Flu Sweeper

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As a white blood cell, defend the body from the bad flu virus and its baddies.. a fun engaging game with achievements :)

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so best

...This is just wrong.

No saving is ridiculous, it makes you have to sit through the entire game through one sitting. Honestly, this should have been available past mofunzone.

And the bosses on every level? You should have included more basic levels, either involving getting to a certain point or beating up a certain amount of enemies, THEN going to the boss level. Afterward, head to a new "world" of some sort. This would allow more chances to level up, and make the game longer.

Now, I can see through fact of a certain evolution exclusive, put with the shallow evolution pool however, makes it unbearable. Honestly, there should have been no exclusive content with a game this small! If there were more evolutions and a bigger game, i could understand some exclusive content, but it should be something worth getting if it is exclusive.

Oh, and the evolutions should be level based, not stage based.

Other than the exclusive content and the "no saving" thing, the game is actually pretty good. If there was no exclusive content, I would rate the game 8/10

If possible, re-make the game, but A LOT longer, and if put on other sites, low amounts of exclusive content. I believe this game would get sincerely high ratings.

No saving??

Five stars only because graphics were ok. Saving/Loading only at MoFunZone, THAT IS REALLY BAD. Whats the point? trying to get people to mofunzone?
Boss at first level? Let people learn the game a bit before going to put boss all over it. Idea isn't for me, but as a game, it's ok. (saving and it would've been a 7/10)

NO SAVING!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!

If you can only save on MOFUNZONE then why bother posting? i dont wanna play this in one session so i wont play at all! plus the bosses come to early! and controls suck!


How is it that i've played this before, on this site? Was there a demo? I can't remember. It's an ok game, I don't think it's stolen. An answer would be cool. I know i've played this.

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3.22 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2010
5:38 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler