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Link Gets Owned

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A short animation I made. Link finds himself in The Mushroom Kingdom. It's hard to make it to the castle.
***All sprites belong to the original owners***


How did link gte to the mushroom kingdorm?

very nice

i kept wanting to use my arrow keys on the keyboard while watching...

Side scrollers rule...

not bad

I thought that was halarious at the end. Luigi destroys the castle with the bullit bill. nice job.

A good start

although lacking in flashyness, this is telling em you've got the basics down. other people here need to stop having such high expectaions of first-timers.

as for you, you're well on your way. with a bit of practice, and enough time, i'm sure you'll be able to make something great. keep on keepin'on, dude!


This flash sucked.. I mean, it was okay but it was boring most of the time. Needs more action, all Link does it use a sword once and the enemy dies, what the heck is that? You should do something more epic like.. Link battles the Smurfs.

CommanderWalrus responds:

I know it needs a lot more action but it was a quick project I did cause I was bored. I'll try your smurf idea.

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3.17 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2010
8:27 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody