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MoralityGenocide ep5

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Earth is long dead from global warming, pollution and overall carelessness of the human race. However humanity did survive- colonization vessels were sent to planets thought to be inhabited, which made use of cryostasis (freezing). This is the story of one just such planet, and what it means to be human. In an attempt to not let history repeat itself an international organization was formed to control the planets population through use of death squads, that kill regardless of race/ nationality/ religion/ political affiliation/etc. This series is about the personal lives and feeling of just such a death squad. By showing this dystopian future I hope to paint a version of humanity never seen before, and hopefully provoke a reaction, however small, that will help save out current planet without the use of such grotesque measures, while we still can.

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Great Stories,

You have true potential. I've watched the series maybe twice and it's very interesting. Could use some more music and Special Effects to boost things up. Maybe more action in the fighting scenes (when the bots kill everyone more screams more bullets some epic music). Good Job overall. I give you a 9/10 5/5. Keep it up and I cant seem to get this out of my head, the picture of the nurse appearing with huge tits and she immediately says, "They Just Keep Cumming," Well I don't think you intended it that way but it's just stuck in my head. Keep the animation up and I hope to see an episode 10 sometime soon? Oh **** uhmm whats this episode 7? Well i hope to see the next soon. :D

SFX Starved

You're animation, voicing, and storytelling are solid, but you missed a ton of opportunities to put in sound effects and natural ambience. The spaceship taking off, the angry mob, the footsteps on the grass... the list goes on and on. Also could have benefited with a little music in some scenes. Would have really helped drive home the mood. 8/10 4/5


that gave me the chills. We better be careful otherwise something like this could happen here too!