Stolen Warcraft Account

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Cajete falls deep into depression as a result of being voted out of R.O.F. (Hip Hop NG's Real Over Fake Movement). His girlfriend Marissa left him and is enjoying her life with her new boyfriend Luis! Then one day Cajete's Warcraft account mysteriously got hacked and as a result of this he suffered a bipolar attack then blamed the closest genius friend he had around him, His mentor 'Mr BigBad Lejin'... LieZo offered Cajelly emotional support because he has a bone to pick with Lejin. LieZo Believes that Lejin is trying to ruin his marriage. However LieZo exposes himself by getting angry when he was laughed at when he turned on his cam for a girl he tried to get with behind his stupid fat ugly wife's back. LieZo was turned down by the hot chick and he blames Lejin for everything thats not going well in his life.

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nice work with everything. was this a recording of what happened with a voice over of the other guy, if it was LMFAO!!!!

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YoinK responds:

All voice work was done by Lejin. His voice acting skills are amazing.

Level 30 enchanted rifle. FUck

Funny shit.
Are these real conversations, or voice acted? Fuckin Lejin, you NEED to do some VA stuff for real, dude.
Anyways, I laughed pretty hard. Dug it. 5vd.

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look at Cajelly under me LOL, blogging and shit still ROFL... Good shit guys, can't wait for further installments in the adventures of Lejin =D

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YoinK responds:

oh there will be more content in the future. we want to make games too.

Goooood Shiit!!!

ROFL, that was funny, hahahahahaha. It had me rolling for a while. LMFAO Linezo with the pony tail... Lmao yall even drew the bunk bed and my little scruff beard. Guess I'm not the only one with spare time on their hands!! =D

YoinK responds:

well it didn't take too long to create this animation to be honest. when two people collab on something it doesn't take as long.


ya just made this so much better for me! hahahahahaa

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YoinK responds:

yea Lejin has some excellent voice acting and drawing skills.

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3.10 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2010
4:28 PM EDT
Comedy - Original