experience.

I'm going to have nightmares forever now, fo realz . . . -__-

It was hard to comprehend at first because I was somewhat sure where it was going, but I had no idea what you would possess somebody to make such a game. It's a real left-field idea, which is what I love. This was gripping, absolutely brilliant, and one of the few flash games to produce an immediate emotional response without me willingly surrendering.

This is a pretty interesting game, but I think my mind is now scarred for life.
The music and animation freaked the shit out of me.

im confuesed a bit, im guessing that the parisite thing was like a conjoined twin or somthing

Awesomly disturbing

At first i was like "2/10"
Later i was like"4/10"
Then i saw the smile turn "7/10"
And then the thing bursted out of the guy "10/10"

Holy fuck. That was freaky.

u could send a message in a less freaky and potentially traumatizing way... i usually like creepy things but damn

If that thing didnt have a penis I would swear it was the progression of a pregnant chick. Parasitic bastards.

This game wasn't about being entertaining. It's just to send a message about greed. Even a little cell who is driven by greed can attain what he wants only at the cost of another.

At the end, I left it. It's amazing.

At first it seemed ok. A cell that they forgot or whatever. Then all of a sudden you start eating other cells, and then parts of the heart, and then little X's that explode? Then you scream at the guy and explode out of him. Graphics and Story are definitely lacking, although it did keep me entertained...

Where other people fail at properly interpreting this game is by assuming that it's trying to convey some sort of deep message, which I can understand, until the end of the game, when I realized that it definitely wasn't. There is no way that FUCK YOU CUNT AND EAT PIGSHIT/ can be taken seriously, so I don't know why they tried to take it seriously.

But until that point, I was very, very bored. Thankfully it's a short enough game to where I decided to play through it anyways.

For me, it was a quick game, good for a quick laugh, and there's nothing wrong with that.

I fully understand the meaning of this game, its very straight to the point and violent.

i wouldve given it a zero on Presentation but the FUCKAND YOUEAT CUNTPIGSHIT/ made me laugh histerically.

stupid. i get you were trying to make a deep message about life and existence, but it just came off as a half assed idea. some level of deepness in video games is alright, but this is taking it too far. if you wanted the message to mean more, the game should have been more in depth, and an actual, dare i say it, game. these games that take twelve seconds to "play" and are essentially a college hippies idea of deep are really getting on my nerves. so please, next time you have an idea for an interesting story that you want to be a game, think of an actual game type and i might give it better than a


I'm just thinking of the most obvious possibility... Is it supposed to be like one of those cases where a pair of "twins" is born, but one twin is trapped in the sibling's body, continuing to grow and consume his brother from the inside out?
Scary, but kinda makes you think..

im a tumor im a tumor im a tumor. im a tumor im a tumor im a tumor. im a tumor im a tumor im a tumor. im a tumor im a tumor im a tumor.

You get the point here :)

it was kind of confusing, but a very interesting story. I thought it was a cancer but it turned out to be so much more

Sudden and effective, the message goes right through.

thats fucking scary. even in pixel form you created something that made my heart beat race.

This game, while simple, nips and bites at a certain nerve within me that makes me feel... creepy. It reminds me of when I was younger and playing Earthbound, and it seems as if you may have gotten some inspiration from Giygas. Great work!

Or was the thing that popped outta the host Dr. Octogonapus? I only saw it for a few seconds but it looked alot like him. Awesome game by the way.

Thank you SO much for the nightmare fuel, you magnificent bastard.
Oh, and the *cough* alternate ending. Very sweet.
Geez, even I don't know if that was sarcasm, you have so thoroughly set me off balance. Thinking is a little difficult.
STILL, it is mind-screw-tastic, and that's always fun.

The only good game i played in a while

Got to say this game is trippy as balls, if you wanna trip to something fucking play this game

This was... Epic

I thought there might be an alternate ending if you did nothing at that last bit....

nice. very thought provoking. definitely not for the philistines. and I'm guessing the game's over after it goes red right.

I realize this is an art game.....not entirely sure how to comprehend this. Although, I give it a 10 because it is the first game in years to actually send a chill down my spine other than the Final Battle with Giygas in Earthbound.

That...Is the worst game I have ever played....


It's Goddam Retarded.

Freakin' love it :D

Nothing special. There's been a lot of this lately. You're not an artist and your work is no more 'deep' than a plate of gravy.

I'm not entirely sure what just happened, but I'm pretty sure it had a strangely hypnotic soundtrack (for the first bit, anyway).
I can honestly say that was the most unique dot-collecting game I've ever played.

stupid but atleast it has a storyline... i think?

Was funny.

kinda hit a nerve there man. made me think a lot about old friends. Very respectable, creating something that can stir thoughts.

And to SoulDestroy, who are you talking to? Everyone who posted reviews seemed to like it, lol. Besides oparia, but hes a dumb shit so no one cares about his stupid comment.

