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From the moment I saw Rina-Chan's AMAZING flash "Street Fighter Club," I knew this had to happen. Using the wonderful (now deleted) review the goddess of ng herself left on my previous flash "Brawl 4" as a guideline, I got to work right away. For countless days and nights I worked, tediously drawing with one hand and vigorously masturbating with the other. My blood, sweat, and semen went into this flash. Especially my semen. In fact, to make the experience more authentic, my own semen was the only thing that I consumed while making this flash in order to show my commitment, but I digress. There's a flash cartoon to be watched.

This flash submission goes out to my one true love Rina-Chan. She is my muse.



I wish I could see that review she sent you. Anyway, I am a fan of your Sonichu Animated series. I loved the humor. When you were talking about the animator gay enough to animated the Brawl Taunts, I laughed so hard. Anyway keep it up and fav'd.

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Boy oh boy

That was some funny stuff. I haven't laughed at a submission like that since Pico Day. And I think that laugh was to your career day flash. The art was solid, the audio was well done, and the dick jokes were actually original for once.

I personally can't stand teh garbage parodies or fan-made mockups of great game stories that have come across the portal in the last couple of months. How "4 swords misadventures" ever made it past the 3.0 mark is beyond me.

I think the portal has been lacking the last few months. Take a peek at the top 50 and you won't find but a couple recent submissions. But I have faith in a rebound. I look at the last week and I already see it happening. "Coma" and "Titanomania" were fucking sweet. Plus the big names are bound to release something new before the fall hits. Egoraptor has his game which looks promising and HappyHarry has a bunch of shit he's planning. So I'm not worried about a permanent stagnation. Maybe if we're lucky Adam Philips will finish the full length Bitey movie before the end of the year.

tldr: Have faith in the Portal my friends.

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Haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Best parts are the RinaChan jokes.

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Skoot will probably grab my balls for this, but your stuff makes me hard.
Keep it up, Spaz.

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Wow, I never liked to much the visual cock jokes on animations, but you donĀ“t know how i laugh when the king of CD-i Zelda was raped, is so painfully funny

I liked the drawing Style and the animation

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Spazkid responds:

Thanks Bro

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4.25 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2010
4:57 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody