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'The Cosmic Fork'

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EDIT - WHOooaHh thanks a lot for frontpage!, now i have octopuses in my socks!
(Dim lights and Expand Movie Buttons extremely recommended!)
Well hey there, Newgrounds, i finally got into uploading this!
This was my exam-project for a Flash Animation class i took this semester (yeah, it was mostly basic stuff but i got to learn a lot anyway). It's (mostly) the work of an extremely TWISTED week.
There's a lot of lightning effects experimentation and 'messy' music...Anyway, the file is BIG, so, i recommend getting a cheese sandwich while it loads.


cool :D

pretty cool and pretty random :3 great animation so you deserve a cheese

btw i got octopuses in my socks now :O :O :O

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Butzbo responds:

:O :O :O


I thought it was cool, I didn't quite get it, just some lone space person picking up a fork in a block of swiss causes doom and destruction then he puts it back right before the very last second. was there supposed to be some kind of point to it? let me know if there was one cause I'd like to know. As for Zmogusnr1 who gave it a 1 all because it wasn't funny, not all animations are funny on newgrounds you level 2 noob. If you look around you can find some serious animations. Anyways, I give it an 8 for being a little out there and different. Keep it up!

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Butzbo responds:

Well i actually think of it as an 'interpretation' kind of flash.
But to go along with a 'point'... There's a center of chaos "sealed" somewhere in space, which may be represented with something just as unpredictable like a light-emitting-cheese being 'obstructed' by a fork. When you take out the fork, all of this bizarre cataclysm gets 'unleashed'.



thats some cheese! :o

Great animation, great idea, great flash! I was kinda hoping newgrounds would get a stupid crazy flash in. Im bored with all this dying big blue stars thing ( You know who you are :( ) great work youve made my day!


colorful animation, keep it coming!

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4.09 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2010
6:33 PM EDT