Tankmen 2: The Chase

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88MPH 10 Points

You know I'm a sucker for Back To The Future references!

Bullseye 10 Points

Fire the cannon five times without missing

Marathon 50 Points

Reach 42195m

Author Comments

-- Controls --

Mouse to move and fire (when the enemy truck is hit it loses speed)
Space to pause

-- Comments --

I started making this game for Pico Day this year. Problem was I only had a couple of hours until the deadline and I simply didn't make it. I was hoping to finish it up a day or so later, but I ended up not touching it for almost three months. Anyway, better late than never I suppose so here you go :)

Huge thanks goes out to JohnnyUtah for giving me permission to use his graphics and audio!

Oh, and please enjoy it for what it is. This never was meant to be a perfect game ;)

Edit: Apparently it was possible to cheat by right clicking somehow. I was not able to reproduce it, but I made right clicking instakill you so don't try no funny business ;)

** Please recommend for Tankmen collection, ty <3 **


easy but amusing

this game is really easy, but it makes up for it with its perfect sound and graphics, the marathon medal was only a pain in the ass becaus its makes you play this game for a realy long time, and i dont think this game is meant to be played a very long time, cool minigame : )

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just scored 55,545 *aiming for 55,555 :P* as i crashed my tank into him 3 times...

The game is WAY to boring... its very simple which is nice, but i feel it was to simple...

how about the "truck" thing have a bunch more types of weapons?... or different blockades that might slow you down or speed you up... and mabey even the option if you strike the truck so many times it gets destroyed and replaced with a new one?...

as i saw it... i could just weave up and down all day... not needing to really fire my cannon beacuse i would just lure him into the blockades...

far to simple to do all the medals... just time consuming... for example.
the bullseye one you just hug the truck and fire all your shots...

well made as there was no other problems... just lack of enjoyment...


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im cornered

epic game

The music is where it's at.

I can't really say a whole lot about this game - especially it's gameplay. It has clean graphics, and it's controls are smooth. But the rest of the game, aside from it's music, is pretty average. After a few minutes of playing it gets quite repetitious and boring. There's just not a whole lot in it to keep my interest.

The strongest aspect of this game was it's music, and the way it was integrated to change under certain events. This helped to create a more dynamic atmosphere in a rather-otherwise dreary gameplay experience. To me, this was the central focus point of the game, rather than the gameplay itself. It would have been nice if you could have expanded on the gameplay elements along with this music system.

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its okay....just missing something to make it spark

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3.90 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2010
11:22 PM EDT
Action - Other
  • Daily 4th Place July 19, 2010