Sonic 15th Thr33

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UPDATED!!!! Scene Select now how titles instead of numbers. And you can Press Left and Right to scan back and forth in the skits (or press down to return to the menu at anytime)
After months of delays, Sonic 15th3! is finally released.
This is the final part of the "Sonic Mistakes Series" (Sonic-The Last Bubble, Sonic 15th & Sonic 15th 2wo)

The fans demanded it, so here it is.

Oh, and be warned new views, THIS IS A SPRITE MOVIE! So please, vote fairly (Don't vote 0 cos you hate sprites)
The movie is quite long (about 10minutes long, not including Intro, Credits and Easter eggs hahaha)
And there are 9 hidden easter eggs! YES, 9!!!!

There are hints on how to find all 9 if you can beat the Knuckles Lair mini game.

This game handles like Dragon's Lair, Braindead 13 etc, basically, you are given hints on which direction to press, and a short period of time to press them.
The controls are Up, down, left and right, there is a checkpoint in area 5 (boss area) but no others.
For area 1-4 there are 3 death animations and 1 success (I dare you to watch all 12 deaths) with the Boss Battle, there is death or success (about another 5 deaths?) When you die, you are given to choice to return to the menu or to retry. I hope you enjoy this mini game, think of it as a Demo.

Voices for the animation were provided by Shard-Spider, Magic Kaito, The Blox and Myself (RicStrife)

Please report any errors or bugs you find that I may of missed, and most importantly, ENJOY THE MOVIE!
Vote Fair, leave a review and have fun!


About Time

A interesting flash to say the least but all things must come to a end i suppose & even tho knuchles lair was easy,it was entertaining

RicStrife responds:

My BETA testers moaned the game was too hard hahahah

excellent but you forgot something

At the last part, the 'IT'S OVER' part, that scene came from the movie Animal House. And in scene select I wish you put the name of the scene when the mouse scrolls over it. It would help with the Easter Egg hunt. Aside from that, I couldn't find anything else wrong with it. And good luck to the people who are trying to find those Easter Eggs. I know I'll need it. Do you think of trying to make something similar with Mario instead of Sonic instead? I'm sure it would be just as good. Congrats on the series.

RicStrife responds:

Didn't I put that in the credits?! Damn, I put that in there cos I love that film so much :O
I did the scene select on purpose, it was only added as a Fan service hahaha
if you play the minigame, you'll get hints hahah

There can only be one!

That was the best one out of all, mainly because Tails would be an awesome highlander and he looked awesome with a sword. I would love to see more of that. Anyway, you did an awesome job. I would love to see more but as you said, you're officially done with this. All well, I'll just watch them again because they are funny. I can't wait to see what you're going to make next. Maybe more Sonic sprite flash or something related to sprite. You have done an awesome job. Keep up the awesome work.

RicStrife responds:

My next animation will probably be a comedy/action sprite film, no idea yet, see soon.

Good Movie

It was really funny and I hope to see more like this! *claps*

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RicStrife responds:

*reply removed due to now being inaccurate*

Nice haha

Love the video !!! and i'm whit lonexwolf sonic hero heroes was a a super good game but i want chaos to rise !!

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RicStrife responds:

Glad you enjoyed

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Jul 11, 2010
1:40 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody