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The Faster the Treadmill

rated 4.42 / 5 stars
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Jul 13, 2010 | 1:39 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Thanks for Daily 1st and front page!!


The official music video for "The Faster the Treadmill" by I Fight Dragons!


I began work on this shortly after completing Grumatorium, and it was a pretty intense project. The band utilizes a lot of game controllers and NES era material into their music and performances so I approached this video from a similar perspective, starting by designing and animating gameplay from a fictional 8-bit game that the video would take place in.

The result was "the Adventures of Puddlenaut," in which a shark-armed diver hero does battle with deep sea creatures in order to mine mystical power crystals that are abundant in the underwater kingdom. The main grunt enemies, one of which is the protagonist of the video, were modeled after drowned fetuses since I couldn't find any deep sea creatures to fit the image I was looking for. Thus I ended up calling the main character "Fetusaur" throughout production.

Check out the song on I Fight Dragons debut EP "Cool is Just a Number!" More information at: http://www.ifightdragons.



Rated 4 / 5 stars


really good job you put into, although i didnt like the music i liked the concept of your animation

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

I'm not an artist, just a veiwer.

I hate to give you anything lower than a 6 because it does look like a lot of work went into it. I just didn't care for it. Music was good. The video looked good. I just wasn't entertained. I kept watching for what made everyone go OOOOO WoW this deserves a 10, but I never felt like I made it to that point. Seemed like a lot of work into a random dream. Neat, but not interesting.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Review of "The Faster the Treadmill"

The overall mood, or aura, this animation gives off is nothing less than superb. The mood-uprising song mixed with the action-packed panning and zooming in the animation really releases a confident feeling to the viewers. Although, the change in view from a flat, 2-dimensional 8-bit mock to a 3D real-life perspective is a bit confusing, and killed the mood a bit.

Especially with the complicated 3D views you did, most of the perspective's with eachother look correct. I did realize that the size of the little winged-creatures in the 8-BIT form were much smaller than what was interpreted than in the detailed prespective.

Art & Animation:
This really stood out to me. I LOVED the distorted colors and film grain that is going on, it makes it not only feel old, but also original and unique. I would like to know if this is digital animation or using a traditional method, because this really gave the animation character and is a good reason for it to have its rightfully place as #1 in the portal.


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Rated 5 / 5 stars

I loved it a lot.

Congrats with the front page! After all that hard work on this animation you sure deserve it!!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Dreams from those who shouldn't dream.

Well nichthedick, I suppose you probably don't like this flash just because you don't like the style of the music. But hey, who would put it past you to think about what the song's message is, and how it very literally applies to the flash animation itself. No, that's too much critical thinking for you, isn't it? So yeah, you wouldn't appreciate the actual art that is taking place here. Not to mention it's of superb quality from any aspect you try to critique it.

But the absolute best part about it? It's that you would bother reviewing something with words as powerful as "gay" when you didn't even watch the entire damn thing. Instead of being a total dick, I'm going to actually review the piece.

Visuals (technical): 9/10

It's hard to rate something perfect unless it really has complete purity of form. You come damn close but because the animation is so busy (even if intended), it can be easy to miss some of the hard worked-for details. I think this is probably not indicative of all of your work, so it's relatively easy to give you the benefit of the doubt here.

Audio: 8/10

GREAT song choice for the content. However, that's all it is. Just the song. While this is essentially an animation to fit a concept, which has a song that is fit for the concept, it might benefit from additional audio cues and small sounds that give the world you've created some identity. However, it is equally possible you want a silent world. In which case it is difficult to rate fairly in either direction. The song choice alone gives this a high score.

Visuals (style/art): 10/10

The world you've created is simply that. Completely created by you. All of it is hand-drawn. The animation OOZES personality, particularly from the characters. This is an important distinguishing factor in art design. I can remember Fetusaur and Puddlenaut. He has a freaking shark as a weapon! A lot of care is put in your visuals to hold true to a video game universe, complete with mindless drones, a silent or strong and unique protagonist, and an 8 bit visual theme. What separates this from any other video game existentialism is the incredibly human Fetusaur. The first thing he does is observe. He sees his comrades full of hatred, and seemingly mindlessly. Then he sees the hero, his natural enemy, championing something good (in the mind of Fetusaur of course). Fetusaur then dreams of being great, despite his seemingly doomed outlook. He does what he can to survive instead of just attack, because he has dreams and wants to see them fulfilled. This animation vomits character and spews quality all over the portal. Bravo.

Overall: 10/10

The issues I could take up with this animation are purely speculative and have little to do with the quality of content, animation, or style. You accomplished what you set out to do, and did it beautifully. I have nothing more to say about this, than that people will learn something from this. That is the mark of artistry. I wish you luck in your future endeavors.