Tick Tock Train

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Edit*** Woaah frontpage, how nice! :D Can't believe the score is sooo low, but I guess it resembles the few bugs and frustration people have.

Update 1.1
Smaller hitboxes
Fixed the bug with the second boss.

Tick Tock Train contains of 3 bosses, 1 hero, and a train as environment. There is a boss in each of the train compartments, and each boss has different attacks and special moves. You as the hero, then have to work your way, through the train, defeat all the "bad guys" and escape safely. You progress through the game by getting stronger weapons and better abilities.

We have really spent a lot of time on this game, and we hope you all enjoy it. We started this project back in 09, so we've put a lot of hard work in this. The last couple of months we spend on finding a sponsor, and negotiating with them. We're really happy that Gamezhero, wanted to sponsor our game, as we have never tried a sponsorship before.

a - Shoot
s - Jump
m - Mute music
q - Quality
w - Hide Walkthrough

For the hardcore gamer:
You get an extra reward by completing the game without using continues.


Good, but...

Sometimes there are minor annoyances here and there. For instance, when the first boss uses his gun, you're locked in cinema mode until the first shot is like a foot from your face. You're likely to use a continue dying from that shot or the one directly behind it alone, which is annoying.
I also experienced a glitch with the second boss. None of his shots went off, but that also meant I couldn't kill him. I was forced to restart.

My point is basically that the game itself is fine, and it's fine if you want to make things a challenge. If you're gonna make the game a challenge however, please make sure there aren't any bugs or points where the player might die simply because of the game and not because the player made a mistake. A challenging game is gonna be frustrating; a challenging game with bugs and points that kind of force a death out of the player is gonna make people stop playing.

Otherwise, like I said, good game. I enjoyed the simplicity of the controls and the decent difficulty. Reminded me of the SNES.

very bad

way to hard

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Wow... sucky.

Teh puzzle couldn't be done. I don't know if it's random, but there are certain forcings in those puzzles, and all my choices did not connect to existing lines or didn't finish the puzzle.


Controls were spotty too. After a cut scene I had to jump before the movement worked.


i got a bug on the rocket enemy jumping out of his hole... i stand 1 meter away from him and all missles exploded instantly ... i could shoot him, but he didnt die, even without health :(

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Make it a little better I say

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2.66 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2010
5:27 AM EDT
Action - Other