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The Faster the Treadmill

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Thanks for Daily 1st and front page!!


The official music video for "The Faster the Treadmill" by I Fight Dragons!


I began work on this shortly after completing Grumatorium, and it was a pretty intense project. The band utilizes a lot of game controllers and NES era material into their music and performances so I approached this video from a similar perspective, starting by designing and animating gameplay from a fictional 8-bit game that the video would take place in.

The result was "the Adventures of Puddlenaut," in which a shark-armed diver hero does battle with deep sea creatures in order to mine mystical power crystals that are abundant in the underwater kingdom. The main grunt enemies, one of which is the protagonist of the video, were modeled after drowned fetuses since I couldn't find any deep sea creatures to fit the image I was looking for. Thus I ended up calling the main character "Fetusaur" throughout production.

Check out the song on I Fight Dragons debut EP "Cool is Just a Number!" More information at: http://www.ifightdragons.


Never seen your style before...

But I think i'm in love. That was an awesome song with an absolutely perfect animation to go along with it. I am now going to add you to my list of favorite flash artists. This was beautiful.

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have i ever told you how much i love your style of flash? i probabaly have, but it seems to have a childlike quality mixed with the best of both old american and japanese cartoons with your own characteristic flair. it just, i dont know how to put it, but if i were to have a dream and draw how it looked on papaer, half the time it would be similair as to how you draw and animate your flashes. On to the review!

Concept: im assuming its about the enemy sprite not wanting to fight and just find peace? because if thats not it, just keep in mind thats what im roling with for the rest of the review. completely made my day with this idea, not only because ive wondered this myself, but because i tried to flesh out the idea myself but it always ended with the hero killing the sprite and not the off-base ending you had. thanks so much for that.

Art: ive said this before, but what really sells me on your work is the kind of artstyle that you have. it just feels like a mixture of oldschool and newwave styles meshing together in a childs coloring book, and thats putting it lightly. it really is, i feel, to be the greatest quality in all of your flashes, and i encourage you to only improve on this kind of artstyle, and not making any radical changes.

Sound: the quality was great, though there were a few hiccups. on the 2nd playthrough the sound jumps a little as the Lonely Sprite flies into the final boss room. other than that, the lyrics fit like a glove and the beat was catchy, and there's not much more you can ask for in a music animation.

Animation: this is always a plus in your favor, however there are a few things i want to point out. while fluid throughout the entire animation, the running animation with the Diver when dealing with the falling pistons, the Lonely Sprite flying anywhere, and how the Diver respawns feels a little lacking. the running just seemed off, the legs seemed to move more like a robots than a humans, but then again i really over analyze movement so that could be me nitpicking. the flying animation i felt that wing movements could have been added, and for the respawn it just seemed to be less than what i would have expected. other than that, great.

Overall: im glad this was the first animation i saw when i jumped on the frontpage. im also glad that it was a great flash, because i truly wanted to review something. thank you for this neat little package, and please continue what your doing.

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Another great job

I've been a fan of your style and works since playing seed of destruction. Each one of your submissions has a unique style, and upon seeing anything drawn or animated by you, one can immediately tell the detail, effort, and creativity you put into all of your work. This video is no exception.

Fantastic job.

loved it!!!

it was both cute AND epic
epically awesome

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just epic

your animations in this while being extrodinarily complex and at times somewhat hard to follow, i find, are pretty cool. gotta hand it yo you, a great concept and i loved the shark armed diver, however i wasn't really impressed with the music but other wise i would have given a ten.

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