Quest for Cream

July 12, 2010 –
November 20, 2017
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The product of TEAM ELEPHANT for the 1st Newgrounds Online Game Jam!

The medal doesn't work just yet, so please be patient.


Easy, short and nice, just how I like it.

its kinda like that when you're chasing to ice cream man down the road on a hot day

Awesome, I got the cream! :D By the look of all the character in the introduction I kinda thought the game would be longer, but I guess there's the regular stage, and then there's the boss stage. The concept is pretty neat, the level design crispy, and apart from that dog bark that sounded like something else, the sound was great too. Nice work!


i wonder if some one was out side with his/her laptop and was eating an ice cream and was playing this game

I really enjoyed it! the ending battle was actually somewhat intense!

Still... the kid's miles away from his house by now... how's he supposed to get home...?

hahaha pretty good i liked it!

look, the concept was ok. good plot. satisfactory gameplay. ok animation.

I've played pretty much all you're work and this is ok, but not bad or good...

"i had a COMPLETELY different idea as to what this was when i saw the title" XD -_-
there is a big flaw in this game, in the 2nd level, the punk is harder in the first part than the second, that's really stupid
it was a little funny at the first level, but that's all, not a good game nor a bad one

said it :P ^

But do you got the game to beat it? I did!

Nice concept, cool art style, I just wish I could listen to this kind of music whenever I could. It'd be even cooler if you posted them up, so... please do! Thanks, keep up the awesome work!


i had a COMPLETELY different idea as to what this was when i saw the title


little fun game, very nice art, kudos

Great game the graphics are 8-bit and thats great! The reason I rated it a 8 is because the boss had a long health bar but good game


best game ive played in a goooood while
it was just aazing and that boss battle man
i was so pissed

Cute game, liked the pixellated graphics and the simple but fun game concept.

Well, to begin with its too simple, and not much of a challenge just a little annoying because of the controls, most people would criticizes the graphics, but they're not really important..

Despite the fact that its too short the game was really cool, something to get on for a couple of minutes, it would be cool to see another a little longer, maybe with actual medals to win.

I know that anyone who enjoys the arcade old-fashion/style games will enjoy this one too!

The simplicity and awesomeness of the 8/16 Bits! Awesome Game!

nice work. if you make a sequel, please make a mute button, some upgrades like a better water gun or a shield or so would be nice and more enemys and better/more music of course!

im giving you a ten because you named it wuest for cream.... probably wanna change the name

you should have put one more level after the punk guy & then had to fight the ice cream truck because the driver isn't gunna stop for you.

Entertaining and fun.
There's a snowstorm where I am right now, can't really see out the window.

Anyways, fun game, loved it.

Haha, kidding. It's nice to see AustinBreed take a break from the artsy stuff and go back to the fun stuff he started off with. Not to say his art flashes aren't good though.

There were flaws but, who cares. But why did he turn on fire if you spray him with water?

I kept me entertained for about 5 min.

why if you kill the guy, you suddenly have got an ice cream
has the guy got an ice wagon in his pocket?
still, a nice game

For what you had i think it was on orignal and action packed game. OF course there are better games but this one does have its own personalit that helps it stand out.

I liked it, game was simple and short. Nice to kill a small amount of time.

Silly/stupid in its own retro unique way! Fun while it lasts.

I love it. Awesome music, fun game, hilarious concept.

The medal works fine. c:

This was a very short game and could've been longer, but it's a bit challenging so kudos to you for making this very nice game.

The NES Graphics were a nice touch. I'm a sucker for retro graphics.


If people actually worked that hard for their ice cream in real life obesity would go down by 89%

just dodge his shots lol, its the same dumb pattern over and over.

Good fun... very good of the olden nes days... I like the effort you put it in to it however its very short... short but sweet. There's something to be desired but since its a flash game I'll give you a 7

1ST Stage
The first stage is easy just run pass the screen after screen avoid the old man, dog, the rays of light from those lady's heal hp from air conditioners on windows, sprinklers, and water bottles try to stay on the infinite cool place until full, old man cannot go to the bottom part of the screen

2nd Stage
Your best bet would be to go on left side the screen since that's where the water pool respawn point is then just spam your shots to him make sure your close enough or you won't damage... As his 2nd from comes out stay between diagonal and straight while still on the left side then spam...

it's like they're playing a different game. Then I realize most of the game must have been cut.

As much as I wanted to enjoy this game, I couldn't. The character respawns in the same spot that he died each and every time. This means that when you touch that dog, for example, he's gonna respawn right there where that dog is each time and keep dying. There's nothing you can do about it besides resetting the game when that happens. I hope you fix that little bug.

Well, I went through the first level that had you just get water. I then promptly died and I kept coming back and then dying again because I could not even move and the sun beams kept killing me. I then simply refreshed the page and tried the whole thing again. Now, I was at the boss level for no reason and eventually won. I have no clue what happened, but I got the 25 pt medal so I am glad I got where I did! The animation was neat and it was fun because the controls were so easy and the premise simple.

Hooray! You got the medal fixed!

Walkthrough: (warning: possible spoilers ahead.)
Level 1: Just go to the end, and stand under the tree to lower your sun meter.
Level 2: Drink the water bottle (only works once) and stand in front of the air conditioner to decrease sun meter. Go to the end.
Level 3: Stand on sprinkler, then go to the end.
Level 4: The old man will try to push you around, go past him. Use the air conditioner if you need to.
Level 5: The dog will make your sun meter go up an enormous amount while he touches you, so don't let that happen.
Level 6: Uh, oh.. some girls are getting tans outside. Quit ogling their bikinis and hide behind the objects in the yard to avoid touching the heat rays. If you touch one, it's instant death.
Boss battle part 1: As the scene opens, you're chasing the ice cream truck on a "borrowed" skateboard. The previous owner isn't too happy, though, and speeds ahead of you on a bike. Your sun meter is gone, replaced with two bars. The green one is your health, and the blue one is your water. Press the A key to fire a stream of water at the punk. This decreases his health, the red meter at the top of the screen. Refill your water meter by rolling over water bottles and puddles on the road. Avoid the rocks the punk throws at you.
Boss battle part 2: After the punk takes enough damage (water can hurt someone? lol) his body catches on fire and he dosn't throw rocks, instead hurling fireballs at you with annoying accuracy. Just keep squirting him until he dies.
Congraduration! This story is happy end!

I was hoping it'd be a sort of, item-chain game like some of your other collaborative efforts such as Magic Pink Man, but I enjoy this just the same, especially when the boy on the bike bursts into flames :P

The ladies have NIGHTMARE BEAMS. If one hits you, you go into a ever reapeating Ngihtmare

Good animation , addicting music , and not a bad idea .However
The game is very glitchy , u CAN'T get trough the stage when the girls are taking sun .And the game keeps making an inifinite loop when the game is going on in random levels and u can't do anything , because u go to the edge to finish this level and u get in another LEVEL? WTF? And even after that , while i write this comment it keeps going on inifinite loops and then , when i saw , it was on a skate , the ice cream man ran away and the kid hitted a guy , then wen that happened , its gone to another random level , i don't know HOW this happened , but i'm just telling my experience , i know it's bad to point the game down because of glitches , but this is way too much.

This was a great contribution you made for the NG Game Jam,the animation looked great with the pixel style yet looked really colorful & creative,the controls were responsive and though it was short it was still pretty neat to play for once,nice job.

funny but to short, good idea

you can get interested with it,but for a very short time...it will be good if you make a sequel and a better one

Can you fix a medal,please!!!!!

its a fun game and it doesn't matter if the medal isn't working. i guess it will be fixed.

I thought the game was good.

Ignore the people who use Internet explorer and complain about flash problems.

wow. I was very confused when playing this. Burning up randomly, getting hit by invisible foes, restarting the game when grabbing items.

I got as far as the ladies with the laser reflections before the game went haywire.

I like the idea, though, and decent graphics/music. But please, PLEASE test your games before putting them up!

i had to endure all of those glitches and beat that boss who was to easy and i didnt get my 25 xp

I'd have to say, the lazers burned me when I wasn't near them. The old man got me and I wasn't near him either. The screens ended up taking you backward alot, so I never finished it because I didn't realize this ice cream truck was running through Wonderland. Bad BAD mechanics.

Took me 3 tries, not that it was hard, its just the game is f'd up 4 glitches. I progress so far in the first part till I get to the 3 old ladies, then i take one step with my health still around the 80% mark and I burst into flames, then the area resets and I take a few more steps and I go back to the last area, then a few more steps and back to the next area, and this repeats till I'm all the way back to the first or second screen and then time runs out. The 3rd time I finished it but it was not worth the B.S. from the glitches.

a sweet lil' game

Where is my medal ??????

Medal didn't unlock.

I keep going forward but I end up going backward instead. Then when I get to the part with the lazurs from the mirrors it burns me even if I don't step on it.

I played threw the whole thing. It Was Quick It was Fun! Was there any bugs ...I don't know and I don't care. you had 2 days. TWO DAYS. Bugs shmugz. FUN GAME!

But way to much bugs...

but short! : <

That says it all, on a couple of occasions, when I was going forward a screen, it sent me back a screen which makes no sense. I like the premise, but the execution wasn't there, sorry.

It was pretty fun, I've never played anything like it that's for sure.

But fuck I gotta start looking at the game descriptions, didn't see that the medal wasn't working.

that part with the suntanners kept randomly killing my and made the game unbeatable, i kept getting hit by lasers that weren't there. that sun meter thing wasn't full either.

where's my medal??? I beat it but the medal wasn't given.... um it was kinda fun and a nice idea for a game.

And really true summer is really hot
only bad thing is theres no medals

The medal doesn't work

it was silly and had its giggles in the first part, and then the second part was full of action. A perfect contrast, with great music, art, and cutscenes in between.

Although i beat the game i didnt get the medal. I dont know if this is happening with any other people, and if it is, please fix it. if it isnt, then sorry for wasting your time. =)

Diverse, good story line. My only complaint was it was too short. Great game though.

Its an awesome idea and a great game! My only problem is that something screws up when you get to the ladies sunbathing, i totally cant get by them. I auto-burn up even when i'm not in the path.

Regardless though, great job guys! I dig the pixel art too :)

Simple game and pretty much straight forward. You are timed and you gotta reach the ice cream man. I was able to beat the game the first time even though I died of a glitch once and died the second time because the game didn't tell me what to do at the boss fight soon enough. When I tried to play though it the second time it just started glitching at the laser part which made me unable to pass despite several tries.
Graphics: 10 (it matches up with the music)
Music: 10 (matches up with the graphics well)
Length: 10 (because of the annoying glitch which made me thankful it was short. Would've been a 7 because it was short and could've been made longer though it was entertaining)
Gameplay: 1 (would've been 8 if the glitch was fixed. And I would've gave it an 8 because the game is short)
Overall: 7.75 (fix the glitch in the laser part)

it was ok but VERY short

Too many glitches for me to enjoy now. But, I like the idea and I like ice cream, so I gave you a 7. 10 once you fix it up.

like old times .. :)

Its a good short game, but it has some major glitches that need to be fixed before this game can actually get good.

7/10 3/5

But is to short game and the metal isn't working

Yeah its got some major glitches, but I did enjoy the premise, and its pretty decent for 2 days of work.

Good idea, just doesn't seem to be anything special.
Would of been a good game on the NES or something, but doesn't fit does work here.
Good effort though

the icecream truck's music is from 'chain hang low song'

Encounterd 2 pretty severe bugs in under 1 min of gameplay.

Loved the artwork, sounds, music and the theme!
Controls are a bit slow, but nothing that will hinder play

I loved the "hide from the sun"-part of the game, maybe make more of a labyrinth themed game?

I really don't get how a not properly working game could get such a high score...the idea is nice and everything but you really have to fix it...otherwise it's completely worthless!!!

After beating it, I can't play the first part again, it just takes me back to the 'boss'.

I dont get why when you squirt water at the goth guy HE LIGHTS ON FIRE did he become Satan is that why he can shoot fireballs?

Also it was very glitchy like extremely glitchy.

It's a cute idea but it's very glitchy. :/

Nice graphics and idea, but I got spotted by the sunbathers, and then scenes started playing out of sync. Very strange, like the control logic went bad.

help!! a pedofile!!! lol the old man is the guy of family guy

the game has variety, is simple and fun
the sounds and graphics are very good

not bad at all, not sure why this is low rated.
could probably use less anoyying music but its decent

Looks promising but The arrow keys do not respond. Maybe my computer is too old. ): I wonder if I'm the only one experiencing this problem.

We produced something half-decent in two days, huh?

1st. controls dont respond good
2cd. A really pointless game
3rd. fail easy...
4th. just w.e

but I didn't get my medal:(

Btw. the medal isn't working.


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3.54 / 5.00