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it'll be oGay in the end.

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If it's not oGay, it's probably not the end. I've worked on this flash for a few days and it's one of my best yet, and my most serious. I got the inspiration to do this based blatantly on real life happenings, and some extremely emo songs that I listen to.

This is a 100% frame by frame animation.

IF YOU THINK THAT IT'S LOOPING, you may or may not be correct.

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Hilarious parody

I didn't see the original source material of what was being mocked but it was still very funny.

the voice acting was a nice added touch since just music was necessary to the soundtrack itself much like a silent film.

the crude drawings and animations added an extra layer of comedy to the whole package and when you have seen the original movie that was targeted for satire.

It becomes even funnier after seeing "it'll be okay in the end" because you notice the same elements that was being made fun of.

I will say that it'll be ogay in the end is a much better movie than the original because it was nearly dead on without spending days on it.

It was in fact finished on the same day the original was submitted to newgrounds.

Because you were the first parody of it'll be okay in the end.

You would have been ahead of the curve even if you submitted it now but because you submitted the very second you finished it.

You did a very smart thing and are ahead of everyone else before they shit out there own parodies.


Charcoal125 responds:

I loved The Gayest Showdown, man. Thanks.


Yeah, okay, this is actually a reasonable decent spoof of my animation. You made me chuckle. :P
Better than the crap that that SAK arsehole came up with, definitely.


Well, it has actual animation--and I'm not used to seeing that from [KK]. The way the voices were done was actually funny. Execution of the story, though, was dull.

And the ultra-loud, over-amped music/jumble-of-sounds at the end was totally annoying and unnecessary. To me, it just sends 2 messages: "Stop watching me," and "don't watch me again!"


That was a hilarious parody! Great job on the animation, and unlike a lot of other things in the portal, it was funny!

Omg wtf

Its a KK video that is............. O.K.? HOLY SHIT I NEVER THOUGHT ID SEE THE DAY

Charcoal125 responds:

a KK video that is......... oGay?

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4.23 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2010
9:41 PM EDT