This game makes you wonder: is it really worth the effort to survive if surviving means causes someone else to suffer? I'm posting the message because some juvenile-minded reviewers choose only to review at face value, rather than truly look in-depth to see what the game is trying to convey. Stick with your Madness Interactives, you simpletons, and don't bother even playing a masterpiece like this.

i got stuck in his penis then i became white and burst out of it lie a fountain (i think its actually a glitch or bug)

what exactly this game was suppose to indicate? like what was happening exactly...or was it just random

im startin to see more of these... i wouldnt call it a game but its an interactive message. some people would rather let their minds melt through their ears than even begin to comprehend that games can serve a purpose and a meaning, not jus senseless violance.

but aside from that yes the game is rather eerie as you take the role of a "parasite" and it is your choice as to either consume the host or to allow him to live (although at that point i dont believe there to be much left of the host). that alone doesnt bring the climax. your choice of words had brought the parasite to life and you can connect with it and almost percieve its emotions in the matter. that may also explain why people are threatend or offended by this....

ill give a 7
but +2 cuz reviewing this made me sound learnded

At first, this horrified me. A lot. Especially when things started to get chaotic. So, I instinctively ripped the guy apart to make it stop. My lord.

Then I played again, and got the other ending, and thought about it. This is... I don't even know how to describe it. It's bizarre, and horrifying. In the good way. It is also very powerful.

I'm just sorta sitting here with a shocked expression, now. I liked it, alot. I sorta like how the message is basically shoved in your face, but you still have more to think about at the end.

I'm still horrified. This one's going to be haunting me.

I didn't expe.....

there comes a point when a game stops being art and becomes a reason to question the creators sanity

Well i'm going to have fun sleeping tonight. Very interesting.

A small 2d game that had a very gruesome meaning to it. Excellent work, even though the graphics weren't that good, still creepy to me. Good job.

lol it was......odd but AWESOME....oddsome

Great, that's all I can say

Wow, that just honestly kinda blew my mind. It was like a typical childhood nightmare of mine, not really making sense but having deep meaning at the same time that i just dont understand.. but its there.

Reminded me of Giygas for some reason, maybe the whole embryo thing. Giygas was still creepier though. I liked this, though I didn't see the meaning in it until I realized you can choose the ending. The fact that actual meaning can be drawn from pondering the idea portrayed by this game makes it worthwhile. That's really just what this is, an idea, and it's okay for what it is. My only criticisms are 1) That one incomprehensible line of profanity, I don't think that helped convey much - I certainly didn't get it (Is he confused or fearful to the point where he can't utter a proper sentence or were you just trying to go for something strange?) 2) More creative graphics, let each image represent as much as it can. Other than those things, I think the game's concept was great, it portrayed a very sudden, intense, and horrifying situation.

Makes my brain tingle a bit.

People can't appreciate good poetry.

It realy had me thinking after I played it, I like how the alternate endings are so opposing to each other, it shows how life changing decisions can be. Very inspiring!


The ending was weird, I expected it to be a little longer. It was alright, simple art-style for a simple game. That static sound was a little annoying, though.

wow tht game was awsome and it was like deep so ya lolz

I absolutely hate it, so I have no idea why I gave it a 5. Seriously, no seisures please. And I also don't get why you have to eat him and then kill him.


this game was like somebody was having an acid trip

Kpub51 grow a pare and stop whining all games of a seizer danger it just a pixalated game its not like this really happened there is worse games out there like gta were you go around killing random people although i don't think thats that bad either so stop being a concerned parent go fuck your self

But bad game.

What is this I don't even. Don't play this high. My mistake. An 8... Jus cuz'. I don't even know dude.

I don't care though. Make the game interesting. You can call it interactive art - I call it boring. Interactive art can be excellent, interesting, nice, fun, etc. This isn't at all. This is crap.

Too bad you would have murdered me if I was epileptic.

i love how a game as simple as this could convey such a powerful message and theme you are a great mind and this was beautiful keep it up

I didn't really understand this. Yeah, I'm guessing it was this guy's unborn twin trying to come alive by eating his brother inside out. But it was kinda... Creepy.

Anyone else just imagine the battle with Giygas while playing this? I sure did. Creepy and well worth playing through to see the end(s). You've surely captivated me with this game. It was so creepy and fascinating, though a little slow to start. Regardless of that, I had to force myself to play even though I was slightly frightened by the sudden turn of events that was going on. Great game. I played it twice just because it was so great, and the alternate ending was fabulous.

My one problem with thee game is that it starts terribly slowly. But it picks up fast and quickly pulls the player into the bizarre story. The visuals are powerful for their simplicity and certainly stunning considering how few colors are used. Easy to grasp, easy to understand, but not easy to stop playing. Once started, the player simply must finish to see how it ends, and giving the player two endings is also surprisingly effective. Most players I imagine would go for the end of destruction, but the other ending is equally if not more thought provoking. Certainly deserving of praise.

I think this is a very interesting concept for a game! Short, but powerful. I remember watching documentaries about people who were born with their undeveloped twin or sibling inside them. That sibling usually ended up causing some sort of problem, sapping nutrients and growing like a cancer. Actually, when the game first started, I thought it was about cancer. But I suppose both run along the same lines.

Anyway, I thought it was great. I've never seen a game, artsy or not, based off of this concept before.

But I think the symbolism is more along the lines of "The kid should be in a mental asylum"

where did you get the idea to make this game?

It's sumwhat obscure. but t'was amazing indeed.

Haters at their finest here. Don't trip, you made front page and they are quite possibly too ignorant to understand. this.

reminded me of the end boss from the game MOTHER
the song just made me think ig Giygas heh still i love things like this = D

right i came in expecting to play an artsy game
and i like artsy games, they can be fun and have a message
but this was not fun and wasn't art
the people who are rating it highly are just trying to act like they know there shit
this game isnt fun and isn't art

Most people reviewing it badly are expecting to play a game, its interactive piece of art, not really a game. That aside, very well done.

Don't let those who would vote 0 detract from your enthusiasm for this. I love it. Love it! I'm glad it was put on the front page, or I would never have stumbled across it at all.

This... freaked me out, but interested me at the same time. The message was... subtle, if you call the pounding red and black background 'subtle,' but I knew what I was looking at throughout the 'game.'

Either way, I'll have a lot to think about today - more than I already wanted to, but more nonetheless. Makes me question if everything feels as if it has a choice, or maybe if everything desires to live and if everything also desires for their loved ones to live in their stead.

Creepy, but my type of psychologically twisted kind of creepy. =D

Yea, had an alright idea behind it and all, but definitely not front page material imo.

Kinda needs more of a challenge

It has an alright concept. But it really isn't anything more than "I have a deep meaning which means it's good!". I personally don't think this is worthy of the front page, but that's just me.

Truely disturbing, and to have such a visceral story be told through pixal is awesome. Kudos, truely


Epic games and yes you can have a sibling inside you,it is rare but happens.It's like you have 2 exactly different personalities,like you might hace a vision problem and there other won't have it.

It was a fun game don't get me wrong. but... WTF?


Honestly, at first, I was like WTF. But as the game progressed, the story became clear. This game perfectly matches the theme. I wonder, is there such a possibility to have a sibling inside you?

That's some creepy ass shit...

were u supposed to be some kind of alien parasite or something.


freaked me out a little, pretty good i think.


What did I just play...

What was it? A cancer or something like that?

I don't get it.. but i give it a 8/10

What did I just play?!!

i let my self sie i dident wont to kill the poor guy X D

Kinda Scary...

Also, the continuous clip of music at the end reminds me of the end of "Mr. Self Destruct" by NIN. But I digress. Loved the game.

Confused as fuck...... O.o Still.... Intriguing, I didn't like the artwork at all, it seemed a bit half-assed.


it's funny what passes as a game these days... though to be fair you couldn't really do this as a flash. The "player" needs to identify with the character i suppose so all I can really say you were missing is content. Short and sweet was the right approach imo but it seemed lacking, somehow. Creative though

A Masterpiece

A masterful game...no, it's not a game, it's interactive art. A masterful piece of artwork shown through pictures. Something horrifying but that makes you think about, "parasites", and decisions. This is something really special.

Wonderfully horrific! Is there an ending to the red screen? If there is I don't have one, but then again I suppose there is no end to horror... It would be good if the sequel let you take over the host, that is if there will be a sequel. I like the black screen ending better. Over all a very good and simple game.

At first, I thought, am I cancer? Then I understood, this game is creepy, intriguing, and very well done for such a simple game, I actually shed a small tear.

Um... What the hell did I just do?

Great way to be in the shoes of a parasite twin

That had to have been the creepiest thing I've seen in a long time.

Just... :^o

Something so simple, yet so horrifying a concept. Simple effects from starting out mellow, to the changing of the screen's colour and ultimately the flashing screen signifying panic. SO well done! I have not logged into NG for around 2 years, but I had to do so to comment on this. You've made something incredible here.

I played this last night at 2 in the morning and to be honest, it scared me shitless, probably because I was alone.

But I played the game again today and found the other ending. The ending that does not result in a red screen. And to be honest, I thought that was the strongest one. I won't ruin it, but this was very well thought out. Though simple, this game is very good. Excellent job.

I would like to better know how the parasitic brother became that way, why he is the disgusting parasitic mass he became. Good story, thought it was about cancer before the fetus actually developed. Disturbing.

But really good. The plot is realy interesting and the "greed" is greately depict by this simple flash game. The music is according to the graphisms even if she gave headaches...

i cried.

First of all I loved that this game is pixel and I love the music and plot!!!

Fuck you. You don't understand the actual concept of the game, and there IS one.
The desire to exist, and live is big enough in the smallest organism's to completely destroy the one they live in. The greed that one feels to live is stronger than the emotion of not wanting to kill your host.

I pity the "pixel".

Interesting concept and strong closing choice, but I would have preferred it if you had relied less on text to convey the message and more through the game-play and surrounding environment...

Its creepy, the music.. is no music
Its not even beautifull
There is no objectives...

Conclusion, its just another bad pixel game that everyone can make in one day.

Oh wait, everyone do make it because there's alot of those crap on NG

BTW: its insane

Is what this game gives me. I give you kudos for what this game is about. I've never played a game that was so simple, but so chillingly moving at the same time. However, I cannot deny the simple nature of this game. The message was delivered, but the manner in which it was conveyed was simply unimpressive. With only movement controls and the repetitive goal of "collect the dots" made it hard for me to force myself to play to the end. Even then, both ends to the game are anti-climactic. You couldn't even add a "The End" to it? I found myself giving a sigh of disappointment/irritation when I came to realize how unfulfilling the game was. Long story short: I've never played a game that literally sent chills down my spine like this one did. I just find myself disappointed that such a great message came in such a poorly written letter.

At first it seems innocent, as you grow you wish to live, and at the end, you have to make a choice: destroy your host so you can live, or do nothing, wither away and die, so you don't deny what you wanted to begin with. I've played this three time, and most people will instinctively rip him apart, but if you take to time to ignore it, let yourself die, you get alternative ending. Very fascinating and strange, reminds me of fetus in Fetum, a very rare disorder where a fetus will start developing in the fetus of the main child, usually dead when born, you become living coffin of sorts. One rare example showed that fetus in fetum actaully had heart beat, though lack a brain and other organs. One case with child also show it would keep growing with you, when they remove it, it had long black hair, shrivel body.

All I can say is, this was scary.

i dont get it >.< i sort of had an idea at the start but now its gone... someone explain whats going on here im confuddled lol

This is how he was born. All I can think of is ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness

I think I knew exactly where this was going even before the boy stopped smiling. I guess I was just hoping I was wrong. Deep, dark and disturbing. Needs some work on game play, but if you do make a sequel, I'll be sure to play it (even if I don't want to)
Also, not sure about the teen rating, but ah well.

As I said, Great concept but you need more work on the ganeplay.I recommend making vids...

This is an awesome game. Its not suppost to be entertaining, in any way. But the horrible message is the reason why you want to go on. Want to know how its gonna continue - and then when you found out, you wish that you havent played this game. But nevermind, whoever says this is "not fun and not entertaining" don't get the meaning of this piece of brilliance. Very good work.

That was deep, and dark.
I couldn't bring myself to do the end bit... and the message really... i don't know, it just made me think.

The fact that it couldn't do it was the start (and end) of it's own humanity, creepy

That turned shit scary real quickly.

That's right! sequel,sequel,sequel,sequel,sequel,se quel...or make more like this lol

Not quite sure how I feel about that one.
Interesting concept, but a bit headache inducing.

If you played this and thought it was strange, twisted, etc. I urge you to play again, except this time, do not do anything in the ending. It will amaze you, and leave you with a feeling that you will rarely experience again.

at first it was really boring but the ending freaked me out since its the middle of the night plus the ending music is really annoying

that was scary.

This was different to say the least. Made me feel itchy like a I had to check myself for inner parasites.

Woah. That was unexpected. I'm not sure if I like it. As a game it was kind of.. not. As a story.. it was weird.

BTW that is never possible! (well it did happen once in history)

i GUESS this would be alright if it was a poem... but its not. i'm tired of seeing this crap on newgrounds.

o___o I do not understand...

You have the makings of a great storyteller. This was atmospheric as hell, and you did it all with just pixels.

I love this game. I think you've created a new genre: Pixel Gore.

10! Wow what a story! Atmospheric as hell! Not much game play but the whole package makes for one compelling piece. Masterful work!

I saw the last screen and i was like WTF!? I don't want to look at the red screen at the end. Scared the crap outta me!

That was frightening as all hell. quite a story. It takes my ten.

Was I just...Cancer????

Any game that can illicit an emotional response like that deserves a 10 in my book. The colors, sounds and 8-bit graphics make an excellent atmosphere of unrest, coupled with the twisted plot create an experience that certainly leaves a lasting impression.

Excellent message. Gets a bit glitchy torwards the end though - I reccomend working on that.

At first I thoguht it was a tumor but at the end I was like "Wait...what the heck...?(next level) woah.....wth is this crap(next lvl) Holy Shwwa?!(Nxtlvl) WHAT THE F-!!!!!" It was amazing.

Lol really never knew that this could be such a strange story that shows greed, Nice...:D!!

thanks for the nightmares! :))
but really, try to make a more immersive game next time. i can imagine all sorts of games you can make with the theme 'greed.'

wow. I can say nothing else.

jeez, I never knew 8 bit could actually scare me... I don't think you cn reset it after the creepy thing where he either crawls out of the guy or dies.

Very nice i loved the mystery and how the game made me question what i was doing.

I didn't know why i was collecting the dots but i did and felt compelled to even when i realized i was killing the host be i a tumor or a twin

I liked the originality, but holy hell did it give me goose bumps. Do you know what this could do to a hypocondriac?!?!

you guys gotaa play the two endings where he takes or he forgives blah blah, and know about the twin thing

loved it. i dont care how creepy it is. loved it.

Quick rundown of my thoughts as I played this game for the first time:

-ok, so I collect these dots. What's this supposed to be?
-so I'm a cell... wtf am I eating?
-WTF I'm a tumor?
-ok no am I a baby?
-OMG THE DEMON TUMOR BABY IS FORCING ITS WAY OUT! *cold chill runs down spine*
-*plays it again just to be sure*

Artistic merit, maybe? Surely the philosophical musings of a sentient cancer could be considered art. Avante garde, non-mainstream art to be sure but art nonetheless.

Wow. Just. Wow. Even now I'm not sure if I should put a 0 or a 10 so I'm gonna split the difference....

that was demented like cyan-the-blue said but it did keep interested 3/5

so this is like one of those twins that gets consumed by the brother in the womb but the consumed brother doesn't die it thrives in the host brother and eventually
kills him. I saw a documentary once where a person had a tumor and the doctors found an eye ball and some teeth in it. Nice came but could have been better

I liked it! It sure as hell kept me intertaned. ;D But after the thing exploded for the dudes body all i got was a red screan. >< Please let me know when you fix this glitch, cause i want to finish this game! Go you guy for maken such an intresting game!

boring, stupid, and hardly even a game.

these sorts of games being on the frontpage show how shitty newgrounds has gotten.
oh well

it was ok

i didn't find it to be boring at all. kept me interested and waiting to see what happened next.

but it's not bad.

i didnt get the point. quite boring. i saw much better.

Crack kills guy. This is probably one of the more demented games I have seen.
...And apparently, I have nothing better to say.

and boring. Sorry. There's much better pixellated games on here.

I actually have two theories for this game.How we just consume and consume until we get what we want,Or to consume and in the end give it all back. It shows weather we are greedy or kind.To realize ones self is to focus on your own action.This game was very well made.But a little too short.

Good game but it was ridiculously creepy -_-

i think it gets stalled at the end it always does the same music

Man I almost had a heart attack good game though. The music reminds me earthbound

Rebellious cells need to rise...

Thought it was about cancer at first.

Absolutely amazing - very thought provoking and intriguing. I love it.

it was interesting but strange, I must be too ignorant to fully understand it

Most surreal game I've played in a while.
Pity it's so short.

I'll be seeing that in my nightmares for days to come. And yet it was somehow amazing at the same time.

My mind: just blown.
I wish it were longer, though...

That was disturbing and beautiful at the same time.


fucking awesome and original. you should continue on with this project. make it bigger.

Would be the great start to a horror movie, maybe start with this cute view of a little embryo, then watch it slowly start to grow, but into this horrible contorsion of a being, then watch it become a pandemic, around the world... EPIC.

Good work sir, you really need to make more of these disturbing games, in fact if anything try to make darker games than this, but still just as mindblowing, it would be orgasmic.

Perfect, this was so strange but original. I had to play it a second time to fully believe what I just played. Very mind blowing, well done.

Dark and fucking deep. Definitely a mind trip

This is an amazing game you've got here. Very dark, I admit, but that's what I like about this game. A great idea carried out in the best way possible I feel. My hat goes off to you for originality, and for creeping me the hell out, something no other game on NG has done for me. Yet. I hope you make more.

This game disturbed me on a very VERY deep level. There's this theory that everyone, in utero, has a twin. Before we're born, one of the twins gets, essentially, eaten. Assimilated into organs for the surviving brother. The idea that this twin brother has become sentient is just mindblowing. Believe me, I'll never play this game again. I loved it, but I will NEVER play it again.

Thats neat man , especialy for a pixel game !

Fucking dark man, I mean it that is a dark dark game.

I played this at 1 in the morning. So much for getting sleep that night. Good game. Fucking creepy.

this game has left a scar in my life for ever.... holy shit.... i got so fucking creeped out but i loved it.... XD

I'm still not quite sure where the inspiration comes from, or what exactly is going on, but this game still left quite an impression. The ending was actually pretty scary, with how intense it got... and games rarely outright scare me.

One bit of advice, though: You might want to put a seizure warning up, for the last bits.

That was helleweird yet very satisfying. Cool game.

looking how he died from inside was something that we everyone want to know

This wasn't inspired by mother right? It does make since if so...

At first I though it was about a cancer. You know : cells that should die but multiply instead. The brown spots you left in the body comforted me in that idea. But I was obviously wrong after some screens.

Sounds fit perfectly. The overall style (the way you switch between black screens and the simple artwork) is adequate.

I would have liked some kind of explanations after that. Because it could mean anything in its current state. But it is a common point in the games of this kind I suppose.

Great game and great story. Needs a replay button though.

It was like a poem with gameplay. It had meaning.

Only complaint is that either the ending is just a monochrome screen and sound loop or a glitch, and that it starts off a little too slowly.

lol at the stem cell research guy.

Pretty good! Interesting, strange and creepy. Loved it.

i dunno...it seems kinda of too simple if you ask me
i didn't get the plot line at all
and there wasn't even a point of the game
but yet i still stop until the end :/

"in the end i coudnt do it. i coudnt put myself to steal from another what was once stolen from me".
>black screen<

I guess I liked the idea of this game, but I am a little lost at the end. I would improve this game by providing more closure for the entity that ended up killing his... brother? All I am asking for is something better than a red screen at the end of the game.

I couldn't look when i saw the damn thing growing. in first, i thought the person was pregnant, but then i saw the guy blow up. that scared the hell out of me.

A sentient life-form miraculously given new life to develop as a new human being, the atrocious use of stem-cells that could very well be used to create new life, used greedily to restore the health of already living person.
This game was very artsy, and quite creepy. It signifies what could very well happen sometime in the future of stem-cell research, when a cell has the will to live instead of die as another worker in the host.

Creepy, to say the least.

That's probably what austinbreed wants to do out of a person's body...except he's too big of a pussyshit to do it...lol jk austinbreed

This succeeds in a simplistic mind fuck, lol, I do admit it was an interesting story though

The concept of a creature feasting off me to live is spooky. I was at the edge of my seat. I get the same fear from thinking about cancer and autoimmune diseases.

I don't mind the 8-bit graphics, but you could have put in more organs or details in the body to make the feeling more real.

I'm looking forward for your next flash.

Oh sad ;_;

Just a note for anyone who might not know, I'm assuming the entity trying to get out is a twin of the person you're inside. It's been known to happen, that one twin in a mother's womb can be absorbed into the other, stronger one.

At first I thought it was some cancer killing the cells of the body, spreading and becoming bigger. But its some kind of scary mind-fucking sentient jealous cell?? Confused...

I would say this a good attempt at an "art game", but like other games of these sort, it falls into the trap of becoming overrated, over-indulgent and pretentious. However, it doesnt matter doesnt it, because any game that is pixelated, weird, have a strange kind of "plot" and really not a game at all is gonna be praised as an "art game" and given 10/10 scores.

I saying this because I don't like it when people give full scores just because something is pixelated and different. As much as I find this "game" quite interesting, I can't give it a high score because I played better games, and this game didn't really invoke much emotion or deep thought from me, like how a good "art game" should do.

That said, I give you props for originality, simplicity, decent story-telling and at least capturing my interest. *SPOILER SENTENCE* I liked the way you did the ending, suddenly creepy and frightening, rivaling horror films.

Good try. Though it takes more than a pixelated look, soliloquoy, a lack of gameplay and some kind of plot that most people won't understand easily to make a great art game.

That was disturbing yet kinda funny.
Wasn't really a fun game nor something with such deep meaning...
Just a short awkward story about a parasite entity that wanted to live.

cats ARE people too!

The game at first glance looked rather innocent but as I carried on I kinda grasped it was about another being/human in the host trying to exist as itself. Very good in the originality department, so 5/5 and 9/10

(warning - review contains spoilers)
Its rare the game that can truly evoke an emotion. These days the indie gaming circuit tends to err towards the positive, leaning on implied wonders or softly understated but no less poignant messages of hope, love, and family to be told in between the gaps left by pixels and lo-fi artwork.
So in this case, its been rarer still that this type of game would fall into the 'horror' genre.
This isn't the horror we're used to. Its not gory, or graphic - the gigantic pixels could just barely convey the boy that our character spends the majority of the game inside of. It isn't suspenseful, nor does it jump out at you from the corners - the environment and the framing stays familiar the entire time. The game's not even particularly dark - save the text panels, the entire screen is a wash of saturated yellows and reds.
But this game is more truly horror than many of the games claiming to be the genre, even in the most advanced system today.
The pacing and text work together masterfully to create the slowly dawning realization of what exactly is happening, what the pixels we're staring at are supposed to represent, and what exactly it is we've been doing as we've been moving an indistinguishable mass of pulsating dots around the screen.
Its a terror on a classic, Lovecraftian level - the realization in the end that it is US that is the monster...US that is slowly eating an innocent and faultless child from the inside out, US that (if the correct ending is chosing) will come bursting from poor child's still living body, shrieking like a thing from nightmares - and it was all enabled by us. Our actions. Our keystrokes and button-pushes.
In the end you are left shaken, stunned by what has happened or(depending on the ending) what could have happened.
The graphics work. The "less is more" approach has been taken and used to great effect - if the art had been any more complex, any less abstract, the game would not have struck home as powerfully as it has done here. The terror is left to our imaginations, in our knowledge of what is being represented, and in a way, nothing could possibly be more graphic.

In the field of games, a game like this will no doubt be nothing but than a blip - a brightly flashing blip that people will remember. But as many indie games do, it serves to pave the way for others ahead, breaking down barriers for what is possible to convey in games, and expanding the field. So a blip yet, but an important blip nontheless.
And that's something to be truly covetous of.

People who misunderstood this as a "pretentious art crap" just couldn't grasp the "TRUTH" of this game.

I really liked this game. Good job.

I don't think many people understand what this is actually about. From what I've gathered, isn't this when there's twins or something, and one of them grows inside the sibling? They're either removed or the host (sibling) dies. I thought this flash, while short and simple, bore an incredible message from the perspective of the parasitic sibling. I would like to let you, the author, know that I understood what was happening throughout your flash and I completely appreciate it. I give you a 9/10 and a 5/5 for your striking, yet controversial message from the perspective of a parasite. The only real con was the bit of confusion...something along the lines of fuckand cunt shitpig? I didn't really understand that, but...I got the rest. Brilliant flash.


I just didn't like it. I didn't like the music, graphics, or storyline that much. Try harder captain.

I liked the storyline and the two endings.. But I think its a bit short.....
Nevertheless, good job!


I like the idea if it and the two endings.
I looked at one ending as pure greed and the other as understanding.

Omg , a nice game with nice music

I do not believe I lost my time playing it.

I must admit that this is a well done game with a good theme that obviously some people are having a hard time grasping. Please don't listen to them because even if they are too "slow-minded" to understand, I suppose I do. And I accept the consequences of possibly angering everyone that last statement applied to, but it's the truth. The theme, in my eyes, is that a man/woman lost their life and was given a second chance at life. Though this "life" was given an artificial beginning inside of their brother's body. Like a parasite, they thrived off of their sibling's body and in one scene even somewhat "thanked" their brother for this new semblance of life. Later on, the being asks a paradox that's been going on for centuries of "why would a divine deity give us a life and purpose if we are only meant to die in the end?" Of course this being thrives and grows further and ends up becoming their brother's death, but they themselves are given a new life. As for the gameplay, "artistic" games such as this are the only types of games that can really get away with such simplistic and repetitive controls. So, based on the "genre" this game is applying to, I feel the creator did a nice job on the game.

It was someone coming back from the dead, possessing and killing his host in the process, or atleast thats what I get from it.

great art and stfu fags this is an art game its not supposed to make sense

This theme and I idea could have been executed much better.

its fucking cancer popping out of a chicken!

that reminds me of aliens and a man having a baby also it reminds me of the south park chrismas special

At first I thought it was a cancer... then I thought it was a woman giving birth and then I didn't know what the fuck it was. I mean, you didn't explain shit man. Plus the gameplay was just crap.

I'm sick of games that try to be artistic by picking an odd theme, being deliberately confusing, giving it a pixelated look and making damn sure it's not fun to play in any way. This is a boring waste of everybody's time. It is not art. It does not provoke any emotions except for boredom and slight anger at its uselessness. It is not new, it is not entertaining, it is not good.
There are flash games that can do this, but like any hype everybody that just jumps on the bandwagon will fail, and this is a prime example of failure.

This game is confusing, no matter what approach or form of understanding you use. Your character, is a virus. A forgotten cell that appears to be sentient and quite possibly related to the body it's floating around in, seeing as several times it's talks about Oh brother, yada yada yada.

Aside from that, I really can't make heads or tails of this game. After you kill the host and the screen goes red, a number of things could be happening that are all unrelated to the game... but maybe, next time, just give us a "Congrats. You Won" game over screen when we reach the end? I hate cliffhangers and this is a prime example of where we don't know what is going on or why.

and no Gaming-Guru. I agree with you. Limited art and a nonsense, makes little sense plot makes it just a time waster, but not at all entertaining or artistic. At least that is what I think.

there was nothing really that fun about it... moving a pixel with annoying sounds(especially the one at the end) there wasnt much of a message... speakin of wich im not entirely sure what happend! no definitly not that good sorry, but keep tryin

It's like you are a cancer that is trying to become the person. It's a cool game even though the graphics aren't great.

Didn't find it entertaining, or artistic, people will probably claim me as being ignorant but I didn't think much of this 'game' at all.

i was not expectings that, but it was awesome, i would only suggest changing that sound at the end. I'm listening to it right now and it's making me want to punch my speakers.

