Leapy Louie Groundskeeper

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This is one of my older game attempts, and I notice it's acting a little weird lately (since the last Flash update?). I'm leaving it here for posterity, but be warned that sometimes a script error comes up -- if you click 'No' to aborting the script and continue through that it seems to load!)

Arrow keys to move.
Space to jump/select.
Press Escape to return to menu screen.

This has been a labor of madness. Now it is complete. Though I'm not the first to tap into the game potential of lawn maintenance, I feel that my take on it is fresh enough to warrant attention. Most games in the 'yard-work' genre ignore or circumvent the nastier aspects of the task -- namely, cleaning up the 'leavings' of the various domesticated animals running loose in the world. This game does not avoid this unsavory aspect. This game stares long and hard at it.
I hope you enjoy it!



really fun game. i enjoyed that the levels were fast paced, but it was unclear what was bad to touch (i.e. is my character going to die if i touch or run into a certain item?) and what was necessary to collect for the final score. plus, as far as i can tell, there's no way to kill enemies. considering that Louie is armed with a lawnmower it would have been rather funny if you could just run over enemies and watch them splatter--but maybe that's just me. also, i found it somewhat difficult playing with the space as the jump key. it would have been much easier to maneuver had you made it the up arrow key. this spin jump was kinda hard in that i couldn't really tell where exactly he was landing. i did love that Louie consumes beer at the end of the levels though. very awesome.

Matzerath responds:

Thanks for the review!
The basics are - mow grass, kick the poo off the platforms, bounce on the red bouncy balls, and avoid everything else. You're the groundskeeper, so you don't get to kill the monsters -- though you can knock them off of the collapsible bridges occasionally!
I prefer the spacebar for jumping myself, though I could certainly add the arrow key as well.


Fun game, reminds me of Super Mario Bros... Good Game!

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seizure warning

that was an intense experience

its like super mario without enemies bit with lawn you can maw

oh and instead of toad giving you bullshit some sultan does

oh and controls are horrible


Very good game, feels similar to the classic Super Mario Bros. I liked the graphics and layout of the game. The game speed was a little too fast for me but it takes a while to get adjusted to it. You should add some medals to make it more fun!

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Fun mario type game but the character moves to fast

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3.63 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2010
12:48 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other