Summer Heat 24XX

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Well... I think the game pretty much explains itself.
It was made in 2 days for the first Newgrounds Online Game Jam. Me and 2 artists teamed up. There actually also was a music guy but he never showed up unfortunately. Well, he did to tell us he wouldn't be there or something...



Made by Team Cheetah:



Really good for a 48 hour game

I find it interesting for a 48 hour game, the concept is really well put togther, and you got a great change in difficulty. But theres so much you can improve on!
The art in the game could use some spicing up, some of the parts are just grey boxes with another white box on top.
The music a 43 second loop after awhile become really annoy especially if your trying to pass a level. it is however unfortunate that the music wild card guy was unable to be a part of the game. this really let you score go down.
The coding for a platformer was pretty well put together in 48 hours but there is so much you could fix up, such as the climbing and the collisions.
It would be great if you guys could team up again and revamp and go over the game again and really take your time you could have a brilliant game to go with this concept.

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tomdeaap responds:

Thank you for the complete review.

It is too hot to write a review.

So, I like our flash game.
We had only two days and we started to all the things more like in second day , but we did it well and I like it.
OFcourse there is bugs and other things, but I don`t care couse it is made in two days and for two days it is great.

But pretty hard for me, because I have stucked in one elvel and damn it is soo har,d but it makes it much better if it is hard and it is possible.

it wasnt bad

there were just a few things that annoyed me 1.the barriors that stoped the sun always started going the wrong way so when i died i had to watch this barrior go all the way to the other end and then watch it come back
2.the controls could have been better didnt like jumping off the top of the ladder.

that being said without the controls this way the game would have been to easy.
still a good game worth 6:)

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For a 48 hour game

This is pretty good. It's pretty addictive, and the gameplay, although not the most original of mechanics, is great, and enjoyable.
The plain grey and white graphics are nice, although the sprite-work isn't the best. Especially the jump animation. Granted you had 48 hours, but it is a one-frame sprite.
The programmer went a little bit silly with the accel variables, (why on ladders?) but I have found no game breaking glitches.

Overall highly enjoyable, and your late nights were worth it!

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Not enough

good realism, but bad execution

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3.30 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2010
11:00 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle