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MoralityGenocide ep4

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Earth is long dead from global warming, pollution and overall carelessness of the human race. However humanity did survive- colonization vessels were sent to planets thought to be inhabited, which made use of cryostasis (freezing). This is the story of one just such planet, and what it means to be human. In an attempt to not let history repeat itself an international organization was formed to control the planets population through use of death squads, that kill regardless of race/ nationality/ religion/ political affiliation/etc. This series is about the personal lives and feeling of just such a death squad. By showing this dystopian future I hope to paint a version of humanity never seen before, and hopefully provoke a reaction, however small, that will help save out current planet without the use of such grotesque measures, while we still can.

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I think that the main problem with this video is in lacking continuity. The story jumps around a lot from place to place (Literally) with no real connection between the points, as if you wanted to put in a lot of information but either didn't put in the time to make it happen or simply didn't know how to do it smoothly.

More noticeable, though, were the voices. The levels on the voices were all (or mostly all) different, and it became really obvious, particularly when the Scottish character spoke, because it always sounded like he was ten feet from everyone else. A bit of balancing on those levels to get all the voices at the same place and this would have been much easier to watch.