Polar Bear Payback

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Hey everyone, we're back with Polar Bear Payback, a game that's really about something. A game with a message of environmental awareness and responsibility. Actually it's really just about a vengeful polar bear crushing bones and basking in the arterial spray of humankind, so stop reading into it ok?
Play Polar Bear Payback with the keyboard.

Arrow keys - Movement.

A - Maul (uses weapon when you pick one up)

S - Bite. Hold S to suck on the skulls of your enemies to regain a little health. Tap S to spit them out.

Walk over weapons to pick them up, tap A to use them.

Double-tap right or left when the Blitz meter is full to do a dash attack and take out enemies in your way.

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I love Sadistic bloody Gore Vegan games, plus animals! :D

very good game, very SENSE ;)

I can see this happening in the future

blitz doesn't work and the first boss is way overpowered. bad game.