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Complete concatenations by dragging words from the top of the screen onto the word chain in the middle.

Dragged words must interlink with the word chain - there must be at least one shared letter at the start/end.

For example, basketball and ballerina will combine to form the word chain "basketballerina" with 4 overlapping letters (ball).

basketball + ballerina = basketballerina


you just lost an ally!!!!!

come on!!!!!! i dont want to rag you about your game but come on!!!!! this is pathetic!!!!!!!!! you can do better!!!! dont just make a game about dragging random words and catchprases together but come up with something challenging and good!!!!!! what the hell man!!?>??!!

yeah ummm...

That loading bar ticked me off...IT'S A TRAP! Like no offense but this game should have got blammed. Yeah, it is a bit fun and I have not seen a game on NG like this in a while but so it was relaxing but, seriously? It was crrap. (No offense dude).

End of review.

False Loading Bar...

I'm not going to lie - you ruined what could have been an interesting game by a false loading bar by having it sit at 98 % until the ad was over. That alone turned me off and left me with a nasty taste in my mouth starting the game.

Cool Concept

A very cool game idea.

Very original (Not Sarcasm) First of its kind ive seen.

OR I just havnt looked further then Newgrounds for online games.

Either way, Great game. 3/5. (You lost 1 on the 98% Ad, And 1 on the fact I suck at english hehe)

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2.78 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2010
7:15 PM EDT
Puzzles - Quiz