Jeremy Bongstarr

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WARNING: There may be some glitches you experience due to the framerate slowing down, notably teleporting. If you have a slower computer try closing other programs first. We apologize for this and will fix it as soon as we can.

This is our submission for the 48 hour NG Game Jam 2010!

An adventure like no other! Use the arrow keys or WASD to control Jeremy Bongstarr, our hero, into discovering the reason for the immense drought that has overtaken Dryville!

So yeah.. This game was completed in about 48 hours, all of the coding was done in only 24 though because Monkokio was AWAY saturday! I hope you enjoy playing this as much as we enjoyed getting carpal tunnel trying to finish it in time!

Unfortunately, due to the whole "1 day of coding for the programmer" we didn't have time to include the underwater squids or the fireball-boss. Perhaps we'll update it in the future, but till then..just pretend they're there haha.

-Team Funky-Monkey


nice Game

Am I the only for who this game was buggy as sand and excrement?


I am really again only giving this such a high score because I had a pretty easy time playing it and stuff. I could not tell if Jeremy was supposed to be an animal of some sort or a human. Judging by his name, I thought this was going to be about marijuana. I guess I do have a pretty dirty mind after all. It reminded me of "Super Mario Sunshine" only a lot simpler. As you only had so long to complete this game, it definitley seems like it was time well spent!

If I have any complaints, it would be that it is in fact a little too easy. At least you manage to create a real world for the player to go out and explore. The artwork in the cutscenes is masterfully done and puts things in perspective well. I could feel some sympathy for this character, whatever he was supposed to be. If only I had played this when it was a lot hotter, I live in Florida you know.

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Not Bad

So close to 5. I like it in fact, I gave you a 4 instead of 3 and I also agree with ravineels.

this game is pretty ausem

i love this game but i think it shouldve been a little bit longer.

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I love this game. a lil bit hard to water the plants on the correct place. At the first part I thought you had to water the Port-a-potty to make it into a bathroom.

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3.72 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2010
12:55 AM EDT
Adventure - Other