Fish Outta Water

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Belly Up 5 Points

Crash Your Bowl

Blow Out 10 Points

Beat the Blowfish Boss

Jumping The Shark 10 Points

Die trying to jump a shark

Turtle Power 10 Points

Bounce off the backs of 2 turtles in a row

Don't Croak Now 25 Points

Beat the Frog boss

A Walrus of a Tale 50 Points

Beat the Walrus boss

Sea Legs 50 Points

Travel more than 1000m in Endless mode

Author Comments

Hey! Here's Team Fish with a Newgrounds Jam entry, Fish Outta Water!

I was lucky enough to be paired with three very talented individuals, Eddache, Fede1920 and Goat-Man, and over the last two days we came up with this silly little game. Hope you enjoy!





its pretty good and addicting but the problem is the controls. it would be easier if the controls were with the arrow keys and sometimes after u get past an enemy u press the button ur supposed to press and the game doesnt let you. other than that, the music is great and the game is fun

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Not badd;

I understand why alot of people dont like it and it could use some fixtures, like the jump and slide buttons should be moved to the up and down arrows, but other than that, its not that boring. It can get pretty addicting and difficult too when you begin to progress. It does lack some amusement tho; but its animations are quite nice, they run smoothly and look pretty detailed. Overall, far from excellent but still okay. 6/10

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Very boring

There's a lot of problems with this game that make me want to play something else before long. For starters, the controls are terrible. Instead of A and S, the up arrow key could have been used to jump and the down arrow key could have been used to duck. Also, there are times where you have to jump right after ducking but the game doesn't allow you to.

Another thing that bugged me was the fact that certain obstacles weren't well designed. For example, jumping over the turtle is harder that it should be because jumping over the entire turtle is impossible. Are we expected to automatically know that the fish can walk through the turtle's head?

The thing that really made this game unbareable was the fact that you have the restart the whole level when the boss kills you. I walk into he boss battle knowing nothing about it and I don't even have enough time to adapt to the boss's fighting style or enough time to learn how to defeat it (and the information on the boss that is sometimes provided is practically useless). Every time I lose, I gotta restart the whole level!

To put it simply, the game is boring, VERY repetitive, animation/graphics could use work, the music is terrible and the controls suck.

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a lil to hard the animals were to close to eachoter it would be better if he just was a ball and rolled and when he could have double jumped in case of emergency ^^

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Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2010
12:56 AM EDT
Action - Other