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Music used- The_Go!_TeaM_Everyone's_a _VIP_to_someone(Gender_mi x)
check them out they are super awesome!

This is a leveled message with a social context.

1st level- simple non-associative identification, used to release needed signification of two technics- men's beginning as a thick form withth white ornamental and woman's beginning as a thin firm of lines with black thin forms.

2nd level- associative identification supporting images of previous level. Giving certain thoughts to make recipient understand certain ideas about social state of men and women.

3rd level- associative+ factological level. Gives a links to some religious contecsts (as esotherical christian and buddist parables, daoist texts and some of kabbalah schemes) for people who can disconnect the sense from what do they see.

Thank you for checking out please write comments and add to fav's. If you have questions- feel free to ask
Ummm... I see that 1st time on our favourite newgrounds.
That project was submitted like at the middle of the summer (got like 7th or 8th (say BAD) daily feature) and got frontpaged NOW.
I MUST SAY WOW! and Really BIG thanx to you all and especially ppl who chose frontpage flashes


Interestingly done

Animation was simple, music was nice, the comparisons were interesting, i kinda liked it.

And although this is probably just my paranoia I swear their were a few anti-gay references sprinkled in.

No thanks

You're trying way too hard. Whatever is symbolic to you won't be to others if your concepts aren't cohesive enough, and in this case they weren't. Whatever gender message I was supposed to get was as deep as "Men and Women are different" and could have been achieved with a bathroom sign.

You made some nice squiggles though.

Won't understand how this got front page

It's absolutely horrible. I would like to offer constructive criticicism, but unfortunatly the best advice I have is to not do anything you did with this video on any video again. The graphics were poor, the music was poor, and the message was vague and seemed to be something you came up with after making it. Sorry, but I should not have clicked this video at all.


Kinda hard to get, but after watching it three times and reading the comment.. I get it! Yay!

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at the end i understand it

good animations, music and great work. its a little bit confusing and strange, but still great. make more!

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Jul 18, 2010
5:04 AM EDT
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