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SonicVsShadow part 5 prev

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Jul 14, 2010 | 9:51 PM EDT

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Author Comments

The reason this is so short is cuz my computer had a virus b4, and now i dont hav a permenent version of macromedia flash 8 or cs3, so i could only do a little, especially since i had to start all over. this is mainly just for Youtubers to see at normal speed.



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I wouldn't call it a preview

First off, I enjoy your complete flash works. Second, I did read the reason that this "preview" was so short. If that is the case, then you were better off not uploading this at all. You should have known you'd get low scored MANY times over. Not to mention the complaints. Although it isn't written, a preview should be at least 2 to 3 minutes long. Think about the movie previews you see in the theaters. I hope you get back on your feet and post another work of art as you usually do.

P.S. TO HANDSOME PETE: 1) if that's your real pic then you're not handsome at all. 2) you don't have ANY flash movies, therefore you have no room to judge anyone. 3) ERRRRRRRRRYYYYYYTHING on your page SUCKS ASS!
and 4) STFU. Thanks.

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why is this reapeting the same thing all over again?


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stupid haters

what don't you people understand about a preview?


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Dude... This is REALLY short, submit the finish job! Not this!

nigol101 responds:

Dude i TOLD u its short -.- i even put the reason why it is and why i put it on newgrounds in the first place. read the description first gees.


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You've really gotta wonder...

How many "artists" have completely wasted their talents making these retarded "X vs Y" sprite flashes, submitting them, and not adding a single original thought or contribution to the world through a lack of creative ideas.

nigol101 responds:

For gods sakes did u even look at my other submissions? Do u want to no the truth? Ok, about 2 years ago i got interested in flash animations. Then i spoted the tutorials on youtube by ifureadthisdie, and he explained how to use it with macromedia, which lucky i had at the moment. So after i saw all of hes tutorials, i wanted to test myself, and the first thing that popped into my head was, "sonic vs shadow" because i loved sonic games. So thats how my first vid was born. Then i thought, hey, i need to get better so i made part 2, and then part 3 and then part 4. And now there is 5. A vid i would hav been done with a long time ago but my computer caught a virus causing me to have to reset it. Now fyi i would be making my own original flash movies unlike others like "X vs Y", in fact i already started b4 my cp had the virus but its gone now unfortunately. So, my choice with the sonic vs shadow thing i started so long ago was either to leave it at that massive cliff hold (if u even saw part 4 or the others) or continue, and i chose to continue however possible. So if u plz, dont come to me with that originality stuff because i started a long time ago, and i just do it as tests to get better.