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July 12, 2010 –
March 11, 2019
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Author Comments

July 19, 2009: Wohoo! This entry won 3rd place in the Game Jam contest. I'm happy with that :)
If you don't know, this game was made within 48 hours. Enjoy!

Use your powers to change the temperature in order to reach the icecream!

Team Worms submission for the Game Jam contest!
We hope you guys enjoy it, we worked hard :)


One of the "coolest" games of Game Jam contest

Although you only had 48 hours, it's well made, it's a good idea and the music fits well too. Only 2 things:
1) Sometimes there happens to be a "teleport" glitch
2) It's too short ! But you didn't have much time, so it's comprehensible ;)

I like it

its a good game, I like this alot, but it needs something that would keep me coming back to it.


im invisible!but anyway i like it and it doesnt deserve the bad rap its been given.

Cool game (pun intended)

It's an interesting game, I definitely like the main mechanics, altough It could definitely use some polish.

it's a cool idea

This game is very glitchy... at times the character disappears completely... not sure why this happens... but other than that i like the concept of the game.

not bad

the idea is not bad but need more work

no good.

not entertaining at all and kinda glitchy. wasnt very good.

Could be great!

Though I do find the type of game to be interesting, this game has several bugs and glitches. I was jumping from a platform and my character just turned invisible as the screen scrolled. This has happened several times. Please work out this glitches and bugs, as this can be a very great game.


lot of work very glitchy

good concept but glitches

but not interesting. Too many bugs in the game and levels were generic and boring.

Sometimes my character even disappeared at times.


wasnt too good, as previously mentioned, verry buggy and alot of "unpassable" areas, overall you need alot of work on this game


and crappy. i think the concept was good, but the execution was terrible

pretty good

the idea of changing the blocks and fire was good, as well as the levels, which sadly were small in amount. good job though


It glitches sometimes, and just knowing where the ice or fire will pop up can be annoying. Also, water freezing you even when it's hot, can be annoying. Water really isn't needed.


If this game is any indication, third place in the Game Jam contest is like being third best local part-time MacDonald's employee - it might be true, but it's certainly nothing to brag about.

Some games (I Want To Be The Guy) make obstacles ambiguous as part of the challenge and charm - the ambiguity of these were neither. First of all, graphically - Is this bubbling brown stuff hot Mud? If it stopped bubbling when it was cold and didn't hurt me any more, that would make more sense with your theme. Same with the ice: Why am I freezing when it's hot enough out to spontaneously cause the ground to burst into flame? I did figure out through trial and error that brown killed me while blue only slowed me down, so... yay?

The layout of certain obstacles was somewhat confusing as well, from a gameplay standpoint. You put fire above bubbling brown stuff, which gives me an interesting choice: If I'm falling toward it, I can either die medium rare or well done. Unless I'm falling toward the fire-above-pit, which opens up the "crushed" option.

There should be some indication of inactive obstacles in the other world. After accidentally switching worlds directly into a fire bath, I had to jump in the air every time I switched or risk restarting the level eighty times. I felt like one of those ADD guys in World of Warcraft who hop around the screen whenever they stop killing something for eight seconds.

Another interesting choice: Usually a forward-moving screen is used to motivate forward progress. Yours only seemed to keep the player from progressing too fast through the level. I would run up to where the screen had scrolled, get up, make a sandwich, and then come back to play some more.

I'm also wondering if the jump mechanics were tweaked deliberately or not. I'm not complaining about this, though; it was fun being able to fall off a platform and jump in mid-air a moment before ambiguous brown bubbly death.

In conclusion, the game is a good starting point, but needed a lot of tweaking before it was anywhere near the quality of most other games on this site. Maybe if you'd had more time to play test it before its' debut?

The concept was solid

But not much else, because the walls don't extend above the screen it is very easy to jump over them, rendering the last level easier than the first. When the game is completed and i hit retry, neither the level or my character show up. It was definitely fun though.

funny little game..

but it's WAY too easy!


great concept just tiresome to want to get to the end of the level, whenever your too close to a corner the character gets stuck and can't make the transition to the lower levels of the stage, i love the idea of having to change the temperature great job!!


good enough idea, would be better if you spent more time on it. for all you people who are amased at it being made in two days, that was 48 hours in the creation. they didn't start it and finish it two days later. to do that they would have to be working 24 hours each day

Interesting mechanic.... but....

Controls were a little awkward. And there were tons of bugs. I beat it in 4 minutes, which is a little short. If you fixed the bugs and added a few more levels then it would be great!


The concept was strong enough, but it shows that it was made in only 2 days.
Several bugs, shoddy controls, and extreme shortness kind of make it a bad game in the grand scheme, but kudos for how quick you made something this functional.

Great Job

Normally, I'd give this game a 3-4/5, or a 5-7/10, but if you're telling the truth that you made this in 2 days, then that deserves to be rewarded. There's no real need to critique the game, because this isn't a best effort type of thing, and you'd probably be able to fix the bugs given more time. Ace, anyway, man.


I dont know what happened but as soon as I started the game I died.
When it says to push space I keep dieing the game is broken,fix it.


i disappeared haha

nice game last level piece o cake

it was a pretty easy only made in 48 hours game last level all u have to do at the end is jump on the ice ball wall thing ok people

It was ok

Very glitchy in certain spots, cool concept, the side scrolling element got a bit much at certain spots (maybe a timer instead) and for the love of all things put a mute button in the game!!!

Good Game !

Given the completion time is not just that you say a big congratulations.
It's a game both fun and original concept with a really simple but very efficient. The only drawback for me is the music that is very annoying but everything else is really well built.
Bravo !

Wow. *Sarcasm summary!*

This game is wrong on so many levels. 1#, the scrolling physics. I once was thrown into oblivion because of it. 2# the physics overall. They are very glitchy and difficult to figure out. and most of all, It has a horrible use of an awesome gimmick since it can kill you randomly. My advice is to improve the physics and show you where everything is for the temp. you are NOT using as a transparent part. otherwise, It is a good game.

Great game

It's amazing that you can make a game original, fun and challenging in two days. Congratulations!!!!

Not that bad...

Needs a little bit of graphic improvement, But the Ideas are pretty cool :)
Better luck next time.

ITS ok

Its ok, most of the time I just glitched to victory. Still its ok.

the idea looks good

but its too buggy, if you change weather from hot to cold while standing on an icecube char dies and cant respwan

I really liked it

I know that a lot of people said that it was pretty bad, but I really liked it! It wasn't the best of the best but it was a fun time waster.


good attempt, too glitchy, i died and couldnt respawn, and im pretty sure that Nintendo did the swap to continue thing already.

Feels glitchy

The mechanic you're trying out is a decent idea, but it comes off really glitchy. The whole thing just feels sort of bland. Nothing really stands out. It was an okay game, but it just doesn't stand out in any way.

couldn't even play...

i just spawned in the floor. it needs a lot more work


My character kept just disappearing.


fun concept but way too many bugs where I just ported to death, fell through walls, etc etc.


It is okay , it isn't a bad game at all , but the game is missing phisic logic!
If u are on high and u touch a hot floor , u die? If u are on low and u touch an ice floor , u get frozen? That makes no sense , and even that , the game is too glitchy , the controls are kind of awkward and the animation isn't bad.
But however i think this deservers a 3/10 , but since i can't stop hearing the music , i think this is a 5/10 , and 2/5


the controls are akward

ehh not what i had in mind

realy realy good way to waste time but i can only give an 8 there is no game like 5 levels


looks good but kept glitching me under map so always died D:

good game

good but kinda glitchy but great for only having couple of days to work on it :D

Interesting Concept

... but needs some polish. Aside from the disappearing glitch, there is an annoying habit of getting frozen when stepping on water while it's hot (meaning it shouldn't freeze you). The moving screen of death forces you to move too quickly, letting you die from a mistimed jump due to floaty physics. The latter wouldn't be a big deal if not for the former. Has potential if it gets that extra coat of polish

good enough

Cons: It has a few glitches, it should have at least one checkpoint in the middle.
Pros: it was well thought of and it has a nice idea.
But how the hell did this become a game jam winner???

