Street Fighter Chode

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From the moment I saw Rina-Chan's AMAZING flash "Street Fighter Club," I knew this had to happen. Using the wonderful (now deleted) review the goddess of ng herself left on my previous flash "Brawl 4" as a guideline, I got to work right away. For countless days and nights I worked, tediously drawing with one hand and vigorously masturbating with the other. My blood, sweat, and semen went into this flash. Especially my semen. In fact, to make the experience more authentic, my own semen was the only thing that I consumed while making this flash in order to show my commitment, but I digress. There's a flash cartoon to be watched.

This flash submission goes out to my one true love Rina-Chan. She is my muse.

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For wall breaking

still funny as fuck

I have only heard of the shitstorm it caused years ago, I wasn't around here at that point. I'm glad it didn't get taken down, it's important to the history of NG.

Why does she sound like fucking Mickey Mouse XD

God spazkid did legendary shitposting but it will be his entire legacy so his life will be a living hell.