..as for that you deserve a 10/10 and a 5/5 from me Sir. Using a limited amount of graphics and audio, you managed to scare the peepers out of me even though I read the comments before hand which are suppose to prepare me for that little surprise at the end. Reminded me of one particular case about a fetus and fetu plagued boy. Though he didn't get the dramatic end just like in the game, nor did his parasitic brother possessed any form of a conscious mind.
Please, do make more games like these=)

Disturbing in every sense of the word. Well done.

Not something i was expecting but interesting nonetheless

stories are born from this... i felt this game was impecable simple yet it carrries a message. as for those people who are low rating this game... i doubt you have comprehension and understanding. Thank you

guaranteed seizure maker. dont watch if you know what would happen. this is a warning. but overall this game was ok

I think the very nature of this game demands a sequel.

My mistake was playing it at midnight with no lights on.

Scared the shit out of me


I loved it. Simple and quick.
Strange, and this horrible noise at the end... Very good game.

I liked the deeply sinister themes. I assume the endless flashing red pulses at the end are what's meant to happen?

i dont get why people think this is such a fun game its boring and lame

That freaked the hell out of me, and didn't even require a screamer or anything to do it. That's an A+ in my book. Pretty f-ed up though. Hope you win, or whatever!

You should put a warning at the start about eplicy in the game as you could do alot of damage to someone.

Besides the horrible sound that I couldnt turn off.

Funniest game i've played in days, the ending was brilliant. Good work with the climactic ending, I found this hilarious because you almost made pixels scary; this was wonderfully original.

Thanks very much, E.

I love artsy games like this. This one made me think of the one that is left to suffer who sooner or later rises up and either takes everyone down, or lets people live. To have sentience, and to reject hatred is one of the greatest things I think.

what the...! =-O

Hey this was actually cool. Not much of a game but interesting to play. It was kind of like if cancer was sentient..until the end.

This game imo deals well with a moral conundrum. Do I eat my brother to survive, or do I allow myself to die in order for my brother to live? Excellent endings for both decisions! Great game!

I feel bad for the little red blinking dude! he had to kill his brother!

I literally hated playing it this late. It actually kinda creeped me out.

Nice game I guess. Weird. Also I liked the escalation.

That was some scary shit,I like how it gets intense...

Kinda reminds me of "the dark half", very creative!

But this is only a "game" in the loosest sense.

fetus in feto?

I think that it wasnt a parasite, but the guys unborn brother.
And, Parasites are basically three types, Beneficial (they give to you) Neutral (you both give to each other) or Negative (They only take)

Yea, I know that isnt exactly right. Just trying to help.

This is real wierd, but real cool, props

At first, I didn't understand but as it went on, I began to understand that it was about a parasite. Just a question, I thought parasites don't actually kill their host.
Oh well just asking. Just hoping to get better graphics when you make another flash. :)

it was good, but could've added a little more at the end of it, and uped the detail just a little, but all in all, it was alright.

WTF i dont get this at all! >.< after the guy pops out of his brother thats it!? this makes no fucking sense to me >.< someone plz explain

It was alright.
Definitely on of the more morbid games I've played on this site unintentionally.
Message is clear, and the style works to its advantage, but all the same it could have a lot more work put into it.

I cant bring myself to play it again, actually. :/

That is almost certainly what this is about. I love it.

Very creepy. Great concept, I like that it was all a bit rough and dirty. I think too much polish would have taken the edge off. It feels raw, and just right. Nicely done.

now this is something else. starts out nice and slow and has you wondering. i like how the story only gives away snippets at a time and lets you reconstruct and interpret the rest. sure the gameplay's repetitive, it's a vehicle for the concept so why should it be so complex as to draw attention away from the message?
played through it three times, twice to get both endings and once more just for another look at the thing spreading its wings...literally. my heart is still pounding from the sheer horror, along with the screeching music and strobe lights. heavy-hitting.

still, a little more polish on the design (animation, story presentation) would make it all the more poignant.

Im gonna give half on this just because... well... i dont really know what the hell i just played... like i get the story but wow

The message was clear and bold to me in my opinion. People might get another message and understand in another way but this is the message that I understood . Dont normally write a review but since I didnt feel like sleeping and was bored on the pc I did LOL

Simple yet entertaining.The only drawbacks with these kinds of games is how little time it takes to beat it.

More a statement than a game. It still was a good waste of time.

A powerful message spread through such an artistic game!
well done!

the most disturbing thing I've ever seen.

There are definetly worse games out there. It was creepy and simple. The music is what made it for me.

i thought this was interesting i was a little disturbed by this i thought it was going to be about somthing totally differant

this freaked me out. i got both endings, but the ending where the player actually lives and breaks out freaked me out. even more terrifying is that this is an actual disorder, called fetus in fetu. google it for terrifying pics.

That was, without a doubt, the creepiest game I've ever played. Ever. Ever. Outstanding job, but I'm not playing it again :P

i really enjoyed wat it was
i found a good ending and a bad ending