Ultimate Space Invader

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My 4th published game, 3rd in the Ultimate Space series. Check out Ultimate Space Defender and The Autopilot Project if you like space shooters. First chance for players to become the enemy and my favorite twist so far. Expect more improvements eventually wrapped into a #2 for each game in the series.

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Good game, Never seen a reverse space invader before. The graphics need improving on though.

10/10 for thinking of a reverse space invader :)

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Cool game

Cool game i got 19th but a glitch happened were the enemy would level up 10 times a second.

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Is it normal that the defender suddenly gets infinite level ups, blasts an reay and orange balls at you and takes over 90% of the screen? :D
Great game otherwize.

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I think it is a good game. The concept was good, strategy was good, and the number of different ships was awesome. The enemy leveled up with you, so it didn't get easier as the game went on. I did have a couple problems with it, though.

The first was that, after awhile, the enemy ship leveled up constantly, even when you did nothing. It started just being annoying, because your ships have a max level of 10 with a x10 fleet bonus. That means that at most, your ship can be about level 100, while the enemy can be level infinity. Also, later in the game, it is impossible to get any ships past the level 200-100000 enemy, so you have to stock up lots of points from earlier levels, which is hard to do. This means that, once you loose, you can't try again, because you have so few points, you still can't get any ships through, and the enemy is even stronger. Finally, once the enemy was a high level (say, level 250), the "bombs" (the giant yellow circles) were covering half the screen. I noticed that when the "bombs" covered the button to deploy a ship, you couldn't deploy the ship till it moved. This meant that spamming ships was mostly impossible, and that it was hard to really have any strategy.

I got a good score (though I had thought it was horrible at the time) and I enjoyed the game enough to play it several times. I think that if you improve on some of these things, then I at least will love it even more, and think it is a perfect game (even if nobody else does).

Thanks for making a great game!

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Tcb2086 responds:

I had hoped the infinite level-up disappeared I haven't seen it since beta testing. If I can find it again while playing I will get it worked out of there, thanks for the feedback.

Even though the game has infinite levels, it is good for it to cutoff eventually. The point is to see who will make it the farthest or get the most points.

Yes! YES!

Awesome game! The infinite level-up needs to be fixed, but other than that, I can find no faults!

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2.57 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2010
7:16 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight