I Lost My Pen [short]

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Whoah, boy. This took longer than you'd think!

Sorry there's no music, this is my first time doing a movie with text rather than recorded speech, and I had no audio available to me.

Basically, I went somewhere, I accidentally left my pen for my WACOM tablet at home, so I had no tablet powers. I just typed a full commentary, but then my browser crashed and I don't remember what I said.


All I can say is...

Get a new pen, and animate properly lol.

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NateVarmac responds:

Yeah, this is the best I can do right now, but you'd never guess I'm a beginner with my other works, more or less just retarded.

Some judgements

The colours were nice... and that's about it. The animation and art was terrible, because the characters simply did not fit in with the background (but at least they weren't stickmen...).

The clip went too quickly and even a fast reader like me could not read all the words that quickly even after 2 views. In the end, I read it and the story made no sense. I also did not find your sense of humour very appealing, and your spelling very poor.

This should be blammed, as it is not worthy of being in Newgrounds' depositories.

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NateVarmac responds:

I don't mind most of what what you said except for the spelling bit. I'm the best speller/linguist in my entire grade, and those things like "evente" and "wonderfoul" were making fun of England's tendencies to add unnecessary Es and Us on things. I admit I didn't realize how fast the scenes were before I published this, but the blamming comment was incredibly low for a human being. I respect you didn't understand the humor, but seriously? You could've just said you thought it should've been blammed, and just end it there. You have no idea how much that kind of thing hurts me, I worked hard on this! Everything I get is rejected by douches like you!

no faces?

I like the animation. I have poor eyesight (which is hard for me to admit since most my life I had 20/15 vision) so I can't read the text that fast. My suggestions:
Slow down (or stop/click to continue) the text, and draw some faces on those guys. :)

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NateVarmac responds:

:¬) Yeah, normally I draw faces, but, like I said, I lost my pen, so I could not, and I may not make my movies this way anymore, but with audio.


no voices, no sound, and the text went by before i could really read it.

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NateVarmac responds:

None of my other stuff is like that. From what I remember, it all has audio but this one.

replay this horrible tragedy?

its a joke, isn´t it?

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NateVarmac responds:


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Jul 14, 2010
3:02 PM EDT