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'The Cosmic Fork'

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EDIT - WHOooaHh thanks a lot for frontpage!, now i have octopuses in my socks!
(Dim lights and Expand Movie Buttons extremely recommended!)
Well hey there, Newgrounds, i finally got into uploading this!
This was my exam-project for a Flash Animation class i took this semester (yeah, it was mostly basic stuff but i got to learn a lot anyway). It's (mostly) the work of an extremely TWISTED week.
There's a lot of lightning effects experimentation and 'messy' music...Anyway, the file is BIG, so, i recommend getting a cheese sandwich while it loads.


cool :D

pretty cool and pretty random :3 great animation so you deserve a cheese

btw i got octopuses in my socks now :O :O :O

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Butzbo responds:

:O :O :O

One of My Favorites

Flash movies like this deserve more recognition than they receive. It's different, strange, short and simple. I can easily tell that there is a creative brain behind this space-faring oddity of random cosmic malarkey.
Well done.

Butzbo responds:

this one got frontpaged on its time, so it still got some recognition, although many people ended up a little confused with it,hehehh.
thanks for the review!

Arthur, King of the Martians!

Who so ever pulls the fork from the cheese shall be the king of chaos!

Okay, so it looks at first like some kinda' sword-inna-stone deal but with different things involved, but then again...King Arthur never had to deal with sudden and abrupt chaos. Oh, hang on...

*Stuffs Danwargul full of cheese 'till it comes out the ears*

The cheese stands alone! The cheese stands alone! Where was I? Ah yes.

This was clearly the case of the fork really being a cosmic tool keeping stuff in place and the cheese being a sort of lock for everything going nuts. This is not too hard to get, and it is funny to look at. Certainly worth better ratings from SOME people (who are now entirely CHEESED). One wonders why the alien wanted the fork, but then...maybe he was like...an Indiana Jones type.

It belongs in a museum!

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Butzbo responds:

Hahah', thanks 'daemon' i'm glad you "got" some kind of "main point" out of it, even if it was more like an "interpretation-flash"...
this has to be the most amazing review i've got in a while!


This is awesumn, but i actually thought he would take the cheese with him or take the fork and throw the cheese into space since the red planet is nearing to the cheese and not the planet. This proves i'm a dumbass. O_0


now i have octopusses in my socks. suction cup bites hurt.

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4.09 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2010
6:33 PM EDT