Street Fighter Chode

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From the moment I saw Rina-Chan's AMAZING flash "Street Fighter Club," I knew this had to happen. Using the wonderful (now deleted) review the goddess of ng herself left on my previous flash "Brawl 4" as a guideline, I got to work right away. For countless days and nights I worked, tediously drawing with one hand and vigorously masturbating with the other. My blood, sweat, and semen went into this flash. Especially my semen. In fact, to make the experience more authentic, my own semen was the only thing that I consumed while making this flash in order to show my commitment, but I digress. There's a flash cartoon to be watched.

This flash submission goes out to my one true love Rina-Chan. She is my muse.

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Really fucking funny and while the animation isn't the best it does the job perfect for this movie honestly the part when Sarge shoots Modwrath 5000 was a great bit of animation and the humor was amazing

As dumb and gay as that was. I fucking loved it. I heard talk from the sleepy cast but damn.

I absolutely adore the amount of effort that went into this 15 minute animation, just to shit on some person. GODLY. I love it! And it still managed to be very entertaining. I've missed the golden days of NewGrounds, but this kind of humor is exactly the kind that I've been missing from modern popular internet resources.

I remember my brother watching this back in the day, right around the day it came out. Couldn't recall it for years afterward, found it again after snooping around on a guy's favorite movies section. I think my computer chair nearly broke from me laughing so hard.
I'm not extremely up-to-date on old-time Newgrounds drama (yet), but even I remember when this place was filled to the brim with half-assed vidya parodies overshadowing original content. Some people can call this jerky and mean, but if it's funny and accurate to what Rina and other "I MADE AN EPIC PARODY!!!" dudes were like, I don't see the issue with it at all. It's not like you were talking about how much you wish Rina would die in a fire or anything like that, it's more like a slap to the face to stop making and enabling half-assed content. Not to mention it was absurd enough to be funny, even without the stabs at entitling artists and Rina herself. Maybe I'm an immature little shit, but the part where Sarge grew a dick on his chin out of nowhere almost made me snort water outta my nose.
This animation's obviously not gonna be for everyone (not like that's a negative), with all the dicks and lactating cheeseburger building titties, but it still holds up damn well eight years later, especially with the expressions. Looking back on the 0-star reviews is also pretty funny in a meta way, especially the "0/10 ur gay" shit. Overall, probably some of the best satirical commentary I've seen on here!
Shine on, you crazy bastards!

a fucking classic, wow.
really brings me back