The Faster the Treadmill

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Thanks for Daily 1st and front page!!


The official music video for "The Faster the Treadmill" by I Fight Dragons!


I began work on this shortly after completing Grumatorium, and it was a pretty intense project. The band utilizes a lot of game controllers and NES era material into their music and performances so I approached this video from a similar perspective, starting by designing and animating gameplay from a fictional 8-bit game that the video would take place in.

The result was "the Adventures of Puddlenaut," in which a shark-armed diver hero does battle with deep sea creatures in order to mine mystical power crystals that are abundant in the underwater kingdom. The main grunt enemies, one of which is the protagonist of the video, were modeled after drowned fetuses since I couldn't find any deep sea creatures to fit the image I was looking for. Thus I ended up calling the main character "Fetusaur" throughout production.

Check out the song on I Fight Dragons debut EP "Cool is Just a Number!" More information at: http://www.ifightdragons.


Aweseome Another Gold Animation

You're submissions are always gold and they remain perfectly original.

I love how you combine macabre elements and playful references into your flashes and manage to make something dark into an adorable and fun animation that I can enjoy over and over again.

and also kudos on exposing me to more underground music and indie bands, showing us that great music and great art isn't always on TV or on the Radio.

100% and keep it up, I look forward to the next submission.

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This is simply amazing

Really, I don't think I can say anything that hasn't already been said. So if you're looking for my opinion, you'll likely find it in the rest of the good reviews. Imaginative, eye-opening, thought provoking, brain numbing, okay maybe not that last one but you get the general idea right?

One thing that I must impress upon you though, I agree with captain-kasper, the world needs a Fetusaur t-shirt!

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That sort of idea has always fascinated me, and the little creature was pretty cool/cute. Very good idea!
Maybe the 8-bit sections could've been a bit more 8-bit, but I guess that was just the style. It was great!

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holy ; D

woah that's a huge imagination u got!
but i lov it : P!

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Jul 13, 2010
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