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Fish Outta Water

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Belly Up 5 Points

Crash Your Bowl

Blow Out 10 Points

Beat the Blowfish Boss

Jumping The Shark 10 Points

Die trying to jump a shark

Turtle Power 10 Points

Bounce off the backs of 2 turtles in a row

Don't Croak Now 25 Points

Beat the Frog boss

A Walrus of a Tale 50 Points

Beat the Walrus boss

Sea Legs 50 Points

Travel more than 1000m in Endless mode

Author Comments

Hey! Here's Team Fish with a Newgrounds Jam entry, Fish Outta Water!

I was lucky enough to be paired with three very talented individuals, Eddache, Fede1920 and Goat-Man, and over the last two days we came up with this silly little game. Hope you enjoy!


Very good, if not basic

Sometimes basic is good, though. You've got everything a flash game really needs: this can be picked up and played for a minute or two, there's a clear goal, and it has easy to understand mechanics. What you have here is the very core of what makes a good game, but the problem is that you didn't expand on that.

A little bit of depth never hurt anyone, even if it was something as simple as unlocking extra characters for endless mode whenever you earn an achievement, it would have been appreciated. I'm not saying to implement a whole points system and a shop or anything, but it's the little touches that make something truly great, and while this game is built well, it lacks polish. The sound follows the same ideal as well. Now, I'm not saying that this kind of music can't ever be good (see the Final Boss theme from Crash Twinsanity), but for somebody who's trying to get their sealegs in endless mode, I can see how it would start to grate on someone after a while.

All in all, this is a nice little time-occupier. I can't call you out on anything you did; just the things you didn't do, which is where you want to be. However, something can feel quick AND deep at the same time. It's not easy to achieve, but I'll be looking forward to your next piece of work, and I hope to see what I'm looking for there.

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Took a few tries...

..well, more like fifty tries, and GOT MY SEA LEEEEEEEEGS!!! YEAAAA!

Overall, fun game. Just watch out for the seagulls and eels you'll be fine.

Great Game...

I almost got all medals..
But i lose my Concentration, so.. i Crash...
Hahaa.. Damn...
But this is cool gme


What a great game. Such a perfect addition to newgrounds, and the medals make it so addicting. At first it was very difficult, but just a little getting used to had me be unstoppable, lol.

Here's a tip for the Walrus boss: You'll know where he's going to throw the ice cube by seeing what hand it's coming from. If it comes from his right hand, slide. If it comes from his left hand, jump.

Anyway, after getting all the medals I just had to review this game by saying it is just awesome. Keep it up, I would love to see a sequel!

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Not terrible

I guess I am just not in the competitive mood since I got a "D" in my first class this semester. Anyway, there are still good things to say about this, especially the nice graphics. It almost looks like something that Waterman would work on. Now, it was not as enjoyable as the vein of a more classic series like Super Mario Bros, but still pretty fun. I did not expect to get upgrades as the game went on. I like the bosses and although they can be unpredictable, it is actually fairly easy to beat them when you know their strategy.

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