You can die on the tutorial level!!!!!

Nice game, but could use some polish


i CANT BET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too glitchy

There are far too many glitches to make this remptely fun.
And what's with the instant death when the too fast scrolling screen catches up with you?


It has nice art and the music isn't that bad, I didn't find any glitches except my character dissapearing while playing.

Not terrible, but not good

The concept is interesting, but not interesting enough to make the game enjoyable. The controls work, but they aren't great, and the gameplay's slow and generally just un-engaging. As far as presentation goes, the graphics are bland and boring, and the same goes for the endlessly repeating music.

It's a cool concept, but a lukewarm delivery. (u c wat I did ther!?!)


I can not play the game at all. Once I click the play button I automatically lose. The game goes straight to retry. I am not able to move at all either. I could hold the space button down to change the weather I guess because I can see the ice melt but once I let go of the space it is game over. This game is literally unplayable.

If I am missing out on something can some one tell me. I would love to try the game out but I just can not get it to work. I would be glad to change my rating on the game if I could get it to work.

pretty fun...until the glitches

nice concept...although a bit too basic
great art and motion
:) not too bad music
but too many glitches...
good job for a game made in 48 hours :D


for a game made in 48 hours its pretty good the glitches are annoying but the game itself is fun and good concept b^.^

Bugs bugs bugs

I give this a 3 because the concept and art is great, you really really need to fix the countless glitches including:

Moving without touching the keys
Temperature taking forever to change after you hit the spacebar
Not being able to move

A for effort...

This is a great idea, but it needs a lot of fixing. The screen is the biggest problem. There does seem to be others though.

Definitely, this was made on 48 hours

Man, games need to be polished. Not just crappy for everyone to find bugs and glitches in it. Adjust it. Reupload it. Great music, though.


The guy started moving forward when i wasnt pressing anything, and when i tried to move back it kept jumping and moving forward.


its too easy to glitch this game.

Buggy as hell

This game is buggy as hell. The character moves so erratically in the weirdest places. Takes the fun out of the whole game. Not worth playing.

Good as a concept...

... but the game itself needs to be adjusted.

The obstacles don't always make sense. It seems you haven't put much thought into making the levels

The controls could be a little better

Bug: the character becomes invisible at times

There is no "ceiling" so you can jump over some obstacles you clearly weren't intended.

Also, and this could just be me, the slippery surfaces become very annoying.

otherwise a game with some potential.


I've done it 3 times now if you hit a block a certain way you teleport to the top of the screen.

um, ok

nice, but way too short and easy


darkwing42 said it all already


It just seems that the last level is just too hard. Have you completed the last level? Good concept through. To make it more better you could make the screen not automatically go to the right and glitch testing. Thanks for reading my Review.

try harder

you can do it


There's a lot you could work on...
1. The controls are wonky at best.
2. When the edge of the screen gets close, you spawn to the edge.
3. It is sometimes hard to tell where the environmental hazards are (Then again, I'm blind as a cave newt)
4. It's a good concept, but it definitely SHOWS you made it in 48 hours, and I can't say no offense and not be lying when I say it.
5. As hinted at above (If you couldn't figure it out), put more effort into it. There are very few things worse than a Flash Game without proper effort put into it.


thats all i need to say


im sure it could be an allright game but as soon as i press Play the dude spawns in the ground and i die! ive reloaded the page and it still happens! keep pressing space and it keeps happening! sort it out mate!


Impressive when considering the time span this was created in, however the game desperately needs to be tested for bugs and game flaws. The last level was only possible for me to finish due to bugs, that's bad. Something really odd is that when fires are being extinguished, they'll act as slowing barriers - making the jump at the last level nearly impossible.


Not bad - a bit weak for the front page. As stated, impressive for a two-day project, but leaves a lot to be desired. Graphics and gameplay both needed more effort. The concept wasn't original; there are a lot of different games like this out there, i.e. switch back and forth to make it through the level.

You get five stars just due to the fact that I, as a procrastinator, can appreciate a good product-time ratio.


on the 3rd level, i disapeared... i tried like 5 times and kept disapearing... ill give it 4 stars just for the concept

With some more attention, could be really good!

The fact that it was made in 48 hours is surprising. If there had been more time to devote to it, maybe now that the contest is over, it could be really good! There are glitches that were previously mentioned that could hopefully be worked out. Also, maybe a tutorial level. I was confused by the swamp/ice thing that seems to freeze you at first.


When i start the first lvl i fall into the ground...i tried moving as soon as the game started AND i restarted but its the same results....has any1 else had this problem
i was looking forward to playing this....

Quite fun

The few glitches I've encountered both made the game more difficult and easier at the same time.
Randomly going above the screen was confusing, but you just need to press right and you'll be back down. My biggest gripe was with the hit box. Sometimes I was able jump of something that would normally kill me, others I seemed to die if I looked at the fire funny. This made things a little more difficult, but it wasn't all that bad.
For the last level, I'm guessing you're supposed to have really good timing with the power changes, but you can also beat it by climbing the first of the two ice walls before the ice cream. I won't actually mention how to do this so others have a chance to figure it out. I'm not sure if it was intentional, but it makes the last level one of the easiest, although I did find it really amusing when I realized you could scale the wall.
Also, I just don't understand what the point of the coins were? There didn't seem to bee any reason in collecting them.

To sum everything up: Great game - Fun to play - Slightly glitchy

Not a bad game.

An average game IMO.

Pros. I like the concept and the funky music. Graphically the game is decent.

Cons. The level design is average. Indeed there are some glitched which have a rather negative effect on the gameplay. And to be honest, the game gets really boring after 3 levels or so.

The concept is cool, so adding some new elements, while not affecting it, might make H&L more fun.


The concept was great, and the execution worked for the most part. Getting stuck between the spawning ice blocks got pretty annoying but it also added to the difficulty which is good.


i found it got boring fast

could be WAAAY better

Glitches in the game, like character teleporting above the screen and "Super Jumping" makes the game lose a bit of it's magic from innovation it has.

found a bug!

its a good game but at the end of one of the levels (the icecream is surrounded by fire) my character disappeared xD and i could ehar him jump around but i couldnt see him or progress to the next level.

it's ok

i didn't get the puddles of ice that still froze you even if you changed the temp to 'summer'


Great concept, great game, but there are a bunch of glitches and parts you probably didn't expect.

Last level you can jump on the last 2 pillars (while in cold mode) instead of having to switch between hot and cold, making the last level very easy.

There's also a pretty major glitch where if you are in cold mode, jump against ice, and when you face the ice switch to hot mode, jump, and switch to cold mode, and jump again, you can jump really far and fast, making most of the levels beatable in under 30 seconds.

I think you should solve these glitches and make the game a lot longer :P, great idea, very well made for 2 day limit.


Not the greatets game ever,but an ok concept.also,it was made in 2 days.Like other said it is glitch. i had my character randomly dissapear once, and he also "teleported" to the left side of the screen once, which made me die.But other than being a little glitch its alright.Could've been longer.


cant even play the first level????i`m automatically dead!!!WTF

It was made in 2 days people

Wow apparently people cant take 10 seconds to read the author comments. It was made in 2 DAYS people for the Game Jam contest. Considering that I am amazed, very well done I don't know anyone who could have dont that in 2 DAYS!

Very original

I am giving this entry a 10 for two reasons:
1.) This is a very interesting and original concept.
2.) It was made within the span of 48 hours.

As previous reviewers have stated, this game is very glitchy, and sometime you die for no reason. I've also noticed a lot of reviewers complaining about dying upon starting the level, I have not had that issue.


It was a good concept, reminded of a lot of Legend of Zelda puzzles, but those gave you enough time to solve the puzzles...

Here's what you need to fix: 1) ledge detection. I have no idea how you decided which jumps would kill you and which would magically teleport you onto the ledges, but that seems bad. 2) the "timed" bits shouldn't kill you instantly for hitting the left edge of the screen. That edge should just push you onto the death traps or whatever. And 3) the dude's hair should stop. It looks like fire that is one square off the ground will kill him because his head is up there, but for some reason... it doesn't. His hair and face are apparently inflammable. All in all, a fun game, but very rough and overall nonfunctional.

its ok

Its ok

Cool concept.

Glitchy as a mofo.


Good concept, good gameplay. far too glitchy


Are you supposed to "die" right away when you push the play button?
Because I've been ending with holding the space without being able to do anything lol.

Good Work

I'm not sure it was a great idea to put the contest winners in the featured games, since the expectations for that are much higher than than the expectations for a game made in 48 hours. Anyway despite the glitches I enjoyed the game, and wouldn't mind seeing an upgraded version of it sometime.


The style is cute, I'll give you that. The idea itself is pretty neat as well, however.. If I got even remotely close to the fire, it would kill me. If I missed a step, I would die. At one point my character DISAPPEARED completely.

You have some kinks to work out.

The Camera too slow

There's a bug with the life system. Touch the edge of the screen you die?

Wurmy responds:

That is not a bug, it is intentional. The idea of the game is to keep up with the screen.

Interesting but slow

The game is too slow, when you want finish the level you have to wait the camera show where is the ice cream


nice game mate, especially if you made it in 48 hours
the only downside is that, once it was starting to get fun and challenging the game was over... so yeah, make a sequel and spend 96 hours on it this time ;)


Seems to much like Miniclip games, *barf*.


I immediately became very difficult to tell just what would kill me or what I could do about it. That's pretty unforgivable for a platformer, it's just frustrating. The icy patches seem to freeze me in summer, which doesn't make sense; I can't tell where ice platforms will be; and the swamp floor looks similar to the extinguished fire floors.

If you wanted a hazard that would kill me regardless of season, why not just use a pit? I understand pits.

Musta fix it

because for 48 hrs that was definitely fun! And I only had one glitch but it just popped me ahead.

glitchy and annoying sometimes

if the game did not freeze or i would die for no reason i would say this game was more fun.

kinda buggy

its not bad, but occasionally the game would freeze, id randomly die, or the season would randomly change. if you fixed it, it would to a lot better. did you test it before you submitted it?

Very buggy

I could hardly play with all the bugs, but I still enjoyed it!

kewl game

nice idea, a lot of bugs.
Anyway, well done overall!

Like Others Have Said, It's Buggy

I like the overall idea of this game, and it does have the potential to be really fun, but I encountered a few bugs while I was playing. Fix those and you'd have one awesome game.

You get five for the idea.

Other than that the game is simply to buggy to play and enjoy. The mistakes are astoundingly obvious. It's like this wasn't tested at all. Fix it.


Its pretty cool idea, if only you could have incorporated more puzzles. The bugs made it almost unbearable.


Fun for a while but it's buggy as hell and gets annoying. I'll randomly teleport some where or shoot off the map. This is both helpful and annoying. It has something to do with pushing against the ice towers.

loool kinda cool

So annoying when u die from turning on the ice when ur in it though, oh well fun for a while.


its good, a few flaws,hate it that there are no instructions on what kill ya and what dosent. also he middle fingers ya when you get the ice cream. lol. so its decent. needs some things fixed. anyway



It was fun for a little while then I died and wasnt sure how. Ended up figuring out that I stepped on the ice on the ground and it killed me. So I sjavascript:submission_controller.Get ReviewController().SaveReview();witch ed to my snow outfit and walked on the ice and immediately died again. So apparently you can walk on ice cubes but not on ice on the ground? Same with the bubbly goop crap. Wasnt even sure what that was but it killed you as well. Fun for a minute or two though.


every time i try changing it gltches lags and doesnt work till later


I keep on falling through the wall and exploding when I try to go down the curvy passage.


I thought the concept was good, if a little unoriginal. It reminds me of those color changing platformers where you constantly change colors to pass the next obstacle.

It ultimately feels rushed, though, and that's probably because you spent 2 days on it. There were a few details here and there that I thought were nice; for example, how the protagonist changes from a swimsuit to a winter coat as the temperature switches. I would have liked to see more details like that, perhaps in the background. Ultimately, however, I felt the visuals were bland and uninvolved.

From a gameplay perspective, the only request I would make is that there be a little heads up when we come across obstacles. Its frustrating to get to the end of the stage, switch from cold to hot, and suddenly be surrounded by a sea of flames.

Its not sooooo good!

there are many better things around...

Great animation and music!

I like it! I did see a few of these glitches though. At one point I ran into ice at the end of a level and just disappeared. It still made the jumping sound when I tried to jump, but after a few seconds I died (invisibly), haha.

Found a glitch.

You can do it on the first sidescrolling level. When you get to the big block of ice, turn on fire. Jump to the right and press ice mid-air. It's kinda funny.


well there were times were i suppendly "died" by touching the wall or were " timespace jumped to somewhere i also died ...

fix them and the game gets better rates...

Not as good as it looks.

For the most part, the temperature-change gimmick was... well, gimmicky. Most of the time it's just a platform game with unslippery ice. (Not that the main character didn't slide all over the place anyway. Nice controls...)

This is just a cheap, slapdash knock-off of Eversion with occasionally-amusing bugs (the midair jump is an entertaining example). Skippable.


the musics COOL and the concepts HOT!!!!!=]

Wurmy responds:

Sounds sexy

Can't get enough of that song.

The character was well created, really fill the main topic summer heat.

Why can the dude change weather i don't know but i love it.

Nice Levels.
Great concept.
Cool animation.
Terrific Level design.


Good work boys

Nice simple art style with smooth animation. I liked it, and it got the job done.
The coins looked pretty ugly though. And they were completely useless. They'd look a lot better even just with the C removed.

A great concept. But it wasn't explored very much. I realize this is due to the 2 day time limit. If you guys ever made a sequel though, I'm sure there are a lot more things you could think to implement rather than just ice, fire and 2 types of ground. So I'd be interested to see what furthur development could bring to this fun game :)

I'd say the only drawback is the weak level design. There could have been some more innovation there.


I liked how the character changed clothes when changing temperatures. The programming was nice as well and everything seemed to be pretty well balanced.

great job

creative concept, great art, and with an engine like that you can get really creative.

Yay! I made it!

Super fun game man! Probably one of my favs out of all of em!

You could totally take some more time to make a sexy expansion pack with even more levels and other...idk, things haha.

Nice job team worms!

Good, but a little confusing

It took me a while to really figure out the game, but it's good fun and well made.

XD can't play

I'm dieing at the very beggining XD the player's appearing slightly underground then 'game over XD still... I don't want to vote it down that much since it looks good and other people have rated it as a good game XD


Great game, the engine was VERY well scripted for only working on it for one weekend. The art was smooth, and i could tell the difference between artists but they complemented each-other well. the game concept very unique and different. The music was fun and exiting!

Also I suggest you do something with that level editor, its awesome.

Wurmy responds:

Thank you! I hope you vote for us ;D

not bad

not a bad game, but what are all the "C" things that we collect for?

Wurmy responds:

So you can buy more ice-cream of course!


i cant believe how many different levels and different areas u guys made in 2 days!

u got my five!

Wurmy responds:

We were able to make so many levels in 2 days thanks to the level editor I made (but was unable to include in the final product). Thanks! :)

Pretty Fun.

I liked it. Good job.

Wurmy responds:

Thank you :)


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2.92 / 5.00