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Music used- The_Go!_TeaM_Everyone's_a _VIP_to_someone(Gender_mi x)
check them out they are super awesome!

This is a leveled message with a social context.

1st level- simple non-associative identification, used to release needed signification of two technics- men's beginning as a thick form withth white ornamental and woman's beginning as a thin firm of lines with black thin forms.

2nd level- associative identification supporting images of previous level. Giving certain thoughts to make recipient understand certain ideas about social state of men and women.

3rd level- associative+ factological level. Gives a links to some religious contecsts (as esotherical christian and buddist parables, daoist texts and some of kabbalah schemes) for people who can disconnect the sense from what do they see.

Thank you for checking out please write comments and add to fav's. If you have questions- feel free to ask
Ummm... I see that 1st time on our favourite newgrounds.
That project was submitted like at the middle of the summer (got like 7th or 8th (say BAD) daily feature) and got frontpaged NOW.
I MUST SAY WOW! and Really BIG thanx to you all and especially ppl who chose frontpage flashes



there was no meaning in this to me. If there is meaning to something at least make whatever it is something that makes sense, i mean in the description its laughable at trying to figure that out. Not saying its crap or anything but for the average / above average people try and make it less complex.

Klevi mult

Otlichnie specefecti i anti-pomorfnaia anumacia - navernoe ne menshe mesaca u vas zanala eta rabota )
V obshem super - tvorite dalshe )

Ace0fredspades responds:

blagodaru, no 9 i ne sobirals9 prekrashat`.


I love the flow of this animation, and the fact that you can literally watch it twice and make it feel somehow different using the option to choose black or white.

Art and Animation 4.5/5:
very well done in this department...the only complaint is that some things went by too quickly to have the same effect as the other short animations within the movie.

Plot and Storyline 4/5:
Although not a true plot or story, the animation gave off a variety of messages, though some were vaguer and more subtle than others. The flow was a little off on some of the parts, as I mentioned above.

Music, Voice Acting, and Sound Effects 4/5:
The song of choice was of great quality and matched very well to the theme you weretrying to achieve.

Overall 4/5:
This animation is rather amazing, and the fact that you didnt let length be an obstacle and gave off the message you were aiming for is admirable. Overall, very great job!

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its good to see an animation with meaning for once, i enjoyed every single second of this fantastic animation.

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Jul 18, 2010
5:04 AM EDT
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