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Jeff the Robot

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This is my first flash movie hopefully you'll like it. Try to get past the first 1 minute it gets better after I promise.
I got flash about 2 weeks ago and i decided that with robot day coming up it would be a good test of what I can do so I started working a week later. I learned I still have quite a bit of work to do. Especially in the lipsyncing and audio department and I ended up working till the last minute. But hey live and learn.

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Not a bad first flash

I suppose this wasn't that bad for a first flash,it could have had more scenes cause there was but just a few scenes mainly the one of the three robots laying there looking the sky and the animation was pretty basic though it got a little better when they drank the oil which also picked up a little speed though was still dragging a bit but overall the voice acting & script were solid and the flash was actually pretty lengthy if you actually took the time to watch it through so overall it was a decent first flash and way to make your first for Robot Day 2010,hope you improve and continue trying in the future. =)

Nice attempt

The voicing wasn't too bad. You need to work on a consistent volume.
Also, you could use a greater range of sound effects, e.g. when the robot hit the ground you could've made some exploding sound or something.
Background music would've been good, I find that it helps set the mood.

You used motion tween alot. Tweening is good if used properly. You did have some pretty good effects that made the robots look almost 3D, but I also saw some very bad points. For example, when the door opened, the robot went almost straight through the door (you can avoid this by using masks or simply not drawing the parts that are behind the door) and his feet didnt move AT ALL when moving closer towards the screen.
In addition, when your robot talked, what you did was draw the mouth as a circle but made it move randomly (or so that's what I think you did).
You could've either used actual lipsyncing (there's plenty of good tutorials for that here on ng)
OR even better (and easier): you could've just made the robot's mouths light on and off or move in a more machine-like way (such as open/close/open/close...)

One other thing, the first minute you had the three robots just sitting there, the same scene throughout. THIS IS VERY BAD. If you want people to keep watching, you should at least change the view every so often.

Overall a good attempt, the best part I liked in your flash is the part where the middle robot started drinking the oil. That scene, in my opinion, had the best animating. Also, the jet pack scene with the screaming showed me your true knowledge in animating, as, a beginner would not know of moving the buildings (instead of the the robot with jet pack) to create a sense of movement.

Keep at it.

Z370 responds:

Thanks for the review I appreciate it! I was actually planning on adding and changing the things you mentioned but I ran out of time before robot day was over so it ended a rushed project. But anyways thanks again.

Voice Volume or Subtitles

I'll avoid commentary since yo're doing this as learning to animate, obviously you already intent to work on it.

As for the sound quality, the voices were very hard to hear. I'd say a basic solution to help out is add subtitles of whats being said. Otherwise I suspect it's a recording volume issue to bring it in better balance.

Z370 responds:

That's pretty much exactly what happened. I didn't think of adding subtitles that's something I'll definetly have to keep in mind for next time. Thanks.

Credits & Info

1.19 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2010
11:48 PM EDT

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