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It will be ok in the end

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Author Comments

It will be ok in the end once you find another emo to have sex with. If you can't do that, it probably won't be okay in the end.

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If this is a guide on how to get a girlfriend, I now realize why i never had one.

It'll be ogay was better

this parody was nowhere nearly as good as the other parody posted by the kitty krew.

It'll be ogay in the end was a better movie because while rushed it looked more like the original movie that was being mocked.

It had actual jokes and actually attacked it's target for parody.

and it really shouldn't have been a problem to make something presentable because the crude drawings on it'll be okay in the end should be easy to copy even for the laziest of people.

There basically fat stick figures.

The usage of tweens was very unfitting since frame by frame could have been used and shat out fast as well.

The authors comments actually put the whole movie into context but it was just a lame sex joke that didn't even bother spoofing it'll be okay in the end.

I really feel bad about this review because this could have been another great parody but the results only qualified as a bad joke that had no thought put into it.

Try again


SAK responds:

You are 100% right.

I came

oh baby


Well I suppose it did make me laugh, but other than that it sucked.


I've never had one of my Flashes parodied before... I would take it as a complement, except it's not particularly funny.
Yeah, sure, I'm cool with jokes at my own expense, if they're actually jokes. This is just... bleh. Sorry, but I hope this gets blammed.

SAK responds: