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Two Persepctives II

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Watch the first part by clicking the 'Snot' on the loading page.

-Watch after the credits-

My Entry into TOFA 2010's first round, hosted at Albinoblacksheep.com

The theme for this round was "Create a Sequel to any previous TOFA entry, from any TOFA year", so i decided to do a tribute to TOFA 2007's winner RWappin

A few others decided to do the same by making a follow up to his final winning entry involving the birth of big foot. I decided to do a follow up to one people wouldn't suspect; Two Perspectives.

I told myself i'd go and top my last entry and fully focus on this, and it looks a definate improvement FBF wise and length wise.

Feel free to pass on critique on the animation side of things, ah needs improvements~

Big thanks go to TheSkark, laffatgravity and her brother (who muscled his way into this) and a massive thanks to RWappin for kindly donating his vocal cords to this little animation.

Cheers braw, hope you like this~

Royality free music provided by Kevin MacLeod

Sound effects by Soundsnap

TOFA 2010 Hosted by Albinoblacksheep.com

TOFA 2010 Sponsored by ADOBE

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that was baller

even germs need love lol :)

Awesome sequel. Absolutely hilarious and well animated. Great direction and voice work. I don't know if germs work that way, but whatever. Oh, and an extra half star for the Invader Zim references. I'll be sure to check out your other stuff. R. Wappin brought be here.

Great Animation and was the doctor the same as one of the babies from your other flash? Veeeery nice!


This was very good, I loved this and I will give it a 5, :)