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SMB the adventure begins

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how did mario know about the mushroom kingdom? and how did peach know about bowser? this answers all of your questions! yes i know the frame rate isn't the best, but it'd prbly be to large to go onto newgrounds if the frame rate was 20 fps. so the frame rate is 10 fps. this is probably my best animation so far! :D

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it was ok


I see youe deffitnily improving on your work, Im gonna go watch the rest now!


The framerate is really what killed this movie. That and long streches of time when nothing was happening which would have been helped with better fps.
A few hitches here and there like the size difference between mario and the brick castle or mario and the toad in the castle.

advice : don' t sacrifice quality for quantity separating it into smaller episodes would have been better. You should also learn to optimize your flashes (cut music, etc).

its ok

i mean besides from the framerates and having voices its not bad

could have been so much better

If you had voice acting this really could have been a great flash , its not a horrible flash, but its obvious something *voices? * is missing . Other than that though it was over all pretty good, the graphics werent bad for a mario remake. the story was easy to follow, though a little boring. And the idea is pretty unique. pm me if you want help finding voice people.