Zombies Took My Daughter!

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-A randomly generated city is created everytime you play, so you will never play the exact same game twice! Find clues to your daughter's location, and save her from the zombie infested city.

-30+ weapons, including axes, baseball bats, handguns, submachine guns, rifles, a chainsaw, a rocket launcher, and a variety of other weapons!

-Procedural side quests, including rescuing fellow survivors, eliminating fugitives, and collecting supplies.

-Simple controls: left/right arrow to move, up to interact, spacebar to fire, c to change weapons, x to throw a rope ladder.



cool zombie game :D

Good Game

Reminds me of Left 4 Dead Kind of. I finnished the game after only using the subway 2 times! i had 28 hours left!!!

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One of the Better Zombie Games.

One of the better zombie games I played. Had some flaws, like those damned death claws (Zombies that are weak but have sharp ass fingers that kill instantly)
Like I was up on a roof, then went down and the moment I hit the ground, the death claw just smacked my ass, I didn't even see it. Sometimes the tanks (Zombie with hump growing out of it) can one hit kill you too, sometimes they don't. But still there a bitch to kill, and sometimes it means a timely doom. The melee weapons were cool, but there was a no noticeable difference to them. Crowbar, chainsaw, a fucking teddy bear or a vase, they were all the same to me. The melee seemed weird also, like the guy had to be RIGHT in front of me, like a few inches and I could hit him. maybe it's just me, but I think I saw my lead pipe go through a zombie once, like at the tip of the pipe. The music is a little annoying, a mute button would be nice, or a variety of songs, for those who don't like eerie ass music. Also, it's really easy to die in this game, if you let it. Tank on my right, death claw on my left closing in, I killed the death claw first, then the tank, I hit him once, shot like 4 more times they all missed, he punched me and I died, one hit for some odd reason. The missing is the biggest problem with dieing. You miss to often. How the hell do you miss with a combat shotgun, point-blank to a zombie? At one point, I needed to stop the game, but wanted to keep playing later, but I couldn't because there is no pause button. And since it's so easy to die in this game, I had to kill ALL the zombies then I could do whatever I wanted to do in the first place. Those were the flaws I had personally with the game. The up side, well it's pretty obvious, it's a really unique zombie game. I can't find a game like this anywhere else. Most zombie games I play are mainly like over head shooters, this actually felt like a zombie game. The darkness, the finding weapons, and keeping count of ammo, finding survivors, the time limit for the nuke, soldiers, I'm impressed, keep it up. Anyways, loved it, despite it's flaws, and I look forward to a sequel

lol, very fun

really fun

Damn,Took Me 15 Playtime to find the daughter,truly an epic-ly Hard Game


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4.39 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2010
11:16 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other