Bubble Tanks Arenas

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Bubble Tanks Arenas (BTA) is a spin off of the traditional Bubble Tanks series. We created it to develop and test out some powerful new features that someday will be implemented in the upcoming Bubble Tanks 3!

Rather than being able to move freely around the world, in BTA you can fight in Arenas, series of Bubblefields filled with enemies. That's alright, but what makes it awesome is that you can create your own tanks and arenas! You can design your own avatar tanks, enemy tanks, and arenas as well as search to see what other players have created. If you're worried about quality, don't fret: Hero Interactive will constantly be making new Arenas for you to try out!

This game has been long in development and a massive undertaking- by far the largest game we've ever coded. We hope you all enjoy it!

Tutorials are listed in-game. All keyboard commands can be configured via Settings.
Don't forget when in an Arena that pressing 'P' will pause and open up more options!


thank you.

thank you so much for this game. the editor was all that was missing.
i love you.

HeroInteractive responds:

Thanks! That's much appreciated!

Needs more variation

I know this is another Bubble Tanks 'episode', but it needs some more variation. The editor was a good idea, it really added, but the main thing is still hopping from bubble to bubble and shooting enemies. This might bore after a while. So I think that the next time, you should variate just a bit more.
Also, I've noticed a bug. You sometimes can't lose health when you get hit by an enemy. I noticed this at the tutorial, when I encountered the shooting enemies. And your health bar isn't always visible. You might want to fix that.
For the rest, well done, but the reasons I just said give me no other option than giving you a six.

HeroInteractive responds:

Lol, did you just give me a 6 because your the organizer of the Kirby Collab which is competing for best of the day? I think you just did!

That bug is you getting hit by slow sticky bullets which don't do damage, thus not bringing up the health bar.


I loved it!
Just like the Bubble Tank series it comes out right, again!
Magnificent job!

HeroInteractive responds:

I appreciate that!

Oh yes.

I have been looking forward to this game. I loved BT2 and BT tower defense, and this one doesn't seem too bad either. The tank editor took me a little bit of time to get used to, but after figuring out how to deselect stuff it got a lot easier. :P

So far this game has been fun, although it doesn't suck me in like BT2 did. But I think it's really cool how you can create your own arenas and enemies, so itäll probably get more interesting as I unlock more stuff.

@Yuan-Ti: You can easily change your class size by dragging the tank just outside the smallest bubble. :)

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HeroInteractive responds:

Thanks! This is just a branch off the series, Bubble Tanks 3 will return to the classic gameplay.

Class size

Outside the tank creator my class size would go up, but when I'd go into the editor it'd still say class size 1. My preset tanks would allow me to choose heavy tanks, but I couldn't use a heavy weapon in the editor.

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HeroInteractive responds:

So what you have is a class limit. If it says you have class 3 available, then you can make class 1, 2, and 3 sized tanks. A class is how big your tank is. Even though you may have class 3 available, if you don't make a big tank in the editor that reaches the class 3 circles, it will be whatever class it does fill. In other words, your confusion is what class you have available, and what class you actually are.

Place some bubbles in the editor to expand the size of your tank and your class will change, making the bigger parts available. Just remember that sometimes it's better to be small. :)

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4.15 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2010
10:41 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional