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"...is Done" ROBOTDAY2010

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Happy Robot Day From Phantom Z

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Fantastic Flash here

This was differant i have to admitt that the "ANIMATION" was very good very smooth and flowed smoothly, there was alot of differant stuff going on so it did have that random factor, All the woman were pretty sexy though, As for the music it was pretty hip and flowed very well with the animation and it was a jumping beat, And since it was for robot day this was pretty neat the robot was amazing and liked the focus from then on out, i was very impressed with this one, keep up the good work, and i do look forward to see more of your works, hope you bring us stuff as good as this if not better, anyways thanks it was a blast.

Now my only issue here was that it could have been shorter only because the 7 megs was abit long to load but once it got rolling it was pretty good.

epic animation

i gave that bitch toast, bitches love toast

That was freaky!

Wow, I certainly had no idea what to expect from something as ridiculous as this. The animation was really good, but what really made it was how bizarre it was. There were just all sorts of crazy things going on. I was thinking it was going to degenerate into a porn flash with all the hot women. I am glad it did not. I think the robot in this looks familiar, like he might have been used in the show "Ugly Americans" or something.

The music was quite funky and it was a beat that I could get used to. You truly had no idea what was going to happen next in this bizarre submission. The toast flying out was probably my favorite part. It's been so long since I saw a Robot Day flash I didn't even realize they had a custom logo. I thought it was the one for Pico Day at first.


WTF HAPPENED TO PICO DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hehe! ^^