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Adrellia Village #11

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Adrellia Village: Season 1, Episode 11:
Great Castle Chambers (3/3)
7/16/10 - Great Castle Chambers (3/3)
Runtime: 1:07
You MUST watch the previous episodes before watching this one.
Finally - the boss battle with Darrell, a secret agent working for Brutus!
The battle music is, "Maybe I'm a Lion" from Final Fantasy VIII and the music at the end was the victory music of Final Fantasy X.

To Be Continued...

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Kind of short

And I am delighted to get started on another review of this flash movie, the work does show you putting the time and especially some effort to it, This is kind of interesting so it doesnt bore you but does actually keep you wondering what may come up next so thats some things i notoced right away about this flash. Animation was a concern here there was some various old tricks used here, but seems like some of those styles are outdated, and the animation hurt for it so those are some things you may want to ironout more perfectly. The story in this particular episode didnt really take off much and seemed more as a stale state, so thats another area that could use more depth and detail in. The "FIGHT-SCENE" was kind of impressive though and thatmight have been the strongest part of this episode. also noticed the music seemed to fit with this one. but anyways Adrellia Village series seems to take a liking with me as it is drawing more interest from me and i do look forward to more in the series, So as this review comes to a short end, it was a decent flash of good portion, could use more stuff here and there and some smoothing out on some areas, but i thought in the end it was just right and fittng with all that was happening so it was alright with me.

I was amused with this flash as it brought some entertainment value, and some other elements that brought stuff together but then there was some weaker points that could be worked on, adn adressed more heavily, and with alot more effort, So if i do suggest any advice and or ideas they would help on these flashes great i think, they do have potential, so its a good sense of entertainment. But anyways without furture adu here are some of those ideas to improve on. Well in this case the animation could have been better and smoother, The "STORY" could be worked on in this episode as it was rather dull and didnt givemuch to it.

Credits & Info

4.05 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2010
6:26 PM